The Nations Trophy día 3.

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Press Release, 11 October 2019

After two, marginal light wind days, blue skies over the Bay of Palma on Friday turned up the heat and turned on the breeze that makes this such a renowned racing arena. In turn the action in the Swan One Design fleet hotted up, with a day of drama as fortunes twisted and turned over the course of three races. Boats of the day were Skorpios (Dmitry Rybolovlev, RUS) in ClubSwan 50, Blue Nights (Tea Ekengren-Sauren, FIN) in Swan 45, Mela (Andrea Rossi, ITA) in ClubSwan 42 and Thirty-Six (Riccardo Ferragamo, ITA) in ClubSwan 36. In battle for top country, and The Nations Trophy, Italy leads Germany by one point, with Russia only a further point behind.

In terms of the class standings, Skorpios’s score line of 1,3,1 thrust them into the lead by four points from Ross Warburton’s Perhonen (GBR), whose day started well (2nd place), tailed off in the middle (9) and, by their standards thus far, ended badly (12). In Swan 45, Blue Nights now heads the class from Motions (NED) and Porron IX (ESP) tied and one point behind. Mela continues to lead in ClubSwan 42, with Far Star (ITA) in second. Thirty-Six sits atop ClubSwan 36, one point ahead of Sease (Pier Luigi Loro Piana, ITA)

It was a day of spectacular racing conditions, dampened only by two unfortunate collisions in ClubSwan 50. One in the second race led to the retirement of Drifter Sail (ITA) and Regina 2.0 (SWE). The other, in the third race, led to the withdrawal of Tenaz (ESP) and Team Kolff/Boersma (NED).

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AC36, dos nuevos barcos y sus diferencias de diseño.

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12 October 2019

After 18 months of heavy secrecy shrouding anything to do with the AC75s, the 75 foot foiling monohull is quickly becoming an open affair with two new boats unveiled last week less than 48 hours apart. This brings the total to four and provides us with plenty of opportunity to analyse the differences that are already apparent.

On the 3rd of October, the Italians of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team were the third team to launch their boat after the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand and the USA Challenger NYYC American Magic. The Italian boat was christened ‘Luna Rossa’ by Miuccia Prada, CEO of the Prada Group together with her husband Patrizio Bertelli, during a ceremony at the team’s home base in Cagliari, Sardinia – the venue for the first America’s Cup World Series event next April.

A couple of days later in Portsmouth (UK), Julia Ratcliffe, the daughter of the syndicate owner Jim Ratcliffe, did the honours to name INEOS TEAM UK’s AC75 ‘Britannia’ in homage to one of Britain’s most famous racing yachts.

As the Protocol of the 36th America’s Cup doesn’t allow the teams to shroud their boats, the new 75′ monohulls were quickly snapped and “grammed” around the world for everyone – teams and fans – to comment and draw their first conclusions.

The new launches have only added to the diversity of Emirates Team New Zealand and NYYC American Magic’s interpretation of the AC75 Class Rule, confirming once again the high level of freedom allowed by the current design rules.

Design teams have spent a lot of time exploring different hull shapes within the Class Rule limits, looking for a shape with minimal drag as well as the stability required for take-off.

With the hull having no significant limits on ­structure other than a handful of standard AC rule limits, the shape of the hull is where the differences are most evident.

In broad terms it’s possible to pair the four boats with the Kiwis and the Italian choosing one approach and INEOS TEAM UK and American Magic going in another direction. However, experts may consider pairing the boats too simplistic. So what has been revealed so far that’s out there for everyone to see?

INEOS TEAM UK’s hull shape is probably the most radical in appearance; while the bottom has a very clean scow like line – similar to NYYC American Magic and opposite to Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa – the deck layout has a completely new design, with a very flat and low bow, slab sides and a straight sheerline toward the stern.

The British hull seems wider, with the foil rotation points (whose distance is fixed as per the Class Rule) appearing to be inside the hull compared to the other teams that have a dimple treatment where the carbon foil arms stick out from the hull.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli’s design has gone in the opposite direction with a boat similar but more radical than the Defender’s. Despite a more traditional bow – that gives a nod to those of the old America’s Cup boats – the sheerline is quite pronounced and tapers towards the transom. The bottom has a rounded-V structure in the centre ending just ahead of the rudder.

What the four AC75’s have in common is the cockpit where they are all divided in two by a central extension to the forward deck, creating two pits for the crew, all with variations to the layout, which will lead to interesting comparisons of crew dynamics while sailing for each of the teams.

