New York SailGP, Team Japan triunfa por primera vez.

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Japan takes first ever SailGP event win in New York

In front of fan-lined shores, Japan beat Australia to sit atop the leaderboard
by one point

NEW YORK – June 22, 2019 – In front of large crowds lining the waterfront in downtown Manhattan, the Japan SailGP Team – helmed by double Olympic medalist Nathan Outteridge – beat off strong competition from Tom Slingsby’s Australia SailGP Team to win its first event in the inaugural SailGP season.

An intense final match race took place between the two notorious rivals on the Hudson River racecourse, which saw drama before the start as the high-powered F50s, capable of intense speeds, made contact. A penalty to Australia saw Japan eventually get the better of the season’s leaders and take the victory in New York.

“Here we knew it would be a challenge and what I am really proud about is that our whole team focused every single step of the way,” said Outteridge. “I am relieved because we really needed a win, we deserved to win, and I am proud of everyone’s effort. The Aussies are, without a doubt, the team to beat, and I think now we are starting to even out the playing field and can’t wait until Cowes.”

New York’s urban landscape provided an extra challenge for the world-class athletes this week as they battled shifting breezes and varied wind speeds on a smaller, more challenging racecourse. Boat handling and maneuvering on the foils was significantly more of a factor than ever before as the boats flew around the Hudson at the fastest speeds yet seen on SailGP, with the Australia team hitting a top speed of 48.69 knots (nearly 60 mph). It was the superior adaptability of the Japanese team that won the event on the Hudson.

“It was tough conditions, but the Japan team was better. They’ve been better than us the last two days, and they deserve the win,” said Slingsby. “The way this sport has gone, and the way Nathan and my careers have gone has been amazing, and we’re so happy to be here racing each other; unfortunately, it’s on different teams, but it also makes it more fun.”

The United States SailGP Team, led by Rome Kirby, gave the estimated 30,000 people lining the shore a reason to cheer when they crossed the finish line first in race five. Scoring its first ever SailGP win on home turf was a special moment for the United States SailGP Team, and a move that placed the crew third overall at the event.

“The boys were pretty fired up to go racing today, and it showed,” said Kirby. “To win a race is awesome but we want to win events. But we’re happy to be on the podium, and it was awesome to see the crowd out there.”

Only one point separates Japan and Australia on the Season 1 leaderboard, but now four teams have proved they are capable of winning races, putting the pressure on for the next event in Cowes.

One team that will be looking forward to racing in Cowes is the Great Britain SailGP Team, which suffered a capsize on the Hudson that significantly damaged its wingsail. The British will be eager for redemption in front of their hometown crowd at the first European event of SailGP’s inaugural season.

“It’s been a disappointing weekend all in all for us – we learned a lot from our capsize yesterday, and I’m proud as a team of how we came back after that setback,” said helmsman Dylan Fletcher.

SailGP’s next stop is Cowes, UK, over the weekend of August 10-11, when the home of British sailing will be able to witness the intense racing and awe-inspiring speeds of the F50s.

New York SailGP Results
1 // Japan // 49pts
2 // Australia // 45pts
3 // United States // 37pts
4 // China // 33pts
5 // France // 32pts
6 // Great Britain // 27pts

Season 1 Leaderboard (after three events)
1 // Japan // 140 pts
2 // Australia // 139 pts
3 // Great Britain // 106 pts
4 // United States // 105 pts
4 // China // 93 pts
5 // France // 93 pts

Individual Race Results
Race 1
1 // Australia // 10pts
2 // Japan // 9pts
3 // China // 8pts
4 // United States // 7pts
5 // France // 6pts
6 // Great Britain // 4pts

Race 2
1 // Japan // 10pts
2 // Australia // 9pts
3 // France // 8pts
4 // United States // 7pts
5 // China // 6pts
6 // Great Britain // 4pts

Race 3
1 // Japan // 10pts
2 // Australia // 9pts
3 // China // 8pts
4 // France // 7pts
5 // United States // 6pts
6 // Great Britain // 4pts

Race 4
1 // Japan // 10pts
2 // Australia // 9pts
3 // Great Britain // 8pts
4 // United States // 7pts
5 // China // 6pts
6 // France // 5pts

Race 5
1 // United States // 10pts
2 // Japan // 9pts
3 // Australia // 8pts
4 // Great Britain // 7pts
5 // France // 6pts
6 // China // 5pts

Match Race
1 // Japan // 1pt
2 // Australia // 0pts

New York SailGP día 1.

