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Spanish Team Mates Share Success

As the 2012 Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship moved
into its second phase on Dublin Bay in Ireland, after a well-earned layday,
the mounting pressure clearly had an effect today in several classes.

With two races sailed in very different conditions, the possibility of a
completely dry day was scuppered by a huge late afternoon cloudburst.

That particularly malicious cloud not only drenched the 343 competitors
from 61 different nations, coaches, race organisers and volunteers ashore,
but it also dragged the direction of the breeze around and made tactical
choices less than straightforward.

But two of the most consistent pairs of the day were Barcelona’s 420
crew David and Alex Charles and their club mates and compatriots Carlos
Robles and Florian Trittel in the 29er class

The Catalan 420 crew ramped up their title challenge with a second and a
first to bring them within five points of the 36pts aggregate which is now
shared by both first and second placed crews

The French duo Guilluame Pirouelle and Valentin Sipan have been the class
act, leading so far, but a bad start in the second, light winds race
resulted in a 12th place and they now find themselves embroiled in what
looks now increasingly like a three way battle for the 420 Boys title,
“In the first race we had a good start but in the second we were slow
off the line. We tried to get back into it but the conditions were

Piroulle, the helm, recalled, “There was not much wind and very big
shifts. And the first boats were able to get away.  We have to fight,
it is not over and we have to get back on top.”

But the momentum today was very much with the Spanish 420 brothers,
“The first race we got some luck but in general we got all the gusts
and the shifts as we should. I think we sailed really well, we had more luck
today,” commented David Charles. “It is so different to
Barcelona but this is a nice place to sail. We are feeling good, we are now
sailing well together and will just keep fighting through to the end of the
last day.”

That Spanish initiative was also prevalent in the 29er class where the 420
duo’s club-mates Robles and Trittel stuck to the same first principles
- heads out the boat, watching the best shifts and puffs – to reap two back
to back wins to now lead the 29er fleet by three clear points.

“It is a very complicated place to sail. I think so far the thing for
us is that we have made less mistakes than others and we plan to keep it
like that,” revealed Robles.

The pressure to take more risks in search of higher rewards was evident in
the very close Laser Radial Boys’ class where a rash of Black Flag
disqualifications were a salutary punishment for those who pushed the line
too hard too early.

Class leader Mitchell Kiss was a key transgressor in the first race, but
the US Sailing Team’s development sailor was able to bounce back with
an excellent third in the second heat of the day to ensure his lead remains
a useful 11 points going into the last three scheduled races.

Kiss attributes some of his improvements to training with US Olympic
representative Paige Railey, including a spell at the Olympic venue – which
if nothing else has acclimatised him for this regatta, “That is my
discard spent. It is going to be tough from here but I will just be out
doing my best,” Kiss commented.

“We have done a lot of sailing with Paige in Florida, in Weymouth in
the Spring – where it was like this – and then in Texas. That has helped my
speed especially downwind. She is so good, and it kind of sucks getting beat
by a girl, but I definitely want to get to the Olympics. But seeing how she
works is a great insight into how hard you have to work, how hard you have
to push your body.”

That same fate affected Ireland’s young Finn Lynch who moved up to
eighth overall in Laser Radial class also with a BFD and third for the day.

By most accounts today’s conditions were the most difficult yet.
Runaway RS:X Girls leader Great Britain’s Saskia Sills admitted she
had perhaps made her racing more complicated than it needed to be, but in
spite of her worst finish of the week so far, she is still 22 points clear
of Israel’s second placed Naomi Cohen.

Korea’s defending RS:X Boys Youth World champion Cho Wonwoo admitted
he too had his most difficult day of the regatta so far, with a seventh and
first, now being pressed hard by the young Italian Mattia Camboni who
relished the lighter conditions to land a first and second, now just two
points behind the windsurfer who won in Croatia last year.

The 420 Girls class is also poised for the final two days when light winds
are forecast. Coached here by past Youth World Champion and Olympic 470 gold
medallist Tessa Parkinson, Australia’s Carrie Smith and Ella Clark
took on board sage advice from their coach to rally to a second after a
disappointing 10th in the first race today. Smith and Clark lead by three
points from second and four to third.

“It was so tricky,” said Clark, “Everyone is so good in
this fleet that you just have to stay consistent and to be top 10 in every
race is good enough.

“Tessa was just telling us to keep smiling because we are going well,
to keep our heads out the boat and see what is going, it is changing all the
time and to be ready for it.”

Racing resumes tomorrow at 12:00 local time.

Overall Results

Laser Radial Boys
1. Mitchell Kiss (USA) 79pts, 2. Marco Zani (ITA) 90pts, 3. Mark Spearman
(AUS) 92pts

Laser Radial Girls
1. Julia Carlasson (SWE) 51pts, 2. Maria Cristina Boabaid (BRA) 67pts, 3.
Line Flemhost (NOR) 68pts

420 Boys
1. Guillaume Pirouelle/Valentin Sipan (FRA) 36pts, 2. Pieter Goedhart/Lars
Van Stekelenborg  (NED) 36pts, 3. David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP)

420 Girls
1. Carrie Smith/Ellie Clark  (AUS) 32pts, 2. Illaria
Paternoster/Benedetta Disalle (ITA) 35pts, 3. Annabel  Vose/Kirstie
Urwin (GBR) 36pts

1. Carlos Robles/Florian Trittel  (ESP) 13pts, 2. Lucal Rual/Thomas
Biton (FRA) 15pts, 3. Klaus Lange/Mateo Majdalani (ARG) 24pts

1. Rupert White/Tom Britz  (GBR) 16pts, 2. Paul Darmanin/Lucy Copeland
(AUS) 20pts, 3. Henri Demesmaeker/Phillip Hendrickx (BEL) 28pts.

RSX Boys
1. Wonwoo Cho (KOR) 24pts, 2. Matta Camboni ( ITA) 26pts, 3. Michael Cheng
(HKG) 49pts

RSX Girls
1. Saskia Sills (GBR) 17pts, 2. Naomi Cohen (ISR) 39pts, 3. Anastasiva
Valkevich (BLR) 40pts

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