Campeonato Sudamericano de Star 2019, triunfo de Tomás Hornos y Pedro Trouche.

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Tomás Hornos and Pedro Trouche are the 2019 South American Champions

It was a very hot last day in Buenos Aires with clouds covering the skies over Rio de la Plata and the top teams anxious for the last races of the 2019 South American Championship. The first, and eventually only, start was at 1pm with a light northerly wind.

Daniel Della Torre and Fernando D´Emilio (ARG) were over the line early and had to discard the last race, a real pity for them as they were leading the overall championship and had a real taste of the win. Tomás Hornos and Pedro Trouche didn’t miss the chance and aimed right at the finish line: with the Argentinian out of the game, winning this race would mean claiming the overall championship.
And so it was, the American Hornos and the Brazialian Trouche are the 2019 South American Champions and will get to wear the precious Silver Star on the mainsail!

“It was a challenging day – commented Tomás Hornos – three teams actually had a chance to win, we were very close in points. We tried to avoid mistakes, not to be early and have the best possible start. We were closely watching both Della Torre and the Rosarinos. We felt confident as we had a good discard. When Della Torre was called OCS, we focused on keeping the lead, trying to cover the Altolaguirre team who were doing really well. Then they finished third and we managed to win. I am very impressed we were able to handle the pressure. Yesterday I was stressed thinking we could lose the title despite the good work we had done, but thankfully I relaxed and I was able to sail calmly today.”

“I am very happy for the title – said Pedro Trouche – It is my first “Silver Star” and it is very rewarding. We have been sailing with Tomás for two years and we understand each other well. We are different, but we respect each other very much and it paid off here.”

Leandro and Lucas Altolaguirre finished third and are second overall, Della Torre and D´Emilio walked on the third step of the podium: despite a very unfortunate last race, the duo could profit from a great performance during the whole championship and still go home with a bronze medal.

At the prize giving ceremony, all of the 21 teams attending agreed that the Yacht Club Olivos ran a great South American Championship in Buenos Aires.


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