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High drama on the Hudson

New York City’s conditions provide an intense challenge for SailGP teams

Crowds turn out to watch high-speed racing in front of iconic city backdrop as Nathan Outteridge and Tom Slingsby continue to outpace the field

NEW YORK – June 21, 2019 – It was a day of high drama on the Hudson for the first day of the New York SailGP, which saw the world’s fastest sail racing boats hitting high speeds in front of crowds lining the waterfront at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City.

The spectacle started before the starting gun was fired, after a strong gust of wind saw the Great Britain SailGP Team capsize in dramatic fashion 30 minutes before the first race. All sailors were safe, with no injuries, but damage to the wingsail caused them to be unable to compete on day one. It was the first capsize in SailGP history, and the shore crews will work through the night to repair damage and try to get the team back in flying condition for tomorrow’s racing.

“All was going to plan with pre-start preparations, then we got hit by a massive gust of wind, the boat did a porpoise jump, and we were over,” said Dylan Fletcher, helmsman of the Great Britain SailGP Team. “It was devastating watching the other guys race around in the sun with that backdrop; we had been looking to show some of our performance and hopefully sneak a race win.”

It was also a tough start to the day for the hometown heroes, as wing trimmer Riley Gibbs was replaced due to injury on the United States SailGP Team with shore team manager Jeff Causey. Though an accomplished sailor in his own right, the last-minute call-up marked the first time Causey stepped into the role on the U.S. F50.

Once the start got underway, it was the teams from Australia and Japan that managed to cope best in the challenging conditions. Nathan Outteridge, helmsman of the Japan team, took two of three race wins on day one. The team’s excellent boat handling allowed it to navigate the constantly changing breeze and challenging racecourse.

“We tried to manage the differences between the gusts and lulls,” said Outteridge. “Downwind you can be speeding along at 40 knots but ahead of you there’s a massive hole, so you had to be looking ahead. What was so good for us today was our whole team knew what the game plan was – to expect anything and the team responded well.”

Outteridge was challenged in the first race of the day by longtime friend and rival Tom Slingsby, helmsman of the Australia SailGP Team, who took the win to continue his winning streak.

“It was crazy out there. I don’t think I’ve sailed in conditions like that before so there was a lot of safety involved just trying to get around the track,” said Slingsby. “We had a good day today – first, second, second – we’re happy with that, and we’re in the hunt tomorrow.”

Coming off a severe crash in San Francisco, the China SailGP Team proved it is back with a vengeance. There was no sign of confidence shaken on the Hudson River racecourse, even after coming off the foils during race two. Helmsman Phil Robertson is a renowned match racer known for pushing the limits, and today, it paid off for him.

Similar conditions are expected for tomorrow’s racing, and teams will be heading back to their respective bases to analyze what went right and what didn’t work.

New Yorkers can expect even more action during Saturday’s racing, which will feature two fleet races and a final match race, pitting the two highest scoring teams against each other in a nation-versus-nation battle to see who is crowned the overall winner of New York SailGP.

Limited tickets are available for on-water experiences that put fans in the heart of the action on the Hudson River. Locals can visit the Race Village at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City or fans globally can tune in to the action on the SailGP APP or watch via their local broadcast outlet. Racing will begin at 5 p.m. ET.

Leaderboard New York – Day 1
1st // Japan // 29pts
2nd // Australia // 28pts
3rd // China // 22pts
4th // France // 21pts
5th // United States // 20 pts
6th // Great Britain // 12 pts

Race 1
1st // Australia // 10pts
2nd // Japan // 9pts
3rd // China // 8pts
4th // United States // 7pts
5th // France // 6pts
6th // Great Britain // 4pts

Race 2
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // Australia // 9pts
3rd // France // 8pts
4th // United States // 7pts
5th // China // 6pts
6th // Great Britain // 4pts

Race 3
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // Australia // 9pts
3rd // China // 8pts
4th // France // 7pts
5th // United States // 6pts
6th // Great Britain // 4pts

New York SailGP, comienzan los entrenamientos en el Rio Hudson.

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Sea of color hits the Hudson

Teams test the waters for the first time as they prepare for the upcoming New York SailGP

SailGP Race Village will be free and open to the public during Friday and Saturday racing, VIP on-water tickets still available

NEW YORK – June 19, 2019 – New Yorkers got a sneak preview of what to expect when SailGP makes its highly anticipated debut on the lower Hudson River this weekend, as all six SailGP teams today hit the racecourse together.

