Mundial de J70 Porto Cervo. Triunfo del estadounidense Relative Obscurity de Peter Duncan. El argentino Cebollita séptimo.

© Max Ranchi
Relative Obscurity, barco campeón en Porto Cervo.

© Max Ranchi

© Max Ranchi

© Max Ranchi

© Max Ranchi

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Porto Cervo, 12 – 16 September 2017

Porto Cervo, September 16, 2017. The Audi J/70 World Championship, organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, in collaboration with the J/70 International Class Association, and with the Title Sponsor Audi, and Official Sailmaker Quantum Sails.

With numerous General Recalls, Black Flag in play, and a full on foam up. The Audi J/70 World Championship had a thrilling climax to remember for years to come. With sparkling sunshine, a significant sea state, and a warm westerly breeze, piping up to a ballistic 30 knots, the world’s largest championship sportsboat fleet enjoyed a fantastic finale.

Peter Duncan is the Audi J/70 World Champion, after a stunning performance, scoring podium finishes in every race, including three race wins. American Brian Keane’s Savasana scored a second in the final race, moving up to runner up for the championship. Italian Luca Domenici moved up to third in the final race. Italian Claudia Rossi’s attempt to become the first lady helm to win the title was ended with a Black Flag in the final race.

Audi J/70 World Champion: Relative Obscurity (USA), Peter Duncan – Diaz de Leon.
Second: Savasana (USA) Brian Keane – Stu McNay. Third: Notaro Team (ITA) Luca Domenici – Diego Negri.

Gold Corinthian Class Winner: White Hawk (ITA) Gianfranco Noè. Second: Marnatura (ESP) Luis Bugallo. Third: Give Me Five (FRA) Robin Follin.

Silver Fleet Overall Winner & Corinthian Winner: Noberasco Das (ITA) Alessandro Zampori.

“Awesome! Top of the world!” Exclaimed Peter Duncan dockside at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. ” It is a great feeling, I have sailed with some great guys, we had a great event, and everything seemed to go our way, it was just one of those weeks. It is hard to put into words how I feel like now, but this was just exceptional. This fleet has some really great talent, and the organizers, and the yacht club have done such an amazing job. Most of all I want to credit the crew, Victor, Jud, Willem, have been just fantastic.”

Runner up was Savasana (USA) Brian Keane. “We chartered the J/70, so we are really pleased to have come second in the championship. I have been racing in the class since the beginning, and now that we have fleets racing J/70s all over the world, the standard is just amazing, and so is this regatta. A world record keelboat fleet in superb surroundings.”

Top team for the host club, YCCS, and first team with a Lady Helm, was Petite Terrible (ITA) Claudia Rossi. “Peter Duncan is a worthy World Champion, his team sailed the best this week. Our fourth position is better than fifth in the last World Championship, so maybe I will not win for three years!” Laughed Claudia. “However I will be in Marblehead for the 2018 J/70 World Championship.”

The Closing Ceremony and Awards for the Audi J/70 World Championship was held at the Piazza Azzurra. YCCS Commodore, Riccardo Bonadeo spoke about the event before presenting prizes to the winners.

“Congratulations to all of the winners at the Audi J/70 World Championship. This is a special year for the YCCS, as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary, over the years we have hosted many world championships. However, this is the largest world championship fleet hosted by the Club in all of those years. It has been a pleasure and an honour to welcome over 160 teams from 25 different countries, to enjoy the fantastic sailing grounds of the Costa Smeralda, and the Clubhouse at the YCCS. I would like to thank Audi the Title sponsor of this event, and our partner for a long time, which supports us in so many of these new challenges. I also want to thank the J/70 International and Italian Classes, the owners, their crews, the Race Committee, the International Jury and all the YCCS staff. We hope that all of the competitors will come and race again with the Club in the very near future.”
The 2018 J/70 World Championship will be hosted by the Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, Massachusetts USA. 22nd to 29th September, 2018.

The next regatta organised by the YCCS will be the Audi Sailing Champions League from the 22th to the 24th of September.


GC32 Corcega Cup, día 2. Malizia “on fire”, gana las cinco regatas del día.

