Mundial de RS:X Enoshima, Japón. Día 2 con condiciones más estables.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

2017 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships – Simplicity and stability

Today would be a day for simplicity and stability for all of the sailors aiming to keep their championship hopes alive. After the massive wind shifts and challenging rolling waves from Monday, day 2 of the RS:X World Championships in Enoshima, Japan was widely different to the first days racing – which all 168 competitors were extremely grateful for. This morning was a calm and peaceful scene of serenity as a flat calm Sagami Bay greeted the athletes to the venue of the next Olympic sailing competition.

In both the men’s and women’s fleet, the overnight scorecard showed that a limited number of competitors actually mastered the conditions and the variables from the opening day. It could be that some nerves were showing and reigning double Olympic champion, Dorian van Rijsselberghe was potentially guilty of this with a mixed scoreline. Today would be a chance for those competitors to show some stability in the results and climb back up the scorecard.

The women’s fleet were the first scheduled for racing but were held ashore for an hour as the light breeze began to tease the organisers and gently build. Once afloat, the conditions were perfect for racing and the race committee wasted no time in rattling off three excellent races in the stable but light wind. Again it was the Chinese that were the dominant force with three sailors in the top four overall at the end of the day. Peina Chen leads the fleet having scored a 1, 1, 11 and is looking very confident in all of the conditions thrown at the fleet after two days racing. Polish sailor Zofia Klepacka is chasing hard and will not look to give up the fight for the world title any time soon, Klepacka had the best scoreline of the day with 2, 1, 3 to close the gap on Chen.

The RS:X is the pinnacle of sailing fitness and the racing today was certainly testament to that as competitors were pushed to their endurance limits with racing taking place in around 27 degrees heat and in light winds known as pumping conditions. “Pumping” is where the competitors physically use their body weight to fan the sails to generate a fraction more wind and therefore propel themselves a little faster forward. This effort is exhausting and can feel like running 10,000m three times a day with little break.

The women’s fleet is looking ultra-competitive at this stage in the Olympic cycle. Within the top five there is the silver and bronze medallists from Rio along with a smattering of new faces challenging to get into Saturdays top ten medal race. It will be interesting to see how the battles work out over the next two days of racing as it splits into Gold and Silver fleet racing and whether the relentless intensity of the competition will take its toll on any competitors.

One competitor who narrowly missed out on a medal in Rio is Lillian De Geus from the Netherlands who sits in 6th place and is neatly poised in the chasing pack to capitalise on any mistakes made by the leaders. On todays racing De Geus commented, “Today was so much simpler. It was fun today and I managed to get some good results so very happy with how today went. Yesterday was really tough with the big shifts so happy the conditions were settled. The race committee did a great job in waiting perfectly for the wind and by the time we got out there it was perfect racing”.

In the Under 21 fleet, it would be wrong to say the title is pretty much sewn up, but with Russia’s Stefania Elfutina leading compatriot Mariam Sekhposyan by a whopping 20 points the title is looking firmly in her grasp. Elfutina, a bronze medallist from Rio, will be looking to at the overall title though and will be wanting to walk away at the end of the week as the youngest RS:X World Champion ever. Elfutina on todays racing, “It was good. I had a good day yesterday so I was happy this morning and I enjoyed myself. I will see what happens this week but I am happy we have a rest day tomorrow”.

At 1400 local time, the men and women swapped over for battle duties and as a tired women’s fleet hit the beach a revved up men’s fleet were heading out to the race area. Again in pumping conditions, time ran out on the race committee and with sunset approaching, the men were sent back ashore having only completed two races.

As in the women’s fleet, consistency would be the key to avoiding picking up big scores. The leader from yesterday, Frenchman Louis Giard did exactly that with a 5, 2 scoreline and continues to lead the fleet overall. Talking about the racing, “It was good today, still shifty but I seemed to go the right way and get two good results. I am just happy that I go into the Gold fleet racing with all good discards when they come in which is a strong position for me”.