Sailing in front of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, the six national teams, led by the home team helmed by Rome Kirby, got their first glimpse of what to expect on the Hudson. Hitting the water for the first time, the teams representing the United States, Australia, China, France, Great Britain and Japan also got the first glimpse of their competitors to see if the hard work studying the data and time on the simulator since the San Francisco event last month has paid off.

“We are planning to come out swinging here in New York,” said Kirby. “In San Francisco, we made massive improvements and were nipping at the heels of the leaders, leading in many of the races. We can’t wait to race for real on the Hudson River and put on a great show for our fans. It’s anyone’s race out there and we plan to give it our all.”

The showdown begins at 5 p.m. on both Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22. All six teams will compete in identical supercharged, hydrofoiling F50 catamarans, engineered to fly across the water at speeds never before seen in sailing competition.

Currently, the Australia SailGP Team helmed by sailing legend Tom Slingsby sits atop the rankings, after taking home wins in Sydney and again in San Francisco. The United States SailGP Team sits behind Japan and Great Britain.

Slingsby’s team is ready to show off for the crowd lining the waterfront at Battery Park City.

“I’m most excited to see the crowds here in New York,” he said. “The racing will be very close to the shoreline, and we’ll be able to hear the cheering.”

The New York SailGP Race Village, located at Brookfield Place in Battery Park City, will serve as the center of the festivities, an ideal place to take in the race action and cheer on the national teams. Visitors will be able feel the buzz and excitement around this new, global event, with access to big screens showing live race coverage and commentary, concessions, the official merchandise shop, entertainment (including the awards ceremony and athlete appearances), and other activities.

For fans who wish to ‘feel the spray’ from SailGP’s supercharged catamarans as they fly around the racecourse, SailGP is providing three premium ticketed on-water experiences. Limited tickets are still available at

SailGP is sailing redefined. Established in 2018 and headquartered in London and San Francisco, SailGP is an annual, global sports championship featuring bold, cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring athleticism. The fan-centric, inshore racing takes place in some of the most iconic harbors around the globe and culminates with a $1 million winner-takes-all match race. Rival national teams from Australia, China, France, Great Britain, Japan and the United States battle it out in identical supercharged F50 catamarans, engineered for intense racing at electrifying speeds exceeding 50 knots (nearly 60 mph/100 kph). Visit for more information.

GC32 Racing Villasimius Cup día 3. Hat trick para Oman Air.

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

Hat trick for Oman Air on day three of GC32 Villasimius Cup
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 25/05/2019

On the one hand it was a miserable day of intermittent rain, a chilly wind and an overcast sky like a scene from the North Sea in February. On the other, despite the fickle conditions, the squalls, the holes in the wind, maestro Principal Race Officer Stuart Childerley defied the forecast – just as he did yesterday – and, as Villasimius came good, succeeded in holding the full schedule of five races, in a variety of wind conditions enabling much good foiling. It also caused considerable re-arrangement of the leaderboard.

There were two star performers of the day. Oman Air returned to the Marina di Villasimius this afternoon having pulled out an eight point lead. However while the Omani team, led by new skipper Adam Minoprio succeeded in scoring 10 points today, Alinghi was close behind on 11. While Alinghi showed unparalleled consistency, they won only one race compared with Oman Air’s three. Nonetheless the Swiss team’s performance today was enough to elevate them to second overall, leapfrogging both NORAUTO and INEOS Rebels UK.

To make up the schedule, the first warning signal was moved forwards by 1hr30 and the competitors arrived on the race course with the wind from a strange northerly offshore direction, and 10-15 knots but feeling stronger in the rain. In this the first reaching start of the season was held. This high octane affair saw Código Rojo Racing and NORAUTO over early and it was the day’s two star performers that led into the reaching mark. They, plus Red Bull Sailing Team, extended away and by the second beat Alinghi had pulled out a mighty lead, only to fall into a hole towards the top of the beat. This was enough for Oman Air to get the inside berth at the final top mark and lead down the reach to the finish.