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Five bullet day for Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco
GC32 Racing Tour press release issued on 14/09/2017

The silver flash, that is the GC32 foiling catamaran Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco, put in an extraordinary performance, posting a perfect scoreline on day two of the GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup on the Bay of Calvi, despite ultra-tricky conditions.

While the forecast indicated strong wind and big seas, more marginal than on day one, a smart call by the race management team in getting the boats racing three and a half hours earlier than scheduled, paid off. This enabled five windward-leeward races to be sailed, without yesterday’s big swell, but in winds that ranged from 10-25 knots, at times with significant shifts. It was a day when making calls about the correct side was as vital as crew work, adapting sail choice to wind strength.

Former America’s Cup skipper Sebastien Col, who helmed Pierre Casiraghi’s Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco today and yesterday, said: “I think in the first two races we sailed well, better than the rest of the fleet, and probably getting a bit of luck with a few shifts – but you needed that to win races, because the wind was so shifty. Then by the third race, our confidence had built. Everything was working very well on board.” Calling tactics on board has been young British former Olympic and Figaro sailor, Richard Mason.

To score five wins from five races was exceptional, especially as the Monaco crew did not have it all their own way. The first race for example, belonged to Naofumi Kamei’s Mamma Aiuto! until the Japanese team fell into a hole in the middle of the race course on the final run, enabling Malizia to blaze into the lead and take the gun. In the breezy third race Mamma Aiuto! again had the bit between her teeth, finishing close behind Malizia, but again not taking the bullet.

In todays’ fourth race, it was the turn of Simon Delzoppo’s new team, .film Racing, to enjoy her share of the limelight briefly. She was well ahead at the first top mark and down the run, but was forced into a gybe at the leeward gate by Malizia, for which her crew, that includes 2015 GC32 Racing Tour winner Leigh McMillan, was unprepared. The Australian GC32 looked certain to capsize, but a miracle caused them to come back from the brink. “We all managed to hang on pretty well,” said Delzoppo. “I was steering with my feet up in the air, but I steered all the way through, and then we managed to dump the main and did a bear away. It was pretty exciting.”

This incident was equally exciting for Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco as they were trying to roll around the Aussie team at the gate mark. As Sébastien Col explained: “Initially I thought they were going to capsize on top of us so I went inside them. But then they didn’t capsize!” So [risking that Malizia’s weather hull would land on top of them] I said ‘we have to go fast here!’ It was a tricky moment.”

While Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco has disappeared into the top spot of the leaderboard on 11 points, behind, it is very close with Jason Carroll’s Argo in second and just six points separating second from fourth place.

Morgan Larson, who sailed Alinghi to second place on the GC32 Racing Tour in 2015, is back crewing on board Argo here in Calvi. “There were a couple of hair-raising moments, but it was a good day. The guys did a good job, making up with my deficit in boat handling. The boat really requires good skills throughout the whole team, because when you do little things wrong it looks really bad. We had a small problem with the sail unfurling in a puff upwind by accident. It feels like you’re making mistakes all day long and giving up points, but the reality is everybody is. It’s very competitive sailing, great to be back.”

Tomorrow conditions are forecast to be more regular in the afternoon when 15-18 knots are forecast. The aim is to return to the schedule with a first warning signal at 1230 for two rounds of the ANONIMO Speed Challenge followed by racing with reaching starts.

GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup overall results
Pos Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Tot
1 Malizia – Yacht Club de Monaco 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 11
2 Argo 5 2 4 2 4 2 3 22
3 Team ENGIE 3 3 3 3 6 3 2 23
4 Realteam 2 1 5 4 3 5 5 25
5 Mamma Aiuto! 4 4 2 6 2 6 4 28
6 .film Racing 6 6 6 5 5 4 6 38
7 Zoulou DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 56

GC32 Orezza Corsica Cup owner-driver results
Pos Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total
1 Mamma Aiuto! 4 4 2 6 2 6 4 28
2 .film Racing 6 6 6 5 5 4 6 38
3 Zoulou DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 DNC/8 48

Mundial de J70 Porto Cervo. Sigue el Mistral y el campeonato no arranca.

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Porto Cervo, 12 – 16 September 2017

Porto Cervo, September 13, 2017. The Mistral winds continued to batter the Costa Smeralda for the second day of the Audi J/70 World Championship, which is organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in collaboration with the Title Sponsor Audi and the Official Sailmaker Quantum Sails. The strong north westerly wind came tantalizingly close to dropping to the 25 knot class limit. Principal Race Officer, Mark Foster continually updated the fleet but the wind refused to subside and racing was called off for the day at 15:00 CET.