Whilst Giard leads the overall fleet, the racing today showed off all of the benefits of keeping tactics simple and relying on the basics. Chinas Bing Ye had the best day with a 1, 1 in his flight which Mateo Sanz Lanz from Switzerland also scored well with a 2, 1 in the other flight to land himself into 2nd overall. In fact when looking at the top ten after the first two days racing, the fleet is incredibly compact and, like the women, will provide some excellent battles over the next two days before heading into the medal race. Local favourite Makoto Tomizawa is in fourth overall, just behind Polands Pawel Tarnowski.

Speaking to Israels Shahar Zubari after racing, “I had a bad start in the first race and got a 2nd place, then I had a good start in the second race and got an 8th place so it was that kind of a crazy day. At 31 years old I have more experience over some of the younger guys where they may have more physicality over me so for now it seems as though experience pays”. When asked what made him keep competing as he enters his fourth Olympic campaign, Zubari commented, “It’s the windsurfing lifestyle. I get to go on the water and spend every day with nature. The ocean is our office so its amazing to be able to call this a job”. Zubari is 6th overall going into the rest day.

In the Under 21 fleet for the men, its also extremely close with Angel Grande Roque (Spain) leading by one point from Israels Ofek Elimeleh. They sit 11th and 12th overall respectively and have a real chance of getting into the medal race. More interestingly is that both Roque and Elimeleh are ahead of van Rijsselberghe who has not had an easy start to the week and sits in 16th overall.

Wednesday is a well-deserved rest day for both the men’s and women’s fleet as well as the organisers and volunteers who get to both mentally and physically re-group to put on the best show for the remainder of the event. Two days racing, a total of 18 separate races completed and there is nothing to separate out who could or will win the world titles. Racing resumes on Thursday with the fleets being separated into Gold and Silver flights before the top ten race it out for the medals and title.

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52 Super Series Menorca. Azzurra da el primer golpe.

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Azzurra golpea primero en Maó

El barco de la Familia Roemmers gana la única manga disputada hoy. Las olas, los roles de viento y la lluvia impidieron cumplir con el calendario de la Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week.

MAÓ. (19 de septiembre de 2017) – Azzurra consolidó su liderato en la primera jornada de la Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week. El barco italoargentino ganó la única manga que se pudo disputar hoy debido a las condiciones cambiantes de viento que se dieron en el campo de regatas de Maó. Quantum terminó cuarto tras una buena recuperación mientras que Platoon fue sexto. Estos tres equipos luchan por el título final de la temporada.

Tras la jornada de hoy Azzurra extiende su liderato en la clasificación del circuito 2017 de 52 SUPER SERIES con 173 puntos mientras que el Platoon sigue segundo con 181 y Quantum es tercero con 183.

Olas de tres metros, oles drásticos del viento y chubascos en el campo de regatas fueron las condiciones en las que la flota de 52 SUPER SERIES estrenó hoy la última regata del año. Las primeras complicaban la navegación los segundos fueron parte de la causa por la que sólo se pudo dar la salida a una manga de las dos previstas que había para hoy y la lluvia también condicionaba los roles.

La salida se dio con puntualidad con un viento de doce nudos que venía directamente del norte. Azzurra hizo una partida espectacular por el visor lo que le permitió dominar la primera parte de la prueba. Todos habían hablado en la previa de la relevancia de las salidas y el Azzurra fue el más aplicado con las predicciones. No así Quantum y Platoon que partieron rezagados y sin muchas posibilidades de navegar por líneas limpias. En el paso por la primera boya de barlovento los de Guillermo Parada, el mérito hoy fue todo suyo, llevaban ya una sólida ventaja sobre el Gladiator que era segundo y el Paprec que les seguía. Platoon pasó séptimo mientras que Quantum iba en la novena posición.

Sin embargo, los americanos con una llamada táctica de Terry Hutchinson yéndose a hacer la popa trasluchando a babor nada más tomar la boya recuperaron cuatro posiciones en la puerta de sotavento. Allí Azzurra sostenía su sólida ventaja que ya no perdonaría pese a que una buena maniobra de Sled en la última popa les colocó en algunos momentos liderando la flota, pero Azzurra hizo valer su dominancia y aseguró la victoria. En la última popa el Bronenosec rompió un spi y perdió en la maniobra del cambio de vela tres o cuatro de posiciones.

