2018 European Championship, gran triunfo de la argentina Victoria Mackinnon en categoría open femenino. Alex Demurtas (ITA) y Cosimo Schluter (GER) campeones europeos.

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Alex Demurtas (ITA) and Cosimo Schluter (GER) 2018 European Champions

29 JUNE 2018

The final day of the 2018 Optimist European Championship came to a close yesterday with the 3rd race of the Final Series held in perfect sailing conditions. The current was the one element that challenged the sailors over the entire Qualification and Final Series, but those sailors who could master it ended up on top of the leaderboard.

The Italian sailors pulled out all the stops on the final day to take the European Championship title and third place overall in the Boys Fleet. Alex Demurtas of ITALY was third overall going into the last race, but his 4th place in the final race was good enough to take the lead as he jumped from 3rd to 1st to win the 2018 Optimist European Championship Title.

Leading the Gold fleet going into the last day was David Santacrue from SPAIN. Unfortunately, his 18th place finish in the last day could not be dropped as he had a BFD earlier in the championship and ended up second overall in the championship.

But it was Italian Teammate Lorenzo Pezzilli who made the biggest gains on the day. He was 7th overall going into the last race of the Final Series. He jumped onto the podium in third place by winning the final race in the championship.

Andrea Manhes or France who was on top of the leaderboard after the Qualification Series, and 2nd overall after the first day of the Final Series, had a tough final day with a 70th place finish to push him off the podium to 4th overall.

Meriç Erdagli, of Turkey was second at the end of the Qualification Series was in 5th Place overall after the first two races of the Final Series. He was able to hang on to 5th overall on the final day.

In the Girls Fleet, Victoria Charata Mackinnon of Argentina sailed a really impressive series to take the Overall Girls European Championship. In these incredibly tough sailing conditions, she had 3 firsts, 3 seconds, a 3rd, 4th , 7th and her drop race 16th, she finished 30 points ahead of the second place finisher.

As Victoria does not live in Europe, she was not eligible to be awarded the 2018 Girls European Champion. This honour went to Cosimo Schlüter from GERMANY. She won the last race in the Final Series to pass Emily Mueller of GREAT BRITAIN to become the winner of the European title. Emily had a tough last race to drop her from 2nd going into the last race to 5th place overall and off the podium.

Third overall in the Girls Fleet was Mathilde Robertstad from NORWAY, who was the second European overall in the championship. Robertstad was 7th after the Qualification Series and climbed up to 5th Overall after Day 1 of the Final Series. A 3rd place finish moved her up from 5th to 3rd on the final day.

Anna Barth from GERMANY was 4th Overall in the Championship and was the 3rd placed European. She was in 9th place after the Qualification series and moved up to 4th place after the First day of the Finals and remained in that position at the end of the championship with a 9th place finish on the last day.

Annemijn Algra from the host nation THE NETHERLANDS was on the top of the leaderboard all week. A strong start the championship in the qualification series she was third overall going into the Final Series, but had some tough races in the Final Series to end up 8th overall in the championship.

The 2018 European Championship venue was across the harbour from the VOLVO OCEAN RACE Village. We were fortunate to see the exciting finish of the final leg last Monday with Dongfeng coming from behind to take the winner take all leg and the Overall Title. On several days, the VOR boats were on the water alongside the 264 Optimist Sailors from 44 different countries. The contrast between the mighty boats and the small dinghies was incredible to see.

For the Closing Ceremonies, several of the sailors from the VOR came to present the prizes to all of the winners. In particular was Carolyn Brouwer(NED), on the winning team of Dongfeng, a former Optimist Sailor herself as well as Olympic Medalist, presented the medals to the top Nations at the event. They were GERMANY, ITALY and SPAIN. after the ceremonies, many of the VOR sailors were handing out autographs.

The 2018 Optimist European Championship has come to a close. It was a fantastic championship!! Great sailing. Great Hospitality. Many new friends were made.

The hard work and dedication of the many organizers and 200 volunteers in making this event a huge success was seen in the smiles of all of the sailors who participated in this event. Great fun was had by all!!

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4 pensamientos en “2018 European Championship, gran triunfo de la argentina Victoria Mackinnon en categoría open femenino. Alex Demurtas (ITA) y Cosimo Schluter (GER) campeones europeos.

  1. Impresionante!! El semillero argentino en vela si que promete! Gran esfuerzo de chicos, entrenadores, clubes y familias para poner la celeste y blanca en lo mas alto!

  2. En este caso es mucho más meritorio porque Charata es de Posadas y para correr en flotas grandes y competitivas tiene que viajar a Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, etc. Todo les queda lejos, todo es mucho más sacrificado. Así que felicitaciones a ella y a sus padres que desde hace mucho tiempo la viene acompañando en este deporte y ni que hablar de sus entrenadores, Nico Dasso y Leandra Burtnik que hace un excelente trabajo en Misiones. Felicitaciones !! El Europeo del año pasado también lo ganó una Argentina, Donna Mazuchelli del YCO, y ahora lo gana Charata de Optinic!!! Parece que los europeos femeninos son de Argentina !!!

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