AC34, el tiempo no ayuda para la primera navegación del AC72 de ETNZ

Fuente info AC34

Good weather missing for AC72′s first sail

The weather is not cooperating as Emirates Team New Zealand prepares the AC72 catamaran for its first sail.
Designers, engineers and sailing crew alike want a light breeze for the all-important day when structures and systems will be tested.

Thursday this week was to be the day. Seeing the cat sailing would have been a fitting reward for team members who have worked long hours almost without a break for the past six weeks.
But Thursday will dawn with a moderate to fresh south-easterly, not what the engineers ordered. The breeze will drop later in the day but then America’s Cup rules make themselves felt.
Teams are permitted to sail their AC72s for only 30 days between now and the end of January 2013. A “sailing day” is defined as one when the yacht drops the tow line for five minutes.So a couple of hours on the Auckland Harbour late afternoon tomorrow would count as a “sailing day”. One down, 29 to go.
The team intends to make every sailing minute count. On a typical “sailing day” chase boats and yachts will leave the dock at dawn, returning at dusk.
Friday’s forecast looks better. But the team’s having a long weekend to recover from the intensity of the past few weeks.
The good news is that weatherman Roger Badham reckons Tuesday-Wednesday next week is looking good.

Tomorrow: The platform – that’s the yacht without the wingsail in place – will be lowered into the water late morning for a harbour tow test. In the afternoon the wing will be stepped for tests to be conducted at the dock.

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