Los veinte minutos de espera entre la primera y la supuesta segunda regata se fueron alargando. María Torrijo, responsable del Comité de Regatas, fue retrasando el inicio ante los drásticos cambios en la dirección del viento que hacían imposible consolidar el campo de regatas y dar la salida a una regata justa. Al final se decidió volver a puerto con una única manga y con Azzurra como líder.

Para hoy, y en previsión de que haya una caída del viento por la tarde, se va a adelantar la salida de la primera de las mangas a las once de la mañana para dar al menos dos salidas. La regata se podrá seguir en nuestra página web con el sistema de realidad virtual de ‘Virtual Eye’ y con comentarios en directo desde el campo de regatas. De jueves a sábado las pruebas definitivas de la temporada se pueden ver con la retransmisión en directo de la competición con señal de televisión.

Joan Fullana, proa del Provezza, explica:

“Hemos tenido un día muy complicado. En nuestro caso parecía que tras la salida íbamos a estar delante y luego nos hemos ido un poco para atrás y luego al final de nuevo en la última popa hemos recuperado algo. Un día un poco de locura con roles, rachas, pozos y mucha ola. Dentro de lo que cabe no lo hemos hecho mal, pero tampoco muy bien. Un quinto es eso, ni bien ni mal. La segunda salida ya ha sido imposible estaba inestable con tanta racha de 15 nudos que bajaba y se iba a la izquierda o a la derecha. Con tanta ola necesitas que haya un poco más de viento porque con 6 nudos hubiera sido complicado navegar”.

Mónica Montañés, tripulante del Alegre, decía:

“Pues ha sido muy gratificante, me ha gustado mucho seguir navegando con ellos. Estoy aprendiendo mucho y me lo estoy pasando genial. Para ser el primer día ha sido bastante duro, pero es lo que hay. Estas condiciones en Menorca son las más normales del mundo cuando hay tramontana. La segunda no se podía dar, pero no pasa nada, otro día tendremos que recuperar la que no hemos hecho hoy. Estoy muy contenta, tenía las expectativas muy altas, pero creo que las he cumplido y de sobra”.

Vasco Vascotto, táctico de Azzurra, manifiesta:

“Ha sido una jornada afortunada en la que ha salido todo bien, pero tenemos que ser conscientes de que la verdadera regata comienza mañana, comenzamos de cero, y que tenemos que mejorar algunos aspectos que hoy nos han faltado. Hemos hecho un trabajo muy bueno. Guillermo Parada ha hecho una salida excepcional porque no era nada sencillo salir con las condiciones de ola que se han dado. La salida nos ha dado buena parte de la victoria. Mañana tenemos que ser igual de sólidos que hoy y debemos intentar evitar algunos pequeños errores”.

Clasificación de la Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week (tras la 1ª Jornada)
1. Azzurra (Familia Roemmers, ITA/ARG), (1) 1 punto.
2. Gladiator (Tony Langley, GBR) (2) 2 p.
3. Sled (Takashi Okura, USA), (3) 3 p.
4. Quantum Racing (Doug DeVos, USA), (4) 4 puntos.
5. Provezza (Ergin Imre, TUR) (5) 5 p.
6. Platoon (Harm Müller-Spreer, GER), (6) 6 p.
7. Rán Racing (Niklas Zennström, SWE), (7) 7 p.
8. Paprec Recyclage (Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, FRA) (8) 8 p.
9. Bronenosec (Vladimir Liubomirov, RUS), (9) 9 p.
10. Alegre (Andrés Soriano GBR/USA) (10) 10 p.
11. Sorcha (Peter Harrison GBR) (11) 11 p.

Mundial de RS:X Enoshima, Japón. Después del tifón comenzaron las regatas.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

2017 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships – Storm in a Teacup

Typhoon No.18 was scheduled to dominate the headlines on the first day of racing at the 2017 RS:X Windsurfing World Championships, being held on the site of the 2020 Olympic regatta in Enoshima, Japan. At the end of the day, whilst the remnants of the typhoon which passed through overnight did play a role, it was the almost impossible sailing conditions for both the sailors and race committee which would dominate the talk ashore.

