Moth Worlds 2019, día 2. Tom Slingsby líder parcial.

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Slingsby and Burton flex their muscle on final day of Moth Worlds qualifying
14 December 2019

It was all to play for today at the 2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds with positions very much up for grabs to make the cut for Gold fleet racing that kicks off after tomorrow’s lay day.

The fleets will be split for Monday’s finals racing allowing the first chance to see the best sailors all on the same course for the first time.

It will be the first time since the nationals that we will see some sailors on the same course, with Tom Slingsby (AUS) putting on a clinic on the Yellow course, while Tom Burton (AUS) and Kyle Langford (AUS) have been duking it out on the Blue course.

Slingsby solidified his position as the championship favourite after a stellar effort today that saw him claim three race wins from as many races, with plenty of daylight behind him in most instances.

His nearest competitors Francesco Bruni (ITA), Brad Funk (USA) and Matthew Chew (AUS) all had solid days as well, but were just unable to get near the current SailGP champion helm.

Funk said after the first race on the Blue course that Slingsby was just able to “put the hammer down” and muscle his way into commanding leads off the start.

“Every day is a little bit different, but this left side just keeps paying off in good pressure,” Funk said.

“But Tommy (Slingsby) just puts the hammer down and has his own race then it’s kind of between four other people for second through fifth.”

Funk said the race course wasn’t providing the pumping sea breezes that Perth was renowned for, and there were a few passing lanes up the top end of the course.

“At the top it’s not just solid pressure up there, you’ve got to get the first pressure so I went around a different gate and managed to get it so managed to come downwind and pass two boats.”

On the Blue course, Langford had some interesting moments minutes before the start of Race 6 when he was seen with the boat mounted on a RIB applying tape to the bowsprit of his Bieker Moth, however it didn’t seem to phase him as he comfortably took the chocolates from Burton to round out the day.

There were many sailors who found the course tricky as the late start and patchy sea breeze began to die out, making it a case of joining the dots and staying in the pressure.

This Worlds continues to show a particularly interesting narrative across the manufacturing landscape with different pieces of kit all able to win races and a range of very different setups all racing along at similar speeds.

Exocet, Bieker and MACH2 are taking plenty of wins and Francesco Bruni is also having some solid results on the Manta.

It’s a day off tomorrow with a lot of the sailors heading to Rottnest Island for the day, with the action picking back up on Monday with LIVE STREAMING of all the Gold Fleet finals racing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to finish off this epic regatta.

The final three days of the event when the title will be decided is expected to see the famous Fremantle Doctor pump back in as Perth returns to some normality, after a number of weeks of scorching temperatures and fluky and challenging conditions.


The event is supported by a number of great sponsors, including Chandler Macleod, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, WGA, Skiff Gear Online and SLAM.

Moth Worlds 2019, día 1. Buen comienzo del argentino Machi Contessi.

Machi Contessi con el 111, peleando en el top 20 las 3 regatas del día, un arranque de primer nivel.

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Stars shine on opening day of 2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds

The first day of the Moth Worlds saw absolutely scorching conditions in Perth with the mercury topping 40 degrees and a lot of waiting around for the sea breeze to finally come in.

Albeit a bit sweaty, the boat park was buzzing with competitors salivating at the opportunity to draw first blood in the 2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds.

The key was to not put your boat under any tension and leave it in the sun as gear breakages were occurring before people even left the water with carbon parts not withstanding the heat – most competitors were hosing down their boats every 5mins to keep things cool.

On the race track the action was just as hot with both fleets racing simultaneously on different courses.

In the Yellow fleet it was Matt Chew from Brisbane, Australia who jumped out of the blocks for the first heat win of the event, however the story was Tom Slingsby, after being buried off the first two starts showed electrifying pace to claw his way back to second place and win the final two heats of the day.

Meanwhile on the Blue course, Kyle Langford was putting on his own masterclass with two heat wins to kick things off, followed by a second after being buried at the start line but working his way through the fleet in a building breeze.

He was on the chase behind Olympic gold medallist Tom Burton and class stalwart Les Thorpe, who enjoyed some of his best results at a major championship in a long time.

Burton was able to hold out a fast finishing Langford in the final race of the day with Scott Babbage coming through in third and Thorpe in fourth.

It was Australian domination on the first day with the exception of Brad Funk from the United States and Graeme Sutherland from New Zealand the only internationals in the top 10.

With three races scheduled for today and a late sea breeze forecast, we should see the qualification done and dusted and move into finals after a rest day tomorrow.