Martin Kullman, Global Sales Director Quantum Sails, commented. “Tomorrow we are expecting 18 knots from the west with a medium sea state. So ideal conditions for the fleet, with the J/70s just about getting up on the plane downwind, let’s hope the forecast is right.”

Tomorrow, weather permitting, 162 teams will fight to gain the right to race in the Gold and Silver Championship fleet, the big change is that the scores from those races will now count towards the Championship Series.

Olympic Gold medallist and multiple world champion, Jonathan McKee, is racing with Texan Glenn Darden on Hoss. McKee has an intimate knowledge of heavy weather sailing, and revealed some useful tips for racing a J/70 in high winds.

“The main thing is to keep it simple and safe.” commented Jonathan. “When it’s over 20 knots, you should try to minimize manoeuvres and sail in your own water if you can. Upwind the key to speed is a lot of co-ordination between the main and jib, to keep the balance of the boat correct. In the bigger puffs, you might ease the jib so it isn’t pulling the bow down. You should have a fairly neutral helm with the driver steering aggressively to keep the boat on its feet. Downwind it is important not to tip over, by being aware of gusts and by putting as much weight out as you can. Keep the boat going fast, but not so high that you are in danger of broaching.”

The Audi J/70 World Championship Series will run from tomorrow, September 14, the intended first warning signal at 1100 CEST.

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Mundial de J70 Porto Cervo. El Mistral le dice no al primer día de regatas.

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Porto Cervo, 12 – 16 September 2017

Porto Cervo, September 12, 2017. Mistral winds prevented racing for the first day of the Audi J/70 World Championship, which is organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in collaboration with the Title Sponsor Audi and the Official Sailmaker Quantum Sails. The strong north westerly wind failed to ease during the day, and after a series of updates via VHF, racing was finally called off at 1300 CEST by the Race Committee. Conditions are forecast to improve tomorrow, but strong winds, and an impressive sea state are likely to form, which will give spectacular racing on the Costa Smeralda.

This morning Quantum Sails’ Marty Kullman gave a weather briefing to competitors on the Piazza Azzurra, Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. “The wind speed is way over the class target, and after several days of high winds, there are some massive waves out there. Tomorrow it looks like it will ease a little, but still with over 20 knots and a big sea state, it will be hands on sailing.”

Three races are scheduled for Day Two, which will constitute enough races to make the Qualifying Series. However with all three races to count, consistency will be key. Making the Gold Fleet for the Championship Series will be the only goal.

The intended first warning signal is schedule for tomorrow, September 13, at 1100 CEST.

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Mundial de J70 Porto Cervo. Record de inscriptos con 171 barcos.

copyright YCCS/Alessandro Spiga

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Organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in association with the International J/70 class

Porto Cervo, September 11, 2017. 171 teams representing 24 different countries, will be participating at the Audi J/70 World Championship, organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in collaboration with the Title Sponsor Audi and the Official Sailmaker Quantum Sails. This will be the fourth edition of the World Sailing recognised J/70 World championship, and the first time that the championship has come to the world renowned sailing grounds of the Costa Smeralda, Sardinia.

Since the J/70 was introduced in 2013, over 1400 boats have been sold worldwide, making the thrilling sportsboat, the fastest growing One Design class in sailing history. The extraordinary size of the world championship fleet is unprecedented, with a depth of quality which is just as profound. Over 500 sailors will be taking part, including Olympic Gold medallists, winners of the America’s Cup, and world champions from the world of sailing.

Italy has the largest contingent of entries by country, 40 teams with Italian skippers will be taking part, boasting world class sailors from many disciplines. Representing Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and Audi ambassador, Claudia Rossi will be amongst the favourites to win the world title. Claudia has won the J/70 European title on the last two occasions, and placed fifth at the 2016 J/70 World Championship. The list of world class Italians competing literally runs of the page; Carlo Alberini was runner up at the 2015 J/70 Worlds, one of the world’s best Star sailors, Diego Negri, will be racing with Luca Domenici. Vasco Vascotto will be calling tactics for Farr 40 World Champion Alberto Rossi, father of Claudia. America’s Cup former competitor Vincenzo Onorato, has Cameron Appleton as tactician, and Vincenzo’s son Achille, will be racing with Francesco Bruni. The Italian family dynasties racing include four members of the the Loro Piana family; Pier Luigi, Pietro, Giacomo, and Franco.