With the wind dropping the race team were forced to move the entire race area around to upwind starts. But where? After moving out of the bay, they eventually returned to the centre of the bay as the wind veered towards due east. After almost two hours of angst waiting, the wind miraculously filled in and remained in a just true enough direction and speed to enable more four more races to be sailed. However the wind was still doing strange things. As Oman Air skipper Adam Minoprio observed: “We were getting 60° shifts. No race was the same as the previous one, so you constantly had to be on your toes.” At times the centre of the course was a no-go zone and the right was favoured upwind and down where the pressure could be ‘linked up’.

In the first of these races, Oman Air started on port, led out to the right and, despite a strong challenge from Erik Maris’ Zoulou, went on to win the race.

For race three it was the turn of INEOS Rebels UK to lead at the top mark however at the leeward gate she went left as Alinghi split right, causing the Swiss to finish ahead, the British team relegated to third. Finally in race four Ben Ainslie returned to form, as the INEOS Rebels UK led around the top mark and this time clung on.

As Ainslie observed subsequently: “Today we had some ups and downs. We made small mistakes here and there but it’s good to get back into the racing and that’s why we are here for.” The difference today? ‘Getting clean air’. “It sounds obvious, but having the boats together, you sail pretty slow.”

For the final race it was the turn of Red Bull Sailing Team, of Austrian two time Tornado Gold medallists Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher, to lead around the top mark. However they opted for left on the run (generally unflavoured today) when Oman Air went right and once again this them to come out on top.

Of their near miss, Red Bull Sailing Team’s young Australian bowman Mark Spearman countered with “our worst result today was a fifth, so we were usually at the front if not right at the very front.” Spearman who sailed with INEOS Rebels UK last season reckoned that in today’s challenging, damp conditions “it was all about the mode changes.”

Reflecting on Oman Sail’s success today, mainsail trimmer Pete Greenhalgh said: “We had our heads around what you needed to do to get a good first beat. We were fairly aggressive in terms of how we positioned ourselves and what we were aiming for.” The varied wind speed caused them to swap frequently between jib and gennaker upwind and Greenhalgh they had lacked speed under the former.

He praised Stuart Childerley for getting in five races. “It was pretty top drawer today. He is patient and sensible – he abandons races they fold inside out. It is all good on that front.”

Tomorrow the first warning signal has again been brought forward to 1130 and the forecast indicates that the forecast will be more of the same.

Today’s results – overall

Pos Team R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 Tot
1 Oman Air 1 1 2 5 1 29
2 Alinghi 2 4 1 2 2 37
3 INEOS Rebels UK 4 6 3 1 6 43
4 NORAUTO 8 3 7 3 5 45
5 Red Bull Sailing Team 3 5 4 4 3 59
6 Argo 6 10 5 8 7 68
7 Zoulou 9 2 6 7 4 72
8 Código Rojo Racing 7 8 9 6 8 79
9 CHINAone NINGBO 10 7 10 9 10 85
10 Black Star Sailing Team 5 9 8 10 9 90
Today’s results – owner-driver

Pos Team R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 Tot
1 Argo 6 10 5 8 7 68
2 Zoulou 9 2 6 7 4 72
3 Alinghi 10 10 10 10 10 76

Full results here

GC32 Racing Villasimius Cup día 2. Informe oficial y del equipo argentino Código Rojo.

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

GC32 leader tie as Villasimius turns up the volume
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 24/05/2019

While windy Thursday was in fact windless, on what the forecasters were predicting would be windless Friday Villasimius switched on its wind machine, allowing the full schedule of five races to be held and tired crew to come ashore into Marina di Villasimius buzzing. At this half way stage of the GC32 Villasimius Cup, the opening event of the 2019 GC32 Racing Tour, two teams are tied at the top, with skippers who were team mates in the last America’s Cup.

After a windless morning the wisdom was that it might remain this way for the entire day. However after 1100 the wind did fill and, after one aborted start, the race team got the first race off at 1230 in a 10-12 knot southeasterly. In this INEOS Rebels UK led for the first lap but were just short of the layline into the leeward gate and a difficult gybe opened the door for Oman Air to overtake. The Omani team maintained its lead around the next lap to claim its first bullet of season.

By the end of race one a cloud line was looming to the east, bringing with it the highest wind speeds of the day. For race two the wind was gusting up to 20 knots and caused one of the most exciting performances in the GC32 Racing Tour’s five year history – the ten flying catamarans converged on the leeward gate with closing speeds of 50 knots.

As Oman Sail’s new skipper Adam Minoprio commented: “That was a great race. We had some nice high speed foiling which we much prefer to using the Code 0 upwind and struggling to foil downwind when its lighter.

