Un pensamiento en “The World Sailing Show, edición de octubre 2018.

  1. In 2014 some talked about a link between the Mossad and the downing of the MH17.Including a israeli security company involved at Amsterdam airport.Also talks about the MH17 being in fact the MH370 used after having transit via TLV airport for some time(bodies smelling like hell according to witnesses on the ground,like if they were dead for a few days or more,not a few minutes or hours).It may seems to look like a conspiracy theory(maybe,maybe not),but the MH17 was a major starter in the now never ending sanctions litany.Eurocrats were still undecided about sanctionning Russia before the crash. But I don”t see a possible link between the probable downing of the IL-20 this past monday and the MH17 story.You don”t attack a country and kill soldiers just to change the headlines as is was too late for the MSM to change their tuesday cover.Very little talk in Europe about the story anyway except on Alt media.

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