12 teams will be competing from Spain, including Josè Maria Torcida, with a crew including Rayco Tabares. Between them they have won the J/80 World Championship on five occasions, and the highly regarded Spanish team, was a very close second to Claudia Rossi, at the 2017 J/70 European Championship. From Brazil six teams will be racing including, multiple J/24 World Champion, Mauricio Santa Cruz. From Malta, skipper Johnathan Calascione will have Sebastian Ripard on the helm with John Ripard also in the crew, the Maltese team came fourth at the 2017 J/70 European Championship.

12 teams have made the long journey from the United States to compete at the Audi J/70 World Championship, including the reigning J/70 World Champion Joel Ronning, with America’s Cup winner, Olympic Silver medallist, and multiple world champion, John Kostecki calling tactics. Darden & Hillard’s team, includes Olympic Gold Medallist Jonathan McKee. Peter Duncan was third at the 2017 J/70 Europeans, and has a formidable record in the Etchells Class. 2017 US Corinthian National Champion, Brian Keane, was third at the 2014 J/70 Worlds, and counts three-time Olympic 470 helmsman, Stu McNay, as part of the team. Bruno Pasquinelli’s team includes Melges 32 World Champion Jeremy Wilmot. US J/70 Class Past President, Henry Brauer, will be racing a Corinthian team, including J Boat’s Stuart Johnstone.

10 teams from Great Britain will be racing, including the current J/70 UK National Champion, Ian Wilson, whose Soak Racing crew includes NACRA 17 new World Champion Ben Saxton. 2016 J/111 World Champion, Martin Dent will be a strong contender, whose crew for the championship includes, past J/80 World Champion Ruairidh Scott. 2017 J/88 UK National Champion, Paul Ward has a crew including past Junior Finn World Champion, Charlie Cumbley. Prolific 49er sailor John Pink will be racing with Clive Bush, and double 470 World Champion, Elliot Willis, is part of the crew, helmed by European Etchells champion, Jeremy Thorp.

31 teams will be competing from Germany, many of which qualify for the Corinthian title including; Phil Mecklenburg, Klaus Diesch, Björn Beilken, Margale Rudiger and Jurgen Waldheim. Of the German non-Corinthian teams, veteran sailor and multiple world champion, Christian Soyka is one of the most experienced sailors from Germany. Leopold Fricke is Swiss National Coach for the Olympic 49er FX class. World Class Match Racer, America’s Cup sailor and 11 time Ice Sailing World Champion, Karol Jablonski from Poland, will be calling tactics for Pit Finis.

The YCCS Commodore, Riccardo Bonadeo said: “The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda is proud to be organising such an impressive world championship, especially this year as the Club celebrates its 50th Anniversary. We are delighted to welcome competitors from all over the world, to enjoy the fantastic sailing conditions. Fair winds to all competitors at the Championship.”

Action at the Audi J/70 World Championship starts on Tuesday 12th September with the 171 boat fleet split into four groups for two days of racing for the Qualifying Series. From Thursday 14th September, three days of the Championship Series are scheduled with Gold and Silver Fleets. The Closing ceremony and Awards at YCCS Regatta Village will be held on Saturday 16th September, where the J/70 World Championship Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner.

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Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster. Brillante segundo día de regatas.

© María Muiña / Regata Rey Juan Carlos I

© María Muiña / Regata Rey Juan Carlos I

© María Muiña / Regata Rey Juan Carlos I

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Desde los más pequeños del mundo de la vela, los Optimist, hasta los impresionantes barcos de vuelta al mundo MAPFRE y Dongfeng, pasando por los barcos clásicos y tradicionales, los monotipos y la vela de crucero ORC se han dado cita hoy en la ría de Pontevedra para la segunda jornada de regatas.