“When the breeze is above 15 knots, these boats are just awesome – upwind they track along beautifully, just skimming the water. Then downwind you are off. Today we were doing 25-26 knots – if you go too much faster you are not sailing towards the bottom mark!”

In this it was the Phil Robertson skippered CHINAone NINGBO that led around the top mark and headed off down the left side of the run, while Franck Cammas’ NORAUTO split right. The latter choice paid and the blue GC32 was first to scream into the leeward gate. Behind them the GC32s flying in on different gybes was like an aerobatics display. This didn’t go so well for Zoulou and Red Bull Sailing Team that while attempting to avoid a collision, caused them to clash rigs, loping the masthead wind instruments off Red Bull. For this the on-the-water umpires awarded Zoulou a two point penalty.

Cammas and NORAUTO went on to win both this race and the next in which the Volvo Ocean Race winning skipper led from the first leg on.

For race four, it was the turn of not only a new team but an owner-driver to claim a bullet. American Jason Carroll’s Argo knows the way around the race track here having won the first GC32 Villasimius Cup in 2017. As their man mountain trimmer Scott ‘Chuck’ Norris described it: “We had a good start up near the committee boat and were able to maintain our lane pretty much all the way out to the left and it came together for us. Our boat speed was key to that. We have got a new group on the boat so we are slowly working through the mechanics of who’s doing what. But winning that race was fantastic.” In addition Argo is racing a charter boat here, their boat having been held up in shipping.

Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi had an up and down day. They suffered a stuck gennaker halyard in race two that required the nimble João Cabeçadas to shimmy up the mast to release before the next race. However from there the Swiss team excelled, posting a 2-2-1 leaving them four overall and leading the owner-driver championship from Argo at this half way stage. “Thank you everyone for waiting or us – that put us back in the game,” said mainsheet trimmer Arnaud Psarofaghis of their repair job. “Our 2-2-1 was a nice to end the day.”

In the lively conditions the Swiss team was not alone in experiencing gear failure. CHINAone NINGBO broke the gennaker sheet on their chartered boat in race four forcing them to retire. “We don’t have the newest gear and we are quite an unexperienced crew, but the guys did bloody well and got the job done,” said skipper Phil Robertson. “We put in pretty good starts but we had a few bad gybes and lost places.”

Overall after day two of the GC32 Villasimius Cup Oman Air and NORAUTO are tied on 19 points with Oman Air ahead on tie break having had a better result in today’s last race. Their leading may be down to some rivalry – Oman Air’s skipper Adam Minoprio was training partner for Cammas in the build-up to the last America’s Cup.

In a further attempt to make up the schedule, tomorrow the first warning signal will be at 1130.

Overall results

Pos Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Tot
1 NORAUTO 2 4 1 1 4 7 19
2 Oman Air 3 1 3 4 6 2 19
3 INEOS Rebels UK 1 2 7 5 3 5 23
4 Alinghi 6 5 10 2 2 1 26
5 Argo 7 9 6 3 1 6 32
6 CHINAone NINGBO 9 3 2 7 10 8 39
7 Red Bull Sailing Team 10 6 8 8 5 3 40
8 Código Rojo Racing 4 8 4 9 7 9 41
9 Zoulou 5 10 PP/2 6 8 4 44
10 Black Star Sailing Team 8 7 5 10 9 10 49
Owner-driver results

Pos Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Tot
1 Alinghi 6 5 10 2 2 1 26
2 Argo 7 9 6 3 1 6 32
3 Zoulou 5 10 pp/2 6 8 4 44


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Código Rojo GC32 Racing Team.
Segundo día en la Villasimius Cup

En el segundo día de la GC32 Villasimius Cup, en Cerdeña, Italia, el viento volvió a hacer de las suyas. Mientras que el jueves se esperaba un día ventoso y fue cualquier cosa menos eso, hoy, viernes nadie esperaba los vientos de diez a doce nudos que llegaron para poder realizar la primer regata cerca de las 12:30.

Para la segunda prueba las rachas ya llegaban a los 20 nudos, y se vivieron momentos sorprendentes que afirman no haber visto en los cinco años de Tour: diez catamaranes voladores llegando al sotavento con velocidades que rozaban los 50 nudos.

Se pudieron completar un total de 5 pruebas en el día de la fecha con lo cual suman 6 regatas.

