Norteamericano de Optimist para Odile van Aanholt de Antillas Holandesas. La argentina Clara Vignati 8va

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October 28

We have a winner!! Odile van Aanholt from Netherland Antilles won both of the races sailed yesterday and became the new North American Champion 2012. Congratulations, Odile!!

Samuel Neo (who was the runner up at the Worlds last July) also won the two races in fleet Blue, but this didn’t allow him to catch Odile, who had been one point ahead of him before the day’s races. Samuel finished second overall and first from outside of America.

The three first sailors of the closed event were:
1- Odile van Aanholt (AHO) – 1st overall
2- Sean Brennan (USA) – 3rd overall
3- Justin Vittecoq (CAN) – 4th overall

Yesterday’s morning was an unusual one, as it was windy, but with the wind coming from a different direction. The Race Committee had to wait for the morning breeze to die before starting the races, as they were sure the usual SW wind would fill in at some point during midday. And so it happened. Races had to be postponed and only started at 13. A general recall in all starts compromised the possibility of starting a second race but both fleets finished race 10 in time to start race 11 before the starting time limit at 1500. Both races were sailed in good wind of average 10 knots.

At the Closing Ceremony every sailor got a trophy or a medal but of course Odile was the star of the evening. Not only she took the trophies for being the first overall in both the closed and open events, but she took the corresponding girl prizes also. :)
More photos and a complete list of sailors who were awarded prizes will be posted later

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