In foil world, it was interesting to notice that both Luna Rossa and Britannia have also opted for a tapered central bulb similar to Defiant, leaving the Defender the only team going “against the tide” in that aspect of foil design. But there the similarities end. INEOS TEAM UK appear to have bigger wings and two different foil shapes per side, whereas Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have the smallest wings seen so far and, although it is not possible to know what is happening at a systems level, their shapes look very much alike.

Last but not least the approach to regulate the new double mainsail concept showed some significant differences with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli appearing to have the most intriguing system so far.

As declared at the Luna Rossa launch “the boom is there but you can’t see it”, which made everyone think the Italians won’t have a standard boom. Britannia has been launched without her mast, so it is not possible yet to determine what solution they have opted for.

There is still much more to be revealed, for example nothing has been – nor will be – revealed about the highly sophisticated flight-control systems that will be key in the performance of these boats.

Syndicates are allowed to build two boats and this first generation will be a major testing platform for the second generation which will be raced in Auckland. The question is, will we see such a diverse spread of designs across the second iterations of each teams AC75’s?

The premiere America’s Cup World Series event in Cagliari will provide the first real opportunity by which teams can measure themselves and their first boats against each other to see who has chosen the best path so far. In the meantime, Syndicates can only rely on their recon reports to gather information, analyse data and feed the findings into the design of their second boat as the construction of the second generation of AC75s is just few months away.

Snipe World Championship 2019 Ilhabela, Brasil. Día 4.

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The fourth day of the 2019 Snipe World Championship started out with bright sunshine, blue skies and the wind blowing at about 8 knots from the east, all great components for another brilliant day of sailing in Ilhabela, Brazil.

Only two races were completed today, and they were very similar to the three held yesterday, with an easterly breeze of about 12-13 knots and waves. These conditions are much appreciated by the Brazilians, who are used to sailing in heavy wind, but today they were not the only ones in the top of the fleet.

In today’s first race after the Brazilian duo Alexandre Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling, there were the Spaniards Damian Borras and Jordi Triay followed by the young Portuguese skipper Mafalda Pires de Lima with her brother Tomas.

At the end of race six, the wind proved to be less stable than yesterday and the Race Committee boat moved in search of a better spot. Once the course was set – 13 knots from East – a Brazilian team was once again leading the fleet, and this time it was Juninho de Jesus with crew Gabriel Borges, followed by another Spanish team Juan Deben with José Pardo and in third another female skipper, Juliana Duque with Rafael Martins (BRA).

Once the race was over long clouds covered the skies, and the wind dropped significantly. After an attempt to start ended with a general recall, the Committee sent everyone back ashore and will try for a two race day tomorrow starting at 11.

After seven races, with the discard coming into effect after race six, there is a Spanish team leading the provisional ranking: Damian Borras and Jodi Triay, who are ahead of the Brazilians by only one point. Henrique Haddad with Gustavo Nascimento (BRA) are in second followed by Juninho de Jesus with Gabriel Borges (BRA).

“The regatta is very balanced and our strategy is to stay in the middle, since we are not familiar with this racecourse. It has worked well so far and we are glad to be leading the ranking in such a difficult event”, said Damian Borras. “We are from Minorca, one of the Balearic islands, and the conditions are very similar to these, the only difference is the current, I just didn’t expect so much current in Brazil. That’s why we work in the middle of the fleet. Tomorrow we’ll go in the water to fight to be among the first teams in the last races and win the Snipe World Cup.”

Top 10 after 7 races:

1 ESP Damian Borras Jordi Triay
2 BRA Henrique Haddad Gustavo Nascimento
3 BRA Mario Jesus Gabriel Borges
4 BRA Mateus Tavares Kathleen Tocke
5 BRA Alexandre Paradeda Gabriel Kieling
6 ESP Gustavo Del Castillo Rafael Del Castillo
7 BRA Felipe Rondina Joao Oliveira
8 BRA Juliana Duque Rafael Martins
9 ARG Luis Soubie Diego Lipszyc
10 URU Ricardo Fabini Florencia Pamizari


The Nations Trophy día 2.

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Press Release, 10 October 2019

The wind conditions on the Bay of Palma were more akin today to a mischievous nymph than a grand prix race track. Just as the Real Club Náutico de Palma Race Committee thought it had things under control, the wind would go off on a sudden frolic, demanding course changes and eventually leading to the abandonment of racing for all but the ClubSwan 50 World Championship fleet and the ClubSwan 36.

Aifos 500 (Jaime Rodriguez Toubes/SM Felipe de Borbon, ESP) pulled off a remarkable win in the ClubSwan 50 class, which was the cause of much celebration. Perhonen’s impressive second-place sees her retain pole position in the overall standings. The Croation Go Racing scored a first victory in the ClubSwan 36 and heads the leaderboard in this class after two races. With no races completed, there was no change in position in the Swan 45 and ClubSwan 42 classes. Italy leads The Nations Trophy, with United Kingdom and Russia tied in second only five points behind.