As the 168 competitors from 37 different nations turned up at the Enoshima Sailing centre early in the morning, the overnight rain had disappeared leaving a blustery 25 knots of wind and huge breaking waves in the harbour entrance that showed the legacy of the typhoon at its most powerful. Discretion on behalf of the race committee led to an hours postponement in the hope that the conditions would abate to allow the men’s fleet to safely negotiate their way to the race course area.

And the conditions did eventually abate, almost too far though as when the men’s fleets left the comfort of the harbour, the wind had dropped to just 10 knots – far from the planning conditions that was forecast. So those that had hoped for a wild and windy start to the event would be left disappointed. Instead it was the waves that would have the biggest influence on the racing – waves that would frighten the biggest of sumo wrestlers as they rolled constantly through the course area.

Louis Giard (France) mastered the conditions and won both of his races to lead the men’s fleet with a 5 points lead over local rider Makoto Tomizawa who scored a 3rd and 4th – a very good start for the Japanese sailor. After the first day, to have a nice points buffer is comforting but does not allow for anyone to sit back. Giard commented on the days racing, “It was difficult, the first race was a bit of mess with big wind shifts and some marks moving but I think I did ok to finish without losing places”. Giard did more than ok as he won, but it took the race committee and jury some time into the night to unpick the mess and ensure that the results reflected the fairness of the race.

One of the veterans of the fleet, Byron Kokkalanis (GRE) commented, “It was a really shifty day, some big shifts coming through which made it really tough racing. I had two good races so I am really happy with that”. Byron finished the day with a 6, 3 score line to sit in 3rd overall at the end of the day.

Antonio Cozzolino (NZL), who at the beginning of this year quit his job to take back up his Olympic campaign noted, “I would like to reflect on how I did today but I really have no idea what happened. The swell was huge so it made reading the wind virtually impossible which meant you could miss some of the massive shifts and drop like a stone through the pack”. Cozzolino finished the day with a 35th and a 23rd and was happy with the progress made.

As the men were just finishing their second race it was the turn of the women to head out at 1500hrs local time. With the heat of the day dropping slightly, the wind had decided to do the same creating an even trickier course for the women with some holes in the wind and the big shifts remaining. Consistency would prove to be key for the women’s fleet and that is exactly Olympic silver medallist from Rio, Peina Chen (China) went out and achieved with two first places in the racing today. In fact, it was China that would dominate the results for the women’s fleet being in 1st and 3rd overall, split by Zofia Klepacka (Poland) who also had a consistent day with two second places and sits in second overall.

Whilst established performers were rising to the top, they were being chased by the upcoming riders who are aiming for Tokyo in three years time. Maria Mollestad (Norway) had a fantastic day scoring a 6th and 15th, beating some top talent to sit in 13th overall. There will likely be similar upsets throughout the week as developing talent in the fleet look to break into the top twelve for a chance at the medals.

With the wind dying further, and the sun starting to set on the bay, the race committee decided to send the women’s fleet back to shore and home – a very long day of waiting and racing.

With two good qualifying races under their belts, the sailors will be pleased that the typhoon turned out to be nothing more than a storm in a teacup.

Racing for the qualifying series continues with up to three scheduled races on Tuesday before the fleets are split into Gold and Silver. The weather conditions currently look light and marginal but sailable. Fingers crossed.

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Mundial de Laser Croacia, día 5. Kontides recupera la punta del campeonato.

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The sailing world championship in the Laser Standard category is slowly coming to an end but we will have to wait until the last race to find out the name of the winner. The second day of the finals was held in front of the island Čiovo, with a sea breeze of 12 wind knots. In the gold group three races were held and there we could see everything.

Nick Thompson from the UK won the eighth race, while the leading Jean-Baptiste Bernaz from France ended that race on the 30th position. The second place in that race went to Kontides, who was brilliant in the ninth race. With these results he made it to the fourth place in the total order, only nine points behind the French.

In the 10th race a complete switch happened. Kontides won the fifth place, and since Bernaz was only at place number 40, he took back the leading position, 15 points ahead of Tom Burton from Australia. On the third place we can find another Australian – Matthew Wearn (37 points).