Stay tuned as the action continues to heat up at the 2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds.


Campeonato australiano de Moth para Tom Slingsby. Machi Contessi, único argentino presente en la previa del mundial.

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Machi Contessi es el único argentino que viajó a Perth para el mundial de Moth. Alquiló allí un casco Mach2 y llevó sus foils y barras frontales y le sumó una North Deckswweper nueva, foil 2,41 de Mach2 y mastil CST.

Del campeonato Australiano corrió las 4 regatas del primer día con buenos resultados 10, 19, 12 y 47 (este último era un poco mejor pero se confundió vuelta ). Son 120 competidores repartidos en flotas de 60. El segundo día se le rompió la botavara y no pudo correr regatas. Por suerte le pasó antes del mundial y ya tiene todo reparado. En esta época del año sopla todos los días en Perth, 25 nudos del tradicional Freemantle Doctor, así que será muy importante no tener roturas para hacer un buen campeonato.

Hace 20 años atrás en un mundial de Moth que se corrió también en Perth se introdujo el primer moth con foils que ganó 3 regatas de ese Campeonato, la historia ya no tendría vuelta atrás. Actualmente la clase sigue aportando novedades a la vela mundial, n o solo a través de las grandes marcas sino también con muchos desarrollos homemade.

Lo que se vio en el campeonato australiano fue la confirmación de los favoritos Slingsby, Babbage, Langford, Greenhalgh, Burton, Meech y a estos hay que sumarle a Bruni, Kirby y los especialistas de la clase como Chew, Damic, etc. etc. En materia de equipos vimos que el mundial anterior lo monopolizaron los barcos y foils Exocet y velas Lennon. Esta vez el juego está mucho más repartido. Muchas velas North y algunas Doyle en la punta (todas Decksweeper porque son las recomendadas para vientos fuertes), muchos foils de Luca Damic y varios modelos de moth diferentes como los Bieker que comenzó a construir el Astillero Mackay de NZ y que se los ve muy radicales, pero también hay Mach2, Exocet, Manta, etc.. El más numeroso y tradicional Mach2 sigue muy vigente y con nuevos foils y alas curvas 2,5 promete dar pelea. Mañana comienza el mundial con las primeras 4 regatas de la qualy.





He has been trying since 2010, but one of Australia’s most accomplished sailors, Tom Slingsby, took one of his sweetest victories by winning the Australian Moth Championships at Mounts Bay Sailing Club in Perth on Wednesday.

The event that doubled as the pre-worlds event has been hard fought and was the perfect dress rehearsal for the Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds starting on Friday.

With Perth experiencing unprecedented heat, the racing was sailed in scorching conditions, along with glamour cloudless blue skies and a very puffy 12 to 14-knot breeze from the east with very flat water and strong gusts.

It wasn’t the only thing scorching with many of the contenders starting to show what they are capable of, with Scott Babbage, Rob Greenhalgh, Tom Burton and Will Boulden all showing wheels in the blue fleet and all four sailors using different configurations.

There are Bieker, Exocet and MACH2 platforms with a variety of sails and rigs, showing again that any platform is sound and personal preference and tweaking is the key.

The yellow fleet raced in Melville Water West with slightly lighter and puffier conditions where Australian SailGP Team counterparts Tom Slingsby and Kyle Langford were both showing fantastic speed to put an exclamation point on their Worlds preparation.

Slingsby took the championship win on a count back to Scott Babbage in a battle that looks to continue for days to come – however they certainly won’t have it all their own way.

It was a great day of Mothing with the whole fleet enjoying the milder conditions compared to yesterday, with most of the fleet getting through the four-race session, however there were some pretty tired sailors when they came ashore.

There were gusty and tricky conditions for the final day of the Australian Moth Championship. Photos: Martina Orsini
The afternoon kicked on with entertainment as the presentations for the Australian Championships commenced, which was followed by a traditional Indigenous Australian Welcome to Country ceremony and more live entertainment – some great Australian culture on display.

With a rest day tomorrow before the Worlds, it will be the last chance to get the boats dialled before things really heat up – literally – with Perth expecting 40 degrees over the next few days, the breeze may play some tricks.

The Indigenous Australian Welcome to Country ceremony took place at the event opening. Photos: Martina Orsini
The Down Under Sail media team cannot wait to bring it all to you over the next few days, beginning with our Down Under Sail Preview Panel Show to be aired Thursday afternoon (local time), taking in the insights of some of the best Moth sailors in the world.

Campeonatos argentinos de Moth y Windsurf foil, reporte, imágenes y resultados finales.

