Europeo y mundial junior de 49er día 6

© Roberto Vuilleumier.

© Roberto Vuilleumier.

Fuente 49er Class

SEIKO 49er European and Youth World Championship -

Garda Perfection

Garda was true to form as it served up 12-18 knots of perfection for the 49er teams at the European and Youth World Championship.

The Silver fleet held 3 races at 10am on the closer course with the Gold fleet being sent out in the afternoon and the Silver back out for one more after a lunch break, rounding out for a total of 4 races for the Silver.

Today’s races were broadcast live on the internet with the PRO and several racers miked live to intersperse with the race commentating, but although the fleet was pleased with the live broadcast they were more focused on the day’s racing.

Allan Norregaard and Anders Thomsen (DEN) continued their winning ways and their trapezing technique, vaulting them to the lead while the fleet jostled for the positions. Close behind Marcin Czajkowski and Martin Rymer (POL) who have only been sailing together 20 days, turned it on and sailed themselves into 2nd overall. Rymer, his first time in a 49er said, “Every race was better for us. We had a good settings on our mast so we had a lot of power and we made good decisions on tactics.” Pavle Kostov (CRO) explained their day on the water; “We had a 6-1-10. The last race we were in 4th and then on the downwind leg of the last race we lost our tiller extension – we actually lost it in the water and had to change before each tack.”

Irish Olympian Ryan Seaton talked about their day; “The wind was blowing off the shore and we started on port on all 3 races, as yesterday we had a black flag and couldn’t really afford to have another and we were being a bit cautious. It seemed to pay off – the right hand side of the upwinds were looking pretty good – you get into the shore and we had good boat speed as well. We got across everyone except the Danish guys.” The Irish site in 5th overall going into the finals.

The top youth team position changed with James Peter and Ed Fitzgerald of GBR hitting their stride. Despite a 24th in the first race, they finished strong with a 7-4 to move them ahead of previous youth leaders. Silver fleet leaders are Carl Sylvan and Otto Helm (SWE).

Tomorrow begins the Theatre Style racing with a knockout format. The 22-29 Gold fleet teams will race Round 1 followed by 15-22; then 8-15 in round 3 and the top 8 in round 4. These will be broadcast live provided by regatta partner SAP, wind permitting.

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