Sanxenxo (Pontevedra), 9 de septiembre de 2017

Hoy se ha disputado en aguas de Sanxenxo la segunda jornada de la Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster. Tras el estreno ayer de las clases Movistar 6M, BMW ORC 0-1 y 2-3, las categorías Turismo Rías Baixas Clásicos, BMW ORC Especial, Nauta Sanxenxo J80, ABANCA Optimist, los alumnos del Centro Nacional de Vela Adaptada y los impresionantes MAPFRE y Dongfeng se han unido hoy a la competición. Los equipos representantes de España y China que afrontarán a partir del próximo mes de octubre la vuelta al mundo con escalas han sido los principales protagonistas de la jornada.

MAPFRE y Dongfeng se miden en la ría de Pontevedra
A menos de dos meses para que arranque la vuelta al mundo a vela, MAPFRE y Dongfeng se han enfrentado hoy en la ría de Pontevedra como clase invitada en la Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster. Todo un espectáculo que ha podido disfrutarse desde las inmediaciones del Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo y una ocasión única de ver navegando juntos a los más pequeños del mundo de la vela, los Optimist, y los impresionantes equipos de vuelta al mundo, pasando por los barcos tradicionales y de época, los monotipos y los cruceros de ORC.

MAPFRE y Dongfeng disputaron tres pruebas. La primera y la última fueron para el equipo español, mientras el equipo chino se hizo con la victoria de la segunda prueba.

El programa previsto para mañana en esta categoría será de un recorrido costero entre las islas Cíes y Ons.

“Mirfak” y “Sum Innovation”, más líderes en BMW ORC
Hoy sábado, segunda jornada de regatas para la clase BMW ORC 0-1 y 2-3 y primera para la flota de BMW ORC Especial. El viento, que en el momento de comenzar las pruebas soplaba con una intensidad de entre 10 y 12 nudos, acabó subiendo hasta los 20 a medida que avanzaba la tarde y el Comité de Regatas pudo completar tres nuevas pruebas que permitieron la entrada en juego del descarte.

En la categoría de BMW ORC 0-1, los dos primeros clasificados mantienen intactas sus posiciones tras la jornada de hoy. Dos primeros y un segundo son los parciales que se ha anotado el “Mirfak” de Diego López, lo que permite al barco de la Armada Española mantener el liderato de la general con cuatro puntos de ventaja sobre el “Arroutado” de José M. Pérez, que sumaba un primero, un segundo y un tercero. Por detrás, el “Solventis” de Manuel Bermúdez de Castro se hacía hoy con el tercer puesto provisional al desechar el retirado de ayer en la segunda prueba y sumado hoy un cuarto, un tercero y un segundo.

En la división 2-3, el “Sum Innovation” de Willy Alonso se ha mostrado de nuevo intratable en aguas de la ría de Pontevedra con pleno de victorias y ventaja de siete puntos en la general sobre el “Grupo Santorum & Martínez” de Javier Durán, que es segundo con dos cuartos y un tercero en las tres pruebas disputadas hoy. El tercer puesto lo ocupa ahora el “Inosa” de Fran Edreira, que sumaba tres segundos puestos.

Mientras tanto, la flota de BMW ORC Especial, que este año cuenta con hasta 29 unidades divididas en dos grupos, completó una única prueba costera de casi 16 millas. La victoria del primer grupo fue para el “Aguieira” de Celestino Campelo, seguido del “Sebrala Dos” de Magin Alfredo Froiz y del “Limay” de José Luis Smyth, segundo y tercero respectivamente. Por su parte, el “Chispa Nejra” se hacía con la victoria del segundo grupo por delante del “Ay Carmela” y del “Santiago Roma Rías Baixas”.

“Maybe” amplía su ventaja en Movistar 6M
Al filo de las 15:00 horas el Comité de Regatas de Movistar 6M daba el bocinazo de salida para la primera de las dos pruebas que se han disputado hoy en el campo de regatas, situado frente al puerto de Sanxenxo y la playa de Silgar. En esta ocasión S.M. el Rey Juan Carlos sí ha podido competir en la regata que lleva su nombre y ha conseguido remontar hasta la tercera posición con un segundo y una victoria parcial en las dos pruebas disputadas.