The Croatian hope Tonči Stipanović had unfortunately to fight with health issues, which makes his appearance on Tuesday is questionable.

„I am fighting since Sunday evening with a flu, which had an impact on my first race on Monday. I felt like I didn’t have enough power and after that I had again trouble with cramps, like I had earlier. But still I managed to finish this race on position 23. In the ninth race I felt the wind changed to the right side so I was sailing on this side and I was leading for quite a while. At one moment Kontides passed me and then the judges punished me with a second penalty turn. This is when I, because of my health issues, decided together with my coach that I would quit. I will check with our medical team if I will be able to participate on the last races”, said Tonči Stipanović, who is after the tenth race on the 29th position in the total order, 114 points behind the leading position.

The other Croatian representative in the gold group, Filip Jurišić had a solid day, but with the 20th, 15th and again 20th place he didn’t move on the total order, where he is on position number 18 (85 points).


Mundial 2019 RS:X asignado al Circolo Surf Torbole en el Lago di Garda.

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The 2019 RS:X Olympic Windsurfing Class World Championships have been assigned to Circolo Surf Torbole

Great satisfaction also for Alessandra Sensini (4 olympic medals) who won in Torbole, in 2006, the first ever edition of the RS:X World Championships

“The RS:X 2019 World Championships have been awarded to Lake Garda, Torbole! Two classic windsurfing venues will make for some awesome events! Thanks also to Sochi (Russia) and Tianjin (China) for putting bids in and we hope we can visit you in the future!”. This is how the RS:X class – the olympic board from Beijing 2008, until at least Tokyo 2020 – has officially announced the assignment of 2019 World Championships to Italy and in particular to Circolo Surf Torbole! This is a very great news because it has been awarded in the pre-Olympic year: usually the most battled one of the four-year period.

“We got the news directly from Enoshima (Japan) where the RS:X Worlds are about to start – the excited President of Circolo Surf Torbole, Armando Bronzetti, says – after the RS:X Youth World Championships that we have organized this year, we have now succeeded in bringing the RS:X Worlds again to Torbole, to Garda Trentino! As well as in 2006, when the very first edition was held here in Torbole, after Athens 2004 with the change of the Olympic board from Mistral One Design to RS:X. It was eleven years ago and we saw the brilliant return to races of Alessandra Sensini, after the Athens Olympic silver medal, with the very first gold medal of the new RS:X Olympic board history”.

And Alessandra Sensini herself, the current Technical Director FIV (Itaiian Sailing Federation) youth team and CONI Vice President (Italian Olympic Committee), has commented on this important assignment: “The one of 2006, was the victory that I care about the most because it was played at home, just in front of my fans, my friends and Italian journalists. It was a special victory because winning at home is always difficult: there’s always a lot of pressure. After 13 years, although in a different dress, it will be a pleasure for me to come back to Torbole for another RS:X World Championship. For our athletes: they will have to try to make the most of this great opportunity. We are now at the top of world rankings, both for males and females, so this Championship – only one year before Tokyo Olympic Games – will be a wonderful chance to show themselves”.

Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018. Visita del Director de Eventos de WorldSailing.

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Dirigentes y autoridades de regata junto al representante de World Sailing, el británico Alastair Fox (segundo desde la derecha).

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Buenos Aires 2018: visitó la Argentina el Director de Eventos de la WorldSailing

(San Isidro – 17 de septiembre de 2017)

El fin de semana del 15 al 17 de septiembre visitó la Argentina el Director de Eventos de la WorldSailing, el británico Alastair Fox, quien tomó contacto con las autoridades de regatas locales designadas por la Federación Argentina de Yachting junto con los clubes, con el objetivo de intercambiar conocimientos pero fundamentalmente probar las medidas y los espacios para definir exactamente los lugares a disputarse la disciplina vela en los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018, del 6 al 18 de octubre.

