Mundial de 29er día 3, los 8 equipos argentinos entran en la flota Oro

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July 25, 2012

29er World Championship – Day 3

Teams turned up the heat for the final day of sailing to make the final cut for the gold, silver, bronze and emerald fleets. Johanna Summerland and Marcus Anjemark of Sweden were one of the teams that really focused posting all bullets. Johanna commented on her day, “It was perfect – as good as it gets – 3 firsts! We had good starts, but it was tricky. We had more space on the line as with many black flags, they kept pulling boats out.”

But the leader after 9 races is 17 year old Noppakao Poonapat or “Nai” as she’s known, and her crew, 2x World Champion Steve Thomas, sailing under the THA letters. They have a 1 point lead over Carlos Robles and Florian Trittle of Spain. Talking to Nai and Steve after racing, their comments on the day were, “We had a good day; we had 3 good starts and we made the right decisions and we finished with a 4-1-1. The spinnaker sets and drops are fast which I like a lot,” commented Nai. She further commented, “The competition is tough. 20 races over 6 days is a lot.” Steve added, our plan is, “Same plan – day by day, nothing special, just one day at a time.”

The fleets are now split into 4 fleets; Gold, Silver, Bronze and Emerald.

Racing for the finals begins tomorrow, Thursday July 26 with three days of sailing. The prizegiving will be held on Saturday, July 28. Photos available on the Travemuender website; Live reports and daily results: Facebook: Int 29er Class.

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