Por delante, el “Maybe” de Eugenio Galdón no ha cedido terreno y sigue líder de la Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster tras anotarse un primero y un segundo, lo que le da una ventaja de cinco puntos sobre el “Alibaba II”, que marcha segundo en la general y es primero en la división de 6M clásicos.

Vuelven los Turismo Rías Baixas Clásicos
Otra de las flotas que también se ha estrenado hoy en la ría de Pontevedra ha sido la de Turismo Rías Baixas Clásicos. En la línea de salida, casi una decena de barcos que han completado un recorrido costero de poco más de diez millas que arrancaba a las 12:35 horas.

Tras casi tres horas de regata el “Blue Moon” de Luis Molina era el primero en cruzar la línea de llegada, y sólo diez segundos más tarde lo hacía el “Pingüino Uno” de Carlos Romero. Finalmente, con el tiempo compensado la victoria fue para la tripulación de Romero y el “Blue Moon” ocupó la segunda posición. Por detrás, el tercer puesto lo ocupa el “Belisa” de José Manuel Cores.

El “Okofen” de Javier Gándara, primer líder en Nauta Sanxenxo J80
Gran jornada de regatas para la categoría de Nauta Sanxenxo J80. Pasadas las 12:30 horas y con un viento suave de unos cinco nudos de intensidad, la flota de monotipos se estrenaba en competición en esta segunda jornada de la Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster. Las condiciones, que mejoraron notablemente durante la tarde, permitieron que el Comité de Regatas diese el bocinazo de salida para cuatro pruebas y el “Okofen” de Javier de la Gándara ha sido el mejor del día con dos primeros, un segundo y un tercero en su casillero.

Con estos resultados, el “Okofen” se convierte en el primer líder de Nauta Sanxenxo J80 en la 3ª Regata Rey Juan Carlos I El Corte Inglés Máster por delante del “Virazón” de Pablo Cabello, que suma en su casillero un primero, dos cuartos y un segundo. Por detrás, el “Marina Coruña-Costa” es tercero en la general con dos segundos y dos teceros.

Cuatro pruebas para la clase ABANCA Optimist
En la categoría de ABANCA Optimist, las condiciones de viento permitieron que la flota más numerosa de la cita del RCNS pudiese disputar cuatro pruebas, entrando ya en juego el descarte y definiéndose los primeros aspirantes al título.

Yago Barca, del Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, marcha primero en la general y empatado a puntos con el segundo clasificado, su compañero de club Bruno Enrique Ameneiro. Por detrás, les sigue en tercera posición el representante del Club Marítimo de Canido Ricardo Fernández. El primer clasificado del grupo B es Pablo Rodríguez Trillo del Real Club Náutico de Rodeira, que marcha séptimo en la general absoluta, y Clara Vaquerizo es la primera fémina en la cuarta posición.

Primera jornada para la Vela Adaptada
También han salido a navegar hoy los alumnos del Centro Nacional de Vela Adaptada Fundación MAPFRE, que entre hoy y mañana disputarán el Trofeo Movistar de Vela Adaptada. Los participantes, acompañados por los monitores de la escuela, han realizado un recorrido entre boyas en las inmediaciones del Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo.

El primer clasificado hoy ha sido el equipo de Pablo Barros con dos primeros, un segundo y un tercero. Completan el podio provisional las tripulaciones de María Solla en segunda posición y la de Irene Martínez y Pablo Leiro en el tercer puesto.

Resultados. Día 2

1. Mirfak (Diego López), 1+1+(2)+1+1=4
2. Arroutado (José M. Pérez), (3)+2+1+2+3=8
3. Solventis (Malalo Bermúdez de Castro), 2+(8)+4+3+2=11
… hasta 7 clasificados.

1. Sum Innovation (Willy Alonso), (1)+1+1+1+1=4
2. Grupo Santorum & Martínez (Javier Durán), 2+2+(4)+4+3=11
3. Inosa (Fran Edreira), (8)+7+2+2+2=13
… hasta 10 clasificados.

BMW ORC Especial 1
1. Aguieira I (Celestino Campelo), 1 punto
2. Sebrala Dos (Magin Alfredo Froiz), 2 puntos
3. Limay (José Luis Smyth), 3 puntos
… hasta 9 clasificados.

