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Posted on 23rd October, by WillClark in News and Highlights. No Comments

A-Cats Blown Out on Day Two of 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship

With breezes of 22 knots and upwards and no signs of abetting on day two the 2012 Ronstan A-Class Catamaran World Championship principal race officer Billy Richnow has abandoned racing for the day.

With weather condition expected to worsen as the week goes on Richnow has pushed the first warning signal on day three up 9 a.m. in the hopes of getting races in before conditions become un-sailable. With forecasts predicting upwards of 30 knots later in the week the hope is to get the mandatory five races required for a World Championship in before weather conditions destroy any chance. Saturday, October 27th is reserved as a weather date in the event that five races still have not been completed by that point, but Regatta Chairman Ben Hall is confident that at least five races will have been completed by that point. “We’ve never raced on Saturday since I’ve been going to Worlds” said Hall, an A-Cat great-grand-master in his own right. “We’ll find a way to get the regatta in.”

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