“Estoy aquí en la Argentina para mantener reuniones con representantes de la Federación Argentina de Yachting y del Comité Organizador de Buenos Aires 2018, con el objetivo de ver los planes y desarrollo para el evento del año que viene. Pero lo más importante fue observar las áreas de regatas acá en San Isidro, porque sabemos que es un lugar de prestigiosos campeonatos internacionales todos los años. Por otra parte, aprendemos de los jueces y oficiales de regatas argentinos, quienes trabajarán en Buenos Aires 2018, con experiencia en campeonatos y clases de nivel olímpicos; ellos entienden, conocen este lugar de regatas especial en condiciones meteorológicas como es el Río de la Plata, saben de competiciones y clases de nivel olímpico, por lo que estoy seguro de que harán un trabajo brillante en el agua el año que viene”.

El dirigente de la federación internacional de vela destacó: “Tenemos la gente, el lugar y el equipo para garantizar regatas exitosas en la Argentina para los juegos olímpicos juveniles”.

Además de las autoridades de la federación y de regatas de diferentes clubes, se hizo presente en el Náutico San Isidro Santiago Seré, SailingEventManager del BAYOGOC (Buenos Aires YouthOlympicGamesOrganisingCommittee).

Por su parte el presidente de la FAY, Luis Velasco, detalló: “Se tendrán que armar las tres canchas de regatas, para Nacra 15, Techno 293 Plus y KiteSurf. En ellas van a estar trabajando embarcaciones del Yacht Club Argentino, del Club Universitario Buenos Aires y del Club Náutico San Isidro”.

II Trofeo Punta Este, triunfos de Kundaka-Elite Sails, Tanit III-Medilevel y Maverta.

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Kundaka-Elite Sails, Tanit III-Medilevel y Maverta, vencedores absolutos del II Trofeo Punta Este

Tanit III-Medilevel en ORC 1, Kundaka-Elite Sails en ORC 2, Ozu Dos en ORC 3, Tucana I en ORC 4 y Sasha Uno en Promoción se hacen con la segunda prueba en la Regata Año Jubilar Región de Murcia, II Trofeo Punta Este, disputada entre el Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre y el náutico Villa de San Pedro

San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia), 17 de septiembre de 2017

El cartagenero Kundaka-Elite Sails, el alicantino Tanit III-Medilevel y el torrevejense Maverta, se han copado el podio en la general absoluta del II Trofeo Punta Este de Estrella de Levante tras computar las dos pruebas que se han disputado entre las jornadas de sábado 16 y domingo 17. El primero de ellos se he llevado como premio 100 litros de cerveza Estrella de Levante, mientras que el segundo le ha correspondido 10 cajas de cerveza y el tercero 5.

En cuanto a la regata de hoy, segunda prueba de la Regata Año Jubilar Región de Murcia, II Trofeo Punta Este que ha cubierto la etapa entre el Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre, en La Manga, y el náutico Villa de San Pedro con 7,75 millas náuticas de recorrido, se ha desarrollado bajo unas buenas en líneas generales que han propiciado que las primeras unidades tomasen la línea de llegada sobre las 13:10 horas, poco más de una hora en completar el recorrido.

Las condiciones de viento, con unos 9 nudos de intensidad del 030º (NE), no ha permitido poder colocar una baliza de desmarque, por lo que el comité de regatas ha optado por lanzar la flota, primero ORC Promoción y después ORC, con rumbo directo al náutico Villa de San Pedro.

El grueso de los ‘grandes’ y con el cartel de favoritos se han decantado por una salida por el centro, aunque alguno de ellos cerca del visor, con opciones claras al bordo de la izquierda. En esa línea estaba los pesados como Tanit III-Medileve, Trabuco o Fandango entre otros. El torrevejense Trabuco de Francisco Martínez iba a ser el primero en ORC 1 en tomar la línea de llegada.

Tras obtener los tiempos compensados, iba a ser el alicantino Tanit III-Medilevel de Mª José Vila del RCR Alicante quien se iba a llevar el triunfo en esta segunda etapa en la clase ORC 1. La segunda y tercera plaza han sido para Trabuco, bajo la grímpola del náutico Torrevieja y Fandango 300 (CN Portmán) de Javier Sabiote.

El RCR de Cartagena ha sido el gran protagonista en ORC 2, con dos barcos en el podio. Kundaka-Elite Sails de José Coello se ha llevado doble premio. Por un lado, ha sido el primero en tomar la línea de llegada en esta clase y después, ya con los tiempos compensados, se ha adjudico el primero puesto. Le ha seguido el Maverta (RCN Torrevieja) de Pedro Gil y Dieselrec de Manuel Gambín, del club cartagenero.

