Londres 2012, 49er día 3

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Los australianos Outteridge-Jensen que ayer tumbaron mientras iban liderando la regata, se vinieron mejor preparados hoy. Un poco de humor viene bien

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Mal día para la pareja española que se queda al borde de los topten.

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1 AUGUST 2012, 02:57 PM
Outteridge And Jensen Take Things In Their Stride

After six 49er races Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen (AUS) have opened up a 13 point lead over New Zealand’s Peter Burling and Blair Tuke.

The Australians finished second in Race 5 and won Race 6 and despite a strong early advantage the pair are taking everything as it comes and not getting too carried away, “There’s a long way to go, we’ve only done six races so it’s like a normal day two for us,” said Outteridge. “A lot happens on day three, four and five. We’ve got another two races in the harbour tomorrow with similar kind of winds and keep doing what we’re doing.

“All it takes is one bad day and you can lose 20 points very quickly. At the moment things are going nicely but we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves.”

The pair work seamlessly together and Jensen is happy with the way things are going, “We’re getting good starts and getting good lanes and just staying out of trouble in general. Nath’s getting the shifts right a lot of the time and we seem to have decent speed and it’s all going well and we’re not making any mistakes.”

Having capsized on Tuesday Outteridge went to the course with an unusual piece of equipment, “I was given a snorkel by one of my mates who was watching and he said this is for today in case you capsize. Thank god I didn’t need it but I had to wear it out to the start line it was part of the deal.”

The day’s other race win went to Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis (FRA). “It was a nice fight with the Australian in the first race,” said Dyen. However the pair were not so successful in the second race, “We didn’t have a good start and lost some places at the gate,” added Dyen. Nonetheless the pair are in third place on 30 points.

49ers resume racing tomorrow at 12:00 local time on the Portland Harbour course.

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