ClubSwan 50
After an aborted first attempt around midday to get a race away, the crews endured a near three hour wait for the situation to improve. Just before three o’clock, the course was set once again and the 18 ClubSwan 50s were swiftly into action in a light breeze. What looked a fairly straight-forward start, was anything but for two of the boats, Aifos 500 and Stella Maris (August Schram, AUT), both over early.

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Snipe World Championship 2019 Ilhabela, Brasil. Henrique Haddad y Gustavo Nascimento nuevos lideres.

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Three races won by three Carioca teams in windy conditions

A challenging three race day awaited the sailors at the Escola de Vela Lars Grael in Ilhabela, Brazil, for day three of the 2019 Snipe World Championship. After two very cloudy days with light winds, today’s conditions were typically Ilhabela with the wind coming from East getting stronger as the sun warmed the air.

The Brazilians, in the 70 boat fleet from 11 nations, mastered the wild, wavy conditions and are now right up on the top of the ranking: five of them in the top 10, with the first two leading the ranking. Henrique Haddad with Gustavo Nascimento (BRA) are on top after winning today’s last two races (6,1,1), they have a big margin on the second place team, Mario Jesus with Gabriel Borges (BRA) (8,2,7); in third the winners of yesterday’s only race, the Uruguayan Luis Soubie with Diego Lipszyc (2,16,23).

”There are still four races left and there’s still much that can happen, but we are confident, we are sailing very well and know our competitors well” said 470 Olympic sailor Haddad. ”We are very fast in strong wind. We didn’t have a great start in today’s first race, but we managed to do better in the following races and we claimed two bullets, so we are very happy!”

The day started off with an easterly breeze at about 8 knots, but the locals warned us it would increase if the sun stayed out. And so it did, the sun shone bright and the wind picked up to 16 knots, and the waves made it even more challenging for the sailors and more fascinating for the spectators.

Alexandre Paradeda with Gabriel Kieling (BRA) won the first windward-leeward race, followed by Soubie/Lipszyc amd Bruno Bethlem with Daniel Seixas (BRA). In the second race Haddad/Nascimento and Jesus/Borges were first and second, foreseeing today’s provisional overall ranking, and in third the winners of race 4, Paradeda/Kieling. The third race was a triangle first run followed by a windward-leeward with an upwind finish. The wind by now was really blowing at 16-18 knots and the fleet enjoyed blasting reaches!
Mateus Tavares (BRA) with Kathleen Tocke (USA) were second behind the unstoppable Haddad/Nascimento, and in third Juliana Duque with Rafael Martins (BRA).

Five races are finished, with the first drop figured in tomorrow after the 6th race. Four more races will be sailed in the next two days and on Saturday the 2019 Snipe World Champion will be crowned at the Marina Porto Ilhabela.

Tomorrow’s three races will begin at 11, to leave only one final and decisive race on Saturday morning.

Top 10 after 5 races:
1 BRA Henrique Haddad Gustavo Nascimento 27
2 BRA Mario Jesus Gabriel Borges 46
3 ARG Luis Soubie Diego Lipszyc 49
4 URU Ricardo Fabini Florencia Pamizari 50
5 USA Asher Zittrer Watt Duffy 65
6 BRA Mateus Tavares Kathleen Tocke 69
7 ESP Gustavo Del Castillo Rafael Del Castillo 71
8 ESP Damian Borras Jordi Triay 79
9 BRA Alexandre Paradeda Gabriel Kieling 88
10 BRA Bruno Bethlem Daniel Seixas 93


The Nations Trophy día 1.

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Press Release, 09 October 2019

The second edition of The Nations Trophy kicked off today; all four classes ticking off one race from the scheduled nine. Racing started three hours late and, while it was long, it was a worthwhile wait. When the fickle breeze in the Bay of Palma stabilized sufficiently, the Real Club Nautico de Palma race team, led by Ariane Mainemare, was swift in laying the course and getting the 41-boat fleet away. Cream of the crop were: Ross Warburton’s Perhonen (ClubSwan 50, GBR), Javier Padron’s Michelle (Swan 45, ESP), Andrea Rossi’s Mela (ClubSwan 42, ITA) and Riccardo Ferragamo’s Thirty-Six (ClubSwan 36, ITA). With two boats placing first in the only race of the day, Italy take an early lead in The Nations Trophy, with Spain in second.

According to Leonardo Ferragamo, President of Nautor’s Swan: “The Nations Trophy was born with a lot of impetus from Swan owners.” The fundamental idea was to provide a global stage dedicated to Swan One Design, typified by fair racing and a gentleman-like spirit.