Para el Código Rojo Racing fue un día muy productivo. Si bien hubo algunos errores que costaron caros, el barco anda con velocidad y las cosas funcionan. Las condiciones exigentes de hoy y la flota extremadamente fuerte hicieron que las regatas fueran muy peleadas. Los puestos del día fueron: 8, 4, 9, 7 y 9.

NORAUTO y Oman Air se encuentran empatados en el primer lugar, mientras que el Código Rojo Racing está en la octava posición a muy pocos puntos de los séptimos y sextos.

Mañana continuarán las pruebas a las 11:30 horas de Italia (6:30 de Argentina). Pueden seguirlas en vivo gracias al sistema de tracking en el sitio oficial del GC32 Racing Tour

No se pierdan toda la campaña desde las redes sociales del equipo
Instagram: @codigorojoracing
Facebook: /codigorojoracing
Twitter: codigorojogc32

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GC32 Racing Villasimius Cup día 1.

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour
El argentino Codigo Rojo de gran comienzo

© Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

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First point on the board for INEOS Rebels UK
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 23/05/2019

Some days you try and try and try… The opening day of the GC32 Villasimius Cup, the first event on the 2019 GC32 Racing Tour saw a stiff southwesterly buffeting the ten GC32 catamarans while moored in the Marina di Villasimus as their crews prepared for the season’s first encounter.

Unfortunately once out on the water and preparing for the 1300 CET start the wind went through a 180° and dropped, now coming from off the shore. Mercifully this wind stabilised itself for long enough to get one race completed and a second started.

In the former the majority favoured the left hand, inshore side with INEOS Rebels UK and Red Bull Sailing Team winning the pin. It was only the Phil Robertson-helmed ChinaONE Ningbo that tried the right, at one point looking in good shape. At the top mark it was a confident-looking Ben Ainslie and his INEOS Rebels UK that rounded first.

“Getting around that left turn first was key to the race,” admitted INEOS Rebels UK tactician Giles Scott, who last week claimed his third Finn European Championship title (in addition to his Worlds title and Olympic gold from Rio 2016). “Things got a little bit tight on the next beat with Oman Air and NORAUTO getting lifted inside.”

Nonetheless the British America’s Cup team held on and finished with a comfortable lead.

Already for the second race, the wind was turning light and funky. In this Ernesto Bertarelli steered Alinghi around the top mark in first followed by Oman Air. Sailing into pressure down the run the two time America’s Cup winners extended and onto the next upwind their lead seemed unassailable. Unfortunately the chance to get their first point on board evaporated when a massive right hand wind shift forced PRO Stuart Childerley to abandon the race.

As Alinghi’s mainsail trimmer Arnaud Psarofaghis put it: “It’s always frustrating when you are leading and the racing is cancelled, but it was fair enough after a big 90° shift.”

Of the opening day he said: “It was really tricky, but we had a nice first race – it’s good to start a regatta like that. We made a few mistakes, but overall we are happy with our boat speed.”

Racing gets underway at the GC32 Villasimius Cup. Photo: Sailing Energy / GC32 Racing Tour

Despite numerous moves of the race committee boat, setting up courses on different axes and on different parts of the bay and even another start, which had got underway only for the wind to fizzle out less than five minutes in. This was the last straw for the race committee who abandoned – again – and sent all the teams home.

“It was frustrating because the forecast for today was good,” admitted NORAUTO skipper Franck Cammas, the GC32 Racing Tour’s defending champion. “The race committee tried hard to get in some racing, and we waited a long time on the water, but that’s part of the game. We had a good fight with Ben (Ainslie – INEOS Rebels UK) and Adam (Minoprio – Oman Air) – we had to do a big luff because they gybed just in front of us when we were on the lay line, but we didn’t make any big mistakes.”

Prize for the most improved team must go to Federico Ferioli’s Código Rojo Racing from Argentina, which finished fourth in today’s race and was holding third in the second.

Giles Scott agreed with the race committee’s decision to cancel the second race. But regarding tomorrow’s forecast he warned: “It is similar – with a decent cloud of uncertainty!”

Overall results

Pos Team R1 Total
1 INEOS Rebels UK 1 1
3 Oman Air 3 3
4 Código Rojo Racing 4 4
5 Zoulou 5 5
6 Alinghi 6 6
7 Argo 7 7
8 Black Star Sailing Team 8 8
10 Red Bull Sailing Team 10 10
Owner-driver results

Pos Team R1 Total
1 Zoulou 5 5
2 Alinghi 6 6
3 Argo 7 7

GC32 Racing Villasimius Cup. Diez equipos con la presencia del argentino Código Rojo.