BMW ORC Especial 2
1. Chispa Nejra (José Rey), 1 punto
2. Ay Carmela (Alfonso Rodríguez), 2 puntos
3. Santiago Roma Rías Baixas (Iñaki Carbajo), 3 puntos
… hasta 17 clasificados.

Movistar 6M
1. Maybe (Eugenio Galdón), 1+1+2=4
2. Alibaba II (Miguel lago), 2+3+4=9
3. Bribon Movistar (SM el Rey Juan Carlos), 8/DNF+2+1=11
… hasta 7 clasificados.

Turismo Rías Baixas Clásicos
1. Blue Moon (Luis Molina), 1 punto
2. Pingüino Uno (Carlos Romero), 2 puntos
3. Belisa (José manuel Cores), 3 puntos
… hasta 9 clasificados.

Nauta Sanxenxo J80
1. Okofen (Javier Gándara), 2+1+(3)+1=4
2. Virazon (Pablo Cabello), 1+4+(4)+2=7
3. Marina Coruña-Costa (Pablo Martínez), (3)+2+2+3=7
… hasta 8 clasificados.

ABANCA Optimist
1. Yago Barca (Real Club Náutico Sanxenxo), (4)+1+4+1=6
2. Bruno Enrique Ameneiro (Real Club Náutico Sanxenxo), 3+2+1+(10)=6
3. Ricardo Fernández (Club Marítimo Canido), 2+4+2+(18)=8
… hasta 49 clasificados.

Trofeo Movistar Vela Adaptada
1. Pablo Barros, 1+2+1+(3)=4
2. María Solla, (2)+1+2+2=5
3. Irene Martínez/Pablo Leiro, 3+3+3+(4)=9
… hasta 5 clasificados

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup día 4.

© Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

© Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

© Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

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Galateia again at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

A singleton windward-leeward race for the Maxi 72s and Wallys was held on what for all the other classes was a layday at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo. Two races were scheduled to make up for those lost earlier in the week, but, after the first was completed, the wind suddenly piped up to 28 knots causing PRO Peter Craig to suspend racing for the day.

Held for the world’s largest racing yachts, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup is jointly organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the International Maxi Association, the body sanctioned by World Sailing to represent the Maxi classes.

Today’s one race was a trailblazer, showing off the strong wind and blazing sunshine for which the Costa Smeralda is famous.

Following her victory in yesterday’s second race, the new Wallycento Galateia blasted around the race track once again claiming both line honours and the win under IRC corrected time. She now leads the Wally class, 8 points ahead of the Wally 80 Nahita, with the Wally 77 Lyra a further point behind.

“It is surprising to us!” said a beaming David M. Leuschen, Galateia’s owner. “The boat is new. We raced half the season last year when the crew was new. We have improved because the crew co-ordination is better. We did a lot of work on the boat over the winter and we bought a new suit of North Sails, which we like a lot more.”

They have also been luckier. Last year, in their first outing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, Leuschen remembers they suffered a collision and a spinnaker forestay wrap. “We haven’t had anything like that happen this time, but we are probably due for it…”

Today’s race Leuschen said was “phenomenal”. They sailed the final downwind particularly well to add distance on the water between them and the Wally 107 Open Season of International Maxi Association President, Thomas Bscher. “We saw 23 knots a couple of times and over 20 pretty consistently.”

Second today, moving her up to third behind Nikata overall in the Wally class, was the Wally 77, Lyra. Navigator Will Best said of their race: “We have a good J3, so the boat is well balanced and we are quite confident upwind. But we are really quick downwind.” On the final downwind Lyra achieved a new top speed of 16 knots. “It was good fun. At start time the wind was 14 knots and we were nervous we were under the wrong jib. But when we finished we had 24-25.”

International Maxi Association member, Dieter Schön on Momo made it three wins in a row. The German team now leads the Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship by 4.75 points.

For the 72s, the wind was typically 17-22 knots from 270-290°. “It was much more complicated than yesterday,” advised Momo’s tactician Markus Wieser. “Out of the start suddenly there was less pressure on the left and the right began paying half way up, so the boat on the windward side could hold the whole fleet out.”

Momo pulled into the lead on the first downwind, but was rolled coming into the leeward gate by Dario Ferrari’s new Cannonball. Both boats rounded the port gate mark but Momo tacked and had pulled out a significant lead at the second top mark.