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Tato Billoch (3ro), Franco Greggi (campeón) y Machi Contessi (2do), el podio en Moth.

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Dos de las clases foileras más pujantes y competitivas de la Argentina decidieron celebrar sus respectivos campeonatos Argentinos en la Laguna El Burro, de la localidad de Adela, Partido de Chascomús y la apuesta no podría haber salido mejor. Con Tobal Saubidet como anfitrión, se encontraron con una cancha espectacular con buena profundidad en toda la laguna, agua plana, vientos limpios de muy buena intensidad, un oficial del día de lujo como Emilio Travascio y todas las chicas (novias de los competidores) colaborando en la lancha. En tierra se disfrutó de la camaradería, corderos, lechones, cervezas y miles de anécdotas en torno a un fogón de campo e instalaciones inmejorables para que tanto los competidores como sus acompañantes tuvieran un fin de semana perfecto.

Pero vamos a la acción en el agua. El día sábado tuvimos vientos de entre 15 y 20 nudos. Los moth corrieron 4 regatas y los windsurf foil 5. Mientras que el domingo el viento estuvo entre los 9 y 14 nudos y los moth corrieron 5 regatas mientras que las tablas 4. El lunes se esperó hasta el medio día la entrada del viento pero finalmente no se pudo correr y se procedió directamente a la entrega de premios.

En el campeonato de Moth que contó con los auspicios de “RIde” , “OH Gift Card” y “Conservas Marechiare”, Franco Greggi fue el claro dominador y logró su 4to campeonato Argentino de los 5 disputados a la fecha. “Mosta” se impuso en 7 de las 9 regatas siendo muy prolijo y por sobre todo muy veloz. Su escolta fue el marplatense Massimo Contessi que tuvo un campeonato bastante irregular, no encontró su velocidad habitual y las maniobras no permitieron sacarle provecho a la cancha. Igual gano una de las regatas y quedó segundo en otras tres. Massimo serà el único representante argentino en el próximo mundial de la clase que se disputará en Perth en menos de 30 dìas, así que se lleva muchas conclusiones y trabajo para mejorar en estos días. El tercer lugar del podio lo ocupó Germán “Tato” Billoch, que fue una de las revelaciones del campeonato, hacía mucho tiempo que no se subía al Moth y demostró que tiene mucho potencial, ganando una de las regatas, con un segundo y dos terceros como mejores puestos. El cuarto lugar fue para Marito Seggers que tuvo que lidiar con un desperfecto que lo dejó afuera de dos regatas y no le permitió luchar más arriba. Quinto fue otra de las revelaciones: Luca Contessi, otro de los que ha navegado poco este año, pero se lució mostrando mucha velocidad y mejores maniobras 3 segundos puestos dan prueba de ello. También se vieron muy buenas regatas de “Scrappy” Steffani (6to) y “Fetu” Villambrosa (7mo). Fetu no pudo correr el primer día, pero así y todo se ubicó muy bien en la general.

En definitiva todos quedaron muy contentos, tanto los que subieron al podio como los que volvieron a la clase después de mucho tiempo o los que hicieron su debùt como el caso de Santi Bosco que fue invitado especialmente por ser el actual campeón Argentino de Waszp.

Barcolana 2019. Santiago Lange prueba el 69F en aguas de Trieste.

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Try 69F for free

From 5 to 12 October, sailing enthusiasts can try to fly on the water’s surface aboard a 69F together with the experts of the 69F Sailing Academy, the first and innovative foil monohull sailing academy, directed by Santi Lange.
From 5 to 12 October, sailing enthusiasts can try to fly on the water’s surface aboard a 69F together with the experts of the 69F Sailing Academy, the first and innovative foil monohull sailing academy, directed by Santi Lange. If you’re an expert sailor and want to participate, bring your waterproof sailing jacket and sign up following the instructions at or send an email to Sailors from the yacht clubs’ racing teams can participate in a speed race: they can choose the moment with the strongest wind according to the weather forecast, as well as race solo or with another person, and sail as fast as they can on the foils. Every day, those who will be able to reach the top sailing speed on the foils for 3 seconds will be at the top of a special ranking, that will then name the KING AND QUEEN OF SPEED in the Gulf of Trieste, a much desired title among the sailing, windsurf and kitesurf enthusiasts who compete against each other the whole year in both competitive and non-competitive races.

GC32 Riva Cup, día 3. Alinghi se lleva el triunfo.