El argentino Código Rojo de Federico Ferioli regresa al circuito.

El Alinghi del doble campeón de America’s Cup, Ernesto Bertarelli

Sir Ben Ainslie regresa con INEOS Rebels UK

Fuente info GC32

El GC32 Racing Tour 2019 debuta con sabor a America’s Cup
Nota de prensa GC32 Racing Tour, 22/05/2019

La GC32 Villasimius Cup inaugura esta semana el GC32 Racing Tour 2019, primera temporada que agrupa a todos los equipos de catamaranes voladores GC32 bajo un mismo circuito. Diez escuadras de ocho nacionalidades competirán por la primera cita del año, incluyendo nombres conocidos de America’s Cup como el Alinghi de Ernesto Bertarelli, el INEOS Rebels UK de Sir Ben Ainslie o el NORAUTO de Frank Cammas.

El GC32 Racing Tour 2019 marcará varios hitos históricos que confirman el excelente estado de forma del único circuito mundial de catamaranes voladores GC32. Por primera vez enfrentará a equipos habituales del GC32 Racing Tour con varios procedentes de las Extreme Sailing Series y por primera vez contará con escuadras procedentes de Omán y de China. Todos ellos acuden esta semana a la primera de las cinco citas que componen el calendario 2019: la GC32 Villasimius Cup (Cerdeña, Italia, 22-26 de mayo).

Diez equipos en la primera del año
El GC32 Racing Tour debuta con una impresionante parrilla de diez equipos de ocho nacionalidades. No faltará el defensor del título, el NORAUTO del francés Frank Cammas, que este año se medirá con otros dos expertos patrones de America’s Cup: el británico Sir Ben Ainslie (INEOS Rebels UK,subcampeón del circuito en 2018) y el suizo Ernesto Bertarelli (Alinghi, campeón de las Extreme Series 2018). Frente a ellos competirán escuadras del nivel del Oman Air de Adam Minoprio (subcampeón de las Extreme Sailing Series y primer equipo omaní del GC32 Racing Tour), el francés Zoulou de Thierry Fouchier (tercero del GC32 Racing Tour 2018), el estadounidense Argo de Jason Carroll (campeón 2018 en categoría owner-driver), el argentino Código Rojo de Federico Ferioli, el debutante suizo Black Star Sailing Team de Christian Zuerrer, el austríaco Red Bull Sailing Team de Roman Hagara y el CHINAone NINGBO de Phil Robertson (primer equipo chino en la historia del circuito, proveniente de SailGP). Ausente en este primer evento del año, pero confirmado para la temporada, completa el listado de inscritos en el circuito el australiano .film Racing de Simon Delzoppo (presidente de clase GC32), que cuando se incorpore elevará la flota a 11 escuadras de nueve nacionalidades.

Los protagonistas del GC32 Racing Team afrontan esta apertura de la temporada con mucha expectación. En opinión de Sir Ben Ainsilie, “los equipos provenientes de las Extreme Sailing Series tienen mucha experiencia en maniobra de recorridos cortos, mientras los del GC32 Racing Tour deberían ser superiores en velocidad; será muy interesante ver cómo se comparan estos dos extremos”. Para Frank Cammas, “la combinación de ambas flotas sólo puede hacer que el circuito se fortalezca”. Pierre-Yves Jorand, director de equipo de Alinghi, destaca: “Estamos ansiosos por regresar al GC32 Racing Tour, en el que no competimos desde 2015, y con ganas de descubrir nuevas sedes, formatos de competición y rivales”. Por su parte, Phil Robertson reconoce que CHINAone NINGBO afronta su debut con aspiraciones diferentes: “Será la primera vez que competimos con una tripulación mayoritariamente china. El objetivo a largo plazo es proporcionarles la mayor experiencia posible en navegación sobre foils”.

Primera de cinco citas
La Villasimius GC32 Cup abrirá del 22 al 26 de mayo los casilleros del GC32 Racing Tour 2019, que contará con cinco sedes en tres países del sur de Europa. Tras el primer evento de la temporada, la flota se trasladará a la localidad portuguesa de Lagos para disputar del 26 al 30 de junio el mundial de la clase, el GC32 World Championship 2019. A finales de julio regresarán a aguas del Mediterráneo para competir en Palma por la 38 Copa del Rey MAPFRE (31 de julio a 3 de agosto). La GC32 Riva Cup los reunirá del 11 al 15 de septiembre en el italiano lago de Garda. El GC32 Racing Tour 2019 finalizará en noviembre en una sede por anunciar.

Programa GC32 Racing Tour 2019

22-26 de mayo: GC32 Villasimius Cup / Villasimius, Cerdeña, Italia
26-30 de junio: GC32 World Championship / Lagos, Portugal
31 de julio – 4 de agosto: 38 Copa del Rey MAPFRE / Palma de Mallorca, España
11-15 de septiembre: GC32 Riva Cup / Riva del Garda, Italia
6-10 de noviembre: Pendiente de anunciar

San Francisco SailGP día 1, tres regatas en condiciones excepcionales.

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Bay delivers on first day of San Francisco SailGP
Japan dominates in front of a sell-out crowd
Free race village open to public for final day

SAN FRANCISCO – May 4, 2019 – San Francisco Bay delivered on the opening day of SailGP, in which a sell-out crowd, seated just 200 meters from the finish line, saw the Japanese team dominate.

After a week of intense training featuring highs and lows, with the Chinese chances of competing in the weekend nearly crushed earlier in the week, the six teams were raring to go and showcase the high-speed F50s on the iconic San Francisco Bay.

In a style of racing that had never been seen before on the shores of San Francisco Bay, with boats inches apart racing at incredible speeds, regularly exceeding 45 knots, three races took place with many thrilling moments and close calls.

One team managed to master the challenging conditions, which included regular gusts of 20 knots, with the Japan SailGP Team, helmed by Nathan Outteridge, winning all three races to top the leaderboard at the end of the first day.

“I thought it was very tight racing today. It was fantastic out there and I am super proud of the team, who did a great job. We made a couple of errors here and there but clawed back in those races and couldn’t have asked for a better day,” said Outteridge. “We know it’s still only halfway, and we have to do the job tomorrow, but all the training and hard work is paying off, which feels great.”

Hot on the Japanese team’s heels was the green and gold of the Australian team – helmed by Olympic champion Tom Slingsby – and the British team under the control of Dylan Fletcher. Both pushed the Japanese team in all three races but couldn’t quite get the competitive edge.

“I couldn’t believe how close the racing was and how intense it was on the first reach. If anyone crashed, it would have been pretty major,” said Fletcher. “That intensity is why we sail these boats, and it was just literally the best racing of my life.”

One team that was also pushing hard wanting to please the home crowd was the young guns of the U.S. team. After concentrating on their boat handing in practice racing, they made impressive moves up the leaderboard. A third place finish in the second race of the day positioned them just short of the podium in fourth place at the end of the first day.

“100 percent it was tight racing. We had a close call at the finish with the British and were literally inches away from their transom,” said United States SailGP Team helmsman Rome Kirby. “It was definitely tough out there, one mistake and you get punished. We made a few mistakes today but learned a lot and we will keep improving and keep getting better. It was a solid day for us.”

Sunday’s racing will consist of two fleet races before a final showdown, when the top two teams will go head to head in a match race to crown the winner of San Francisco SailGP.

With teams returning to their respective bases tonight, the team analysts will be working hard to review all the data overnight in the hopes of finding the key to unlock the Japanese team’s lead.

San Francisco fans can visit the free public race village on the Marina Yacht Club Peninsula, opening at 10 a.m. Limited tickets are available for premium seating at SailGP/SanFrancisco. Racing will begin at 12:30 p.m. PT.

Tune in on the SailGP APP to watch tomorrow’s racing live on iOS and Android or head to for global broadcast information.

Leaderboard San Francisco – Day 1
1st // Japan // 30pts
2nd // Australia // 26pts
3rd // Great Britain // 24pts
4th // United States // 22pts
5th // China // 17pts
6th // France // 16pts

Race 1
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // Australia // 9pts
3rd // Great Britain // 8pts
4th // United States // 7pts
5th // France // 6pts
6th // China // 5pts

Race 2
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // Australia // 9pts
3rd // United States // 8pts
4th // Great Britain // 7pts
5th // China // 6pts
6th // France // 5pts

Race 3
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // Great Britain // 9pts
3rd // Australia // 8pts
4th // United States // 7pts
5th // China // 6pts
6th // France // 5pts