Ozu Dos, liderado por ‘Quique’ Mena y navegando por el RCN Torrevieja, se ha llevado el primer puesto en ORC 3, mientras que Despelote (CN Santa Pola) de Jorge García y Zalata 2 (RCR Cartagena) se han quedado con el segundo y tercer puesto respectivamente.

El alicantino Tucana I, del náutico Campoamor, ha repetido triunfo en ORC 4. El barco de Patricio Valverde se ha impuesto tanto en tiempo real como en compensado, tal y como hizo ayer en la primera prueba. El segundo puesto ha sido Beluga I (RCR Cartagena) de Antonio Salvador Gómez mientras que Trinitri (CN Mar Menor) de Francisco Guerao ha sido tercero.

Por lo que respecta a la flota Promoción, el podio ha quedado configurado con Sasha Uno de Alejandro Ruíz, que también repite triunfo, Buscador de Mª Teresa Fajardo, segundo en la clasificación, e Ilusión IV de Francisco Inglés que se queda en con el tercer puesto.

La entrega de trofeos, celebrada en las instalaciones del náutico Villa de San Pedro, estuvo presidida por José Díez de Revenga, Director General de Transporte, Costas y Puertos de la Región de Murcia; Vistación Martínez, alcaldesa de San Pedro del Pinatar; Arturo García, presidente de la Federación de Vela de la Región de Murcia; Armando Cubero, presidente del CN Villa de San Pedro; Patricio Valverde, Director General de Estrella de Levante y Pedro Reyes, Director de la Regata.

Cabe destacar la gran fiesta celebrada en la jornada de sábado noche en la Discoteca Trips Summer Club a la que acudieron distintas personalidades de la Región de Murcia y en la que se entregaron los trofeos a los vencedores de esa primera etapa en sus respectivas clases. Un acto en el que la FVRM quiso homenajear a Patricio Valverde por implicación y apoyo al deporte de la vela. Un homenaje que también se ha sumado el CN Villa de San Pedro, entregado su presidente una placa a Valverde en la entrega de trofeos celebrada hoy.


Mundial de Laser Croacia, día 4. Jean-Baptiste Bernez nuevo líder.

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The first day of the finals at the sailing world championship at the Laser Standard category, where the 147 sailors have been divided into the gold, silver and bronze groups has again been dictated by the wheatear. Heavy thunderstorms were the reason why everyone had to wait until 13:00 o’clock until the first race. But as wild as the weather has been in the morning, as calm it has become in the early afternoon so that there was barely enough wind for one race of the golden group.

The Australian Mitchel Kennedy managed to handle the northwest wind in the channel in front of the island Šolta the best, while the Croatian Filip Jurišić ended the race on the second place, because of that he made a huge jump of 13 places in the total order, which brings him right now to the 15th position.

“Today everything went as planned, except the weather, of course, but that was an issue for everyone. But I managed to handle the weather conditions quite well, which brought me few negative points. I knew that the competition would change, now that we are all in the same group and that this would open the possibility for a good position. But I am not amazed by today’s results as I am aware that there is still a long way to go until the end of the competition.” said Filip Jurišić.

For Tonči Stipanović it didn’t go as well as for Filip Jurišić, as he finished the race on the 14th position. But when we keep in mind that Pavlos Kontides, who was leading so far, finished the race on the 26th position, which made him fall to the 7th position in the total order, it is very clear that we will have to wait until the last race to find out the winner. But this kind of uncertainty is exactly that, what makes sailing so interesting.

The organizers are hoping for better weather conditions for the rest of the competition. In this case the sailors could expect three races on Monday.

At the moment the French Jean-Baptiste Bernez is in the leading position in the total order with 18 negative points, followed by Matthew Wearn from Australia with 20 negative points and on the third place there is the Olympic gold medal winner from Rio Tom Burton with 22 negative points. The big Croatian hope Tonči Stipanović is at the moment on the 10th position with 42 negative points.