“On top of this, there was the desire to bring back something that had been abandoned, the confrontation between different countries,” Mr. Ferragamo adds. “And here we are with The Nations Trophy, a biennial event. In the years in between, we have The Nations Trophy Leagues in northern and southern Europe, and maybe somewhere else in the world to come. We are really interested in providing sailors who enjoy racing with something different in terms of competition. The Nations Trophy has the ambition to be a credible circuit, well organized, with clear rules and to be a point of reference for good racing.” Talking to the crews as they stepped ashore, the event is well on its way to achieving its aims. See the interview here

ClubSwan 50
For much of the race, it looked like a two-way tussle between Leonardo Ferragamo’s Cuordileone (ITA) and Dmitri Rybolovlev’s Skorpios (RUS). Perhonen was never far away, but it took a bold move on the final leg to secure the victory.

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Snipe World Championship 2019 Ilhabela, Brasil. Segundo día con Soubie – Lipszyc al frente.

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Day two of the Snipe World Championship was very similar to day one, with cloudy skies and the threat of rain. While the teams were getting ready at the Escola de Vela Lars Grael, the wind was blowing nicely at about seven knots from East, so the fleet was out on the water right on time for the scheduled 12 o’clock start.

Four general recalls anticipated the actual start on the fifth attempt, 70 boats on the line is not an easy task and the Uniform flag proved not scary enough for the eager Snipe sailors.
“Since there are a lot of boats, the sailors don’t want to get in the so called ‘dirty wind’ and so they push it a little too much,” said Fabio Bodra, organizer of the 2019 Snipe Worlds. “In low wind conditions and with a large fleet, a good start is very critical, it might represent 50% of a good result”.

The first team at the upwind mark was the Brazilian former Snipe World Champion Alexandre Tinoco with Matheus Gonçalves, followed, once again, by two Japanese boats. The downwind was very fast, and the first boat to reach the gate were Luis Soubie with Diego Lipszyc (aka Mini) from Argentina. They had a decent margin over the Brazilians Tinoco/Gonçalves and were able to keep it to the finish, winning the race and claiming the provisional leadership of the 2019 Snipe Worlds.

“We had a really average start and we slowly had to work our way through the fleet” says Luis Soubie after race two. “With a 70 boat fleet it’s absolutely not an easy task. Nonetheless we were able to get clean air at the top of the beat and managed to round fifth at the upwind mark. Then with a great downwind we were able to be first at the gate and keep the position till the end. The trick for the next races is to start clear, avoid collisions and the huge mess that is the fleet.”

The AP flag was hoisted at the end of race one, and the Alpha followed after a long wait on the water. No more racing for the day and an earlier start tomorrow (11 am local time) to try and make up for the missed races.

TOP 10 after two races:

1 – ARG – Luis Soubie / Diego Lipszyc – 8 points
2 – URU – Ricardo Fabini / Florencia Pamizari – 14 points
3 – USA – Asher Zittrer / Watt Duffy – 16 points
4 – BRA – Henrique Haddad / Gustavo Nascimento – 19 points
5 – JPN – Naoki Inoue / Masataka Kojima – 22 points
6 – BRA – Mario Jesus Jr/ Gabriel Borges – 29 points
7 – JPN – Tsuyoshi Yamada / Go Yamashita – 31 points
8 – ESP – Fabio Bruggioni / Luca Bruggioni – 32 points
9 – BRA – Alexandre Tinoco / Matheus Gonçalves – 33 points
10 – JPN – Shigeru Matsuzaki / Yuta Hattori – 34 points


Barcolana 2019. Santiago Lange prueba el 69F en aguas de Trieste.

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Try 69F for free

From 5 to 12 October, sailing enthusiasts can try to fly on the water’s surface aboard a 69F together with the experts of the 69F Sailing Academy, the first and innovative foil monohull sailing academy, directed by Santi Lange.
From 5 to 12 October, sailing enthusiasts can try to fly on the water’s surface aboard a 69F together with the experts of the 69F Sailing Academy, the first and innovative foil monohull sailing academy, directed by Santi Lange. If you’re an expert sailor and want to participate, bring your waterproof sailing jacket and sign up following the instructions at or send an email to Sailors from the yacht clubs’ racing teams can participate in a speed race: they can choose the moment with the strongest wind according to the weather forecast, as well as race solo or with another person, and sail as fast as they can on the foils. Every day, those who will be able to reach the top sailing speed on the foils for 3 seconds will be at the top of a special ranking, that will then name the KING AND QUEEN OF SPEED in the Gulf of Trieste, a much desired title among the sailing, windsurf and kitesurf enthusiasts who compete against each other the whole year in both competitive and non-competitive races.