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Sunday, 15th September 2019

Alinghi claims GC32 Riva Cup by a whisker

While Alinghi has led at the end of every day of racing at the 2019 GC32 Riva Cup, the Swiss team was on the ropes this afternoon when their arch-rivals Oman Air, in seemingly unbeatable form, scored three back-to-back wins levelling the scoreline with them. As ever with the Dolomites forming the most spectacular of backdrops, racing today, hosted by the Fraglia Vela Riva, was held in a 14-16 knot Ora southerly.

In the fourth and penultimate race, the Omani team’s winning streak came to end, but it was not Alinghi but Red Bull Sailing Team that claimed the bullet. However, in this Oman Air’s second to Alinghi’s fourth, handed the Omanis a slender two-point lead going into the final race.

With Oman Air having had the upper hand all day, a chink finally appeared in their armour in the deciding race, allowing both Alinghi and Red Bull Sailing Team through. After a nailbiting final few minutes, where Oman Air desperately tried to catch up, these positions held at the finish line causing the two frontrunners to end the GC32 Riva Cup tied on points. Sadly for Oman Air after such a strong final day, GC32 Racing Tour tie breaks are decided on final race position, handing the GC32 Riva Cup to Alinghi.

This was the second win of the season for Ernesto Bertarelli’s team following their victory at the GC32 World Championship in Lagos, Portugal in June.

“Today we had really tight racing with Oman Air,” commented Alinghi helmsman Arnaud Psarofaghis. “They sailed really well and they put us in a bad situation, but we knew it wasn’t over until the last race when we got the better of them. They tried to be smarter, but they gybed too late and we could just overlap them on the downwind and pushed them back in the fleet. Then Red Bull did a good job to stay ahead of them.”

Oman Air’s skipper Adam Minoprio described the fateful moment: “Basically we lost the regatta at that first gybe – we just gave away ten lengths there. After that, we needed another team to make a huge mistake and unfortunately for us, Red Bull is a strong team and difficult to pass when you’re on layline to the top mark.”

In that race Oman Air once again had made a masterful start to leeward, gently luffing Alinghi out of their way to lead at the reaching mark. Then coming into the leeward gate Psarofaghis had managed to give Minoprio a dose of his own match racing medicine when he managed to shovel Oman Air out to the left.
Alinghi’s team manager Pierre-Yves Jorand observed: “Oman Air sailed very well especially today when they put a lot of pressure on us. On the reaching starts, they have the edge, but our team sailed very well on the course, choosing the right gate marks, proper modes and managed to fight and to come back in several races. So congratulation to Oman but also to our team.”

Alinghi didn’t start well in the first three races and on one occasion were even in last place but in all the races their recoveries were phenomenal.

Oman Air also showed formidable pace, foiling upwind into Riva del Garda’s famous cliff face and then foiling out very lifted to the weather mark, frequently managing speeds several knots faster than their opponents.

Minoprio praised his rival: “Full credit to Alinghi. They sailed well the whole week. We had a shocker on day one whereas they sailed well the whole week, but it was good to make sure that they didn’t sail away with too easily.”

Roman Hagara and Red Bull Sailing Team had a strong final day putting extra points between them and Erik Maris’ Zoulou, ensuring that they retained the final position on the podium. “We had some good racing, some tough fights with the others and we also got a race win and a couple of good places,” said Hagara. Even the race they won today, the Austrian team dropped off the foils on the run causing them to lose the lead, which they subsequently regained on the upwind. Otherwise, Hagara very much enjoyed racing on Lake Garda, close to his native Austria. “It is a great lake and a great facility here. It is really good for GC32s to race here.”

Erik Maris’ Zoulou won the owner-drivers trophy. “We are pretty pleased with what we achieved,” said mainsheet trimmer Thierry Fouchier. “We got closer to Red Bull and managed to be in the middle of the pack with Red Bull, Oman Air and Alinghi. That was good for us. Red Bull did a good last day and sailed very well. Fortunately, Erik is still happy.”

Jason Carroll’s Argo team from the USA scored two third-place finishes but their consistency was inadequate to make an impression on Zoulou in the owner-driver ranking. Meanwhile, ferocious fighting ahead of them ensured that Christian Zuerrer’s Black Star Sailing Team and Argentinean Federico Ferioli’s Codigo Rojo Racing had to make do with their own private competition.

Racing at the GC32 Riva Cup took place with the support of Garda Trentino, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Distilleria Marzadro and Omkafé. The 2019 GC32 Racing Tour will conclude in Muscat, Oman over 5-9 November, where we can expect another sleeves-rolled-up fistfight between the circuit’s two heavyweights to determine who will be this year’s champion.