La foto del día. Lange al timón del AC45 Artemis Red, y tumbadas a granel

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Dale flaco, ganale todas las probadas a Terry (el rumor fuerte es que …) y quién te dice el año que viene te dan el AC72. Soñar no cuesta nada y más cuando hay talento atrás que lo respalda. Días de mucho viento en San Francisco, y algunas roturas para el ala de Luna Rossa y tumbada para Team Korea (video en este link:

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The Bay bites back
AUGUST 18, 2012

San Francisco Bay took a bite out of the AC World Series teams on Saturday as training intensifies ahead of Championship Racing next week. Nine of 11 race crews were on the water during the afternoon, in building conditions.

Team Korea was the first to capsize. Before leaving the dock, skipper Nathan Outteridge had spoken of the need to be conservative in the early stages of training, but said his team would likely be pushing more and more each day. Saturday, they found out what happens when you push too hard.

“We were in a little race with Energy Team and we were trying to sail past them, so were really on,” Outteridge said. “And then I guess we found the limit of how far we can push it.”

One of the crew, Mark Bulkeley fell through the lower section of the wing, but was unhurt. The team had the boat up and sailing within a couple of minutes. The wing needs repairs, but the team is expected to be ready for racing in a couple of days.

The second capsize of the afternoon was more damaging. Luna Rossa Swordfish went over later in the afternoon with the wind gusting over 20 knots. The boat remained capsized for over half an hour, and there was significant damage to the wing. All the flaps were removed and brought in by chase boat and the wing mast is damaged as well.

“We were in a pre-start practise and we bear off and that was it,” said skipper Max Sirena. “It was pretty windy, over 25 knots, and the wind was against the tide (causing waves). Sooner or later, where you push the limits, it is going to happen.

“The big damage came when we went down. The boat came back up with bow up and stern down as part of the capsize. This is when the damage occurred.

“The wing is certainly not in good shape. So we will use a new wing and are hoping to sail again on Monday. We’ll know more tomorrow.”

Earlier in the week, Artemis Racing also capsized during training. The strong conditions in San Francisco mean the sailing is ‘on the edge’, all of the time.

“The last few days we’ve had a little bit of an ebb tide and some pretty strong sea breezes, so it’s been pretty ‘exciting’ on the race course area,” said ORACLE TEAM USA tactician John Kostecki, who remained on shore today.

Many of the sailors returning to base today from the other teams spoke of near misses as the crews continue to adjust to the strong winds and choppy waters of San Francisco Bay.

3 pensamientos en “La foto del día. Lange al timón del AC45 Artemis Red, y tumbadas a granel

  1. Rumores, rumores, sino fuese por eso a que se iban a dedicar 100 tios dentro de la AC. Los rumores son la vida en la AC luego se difuminan por una cosa que se llama gerarquia. Malo cuando hay mucha gente envaucadora de un mismo origen dentro de un grupo, a lo mejor matan a la gallina de los huevos de oro

  2. ya que la AC es un delirio total ahí van mis 2 cents…

    con tanta tecnología que tienen estos tipos, porque no le ponen un ‘airbag’ en el tope del ala ??? van a salvar muchas alas y además enderezan el barco rapidito para la proxima regata…

    Sigo cruzando los dedos para que no se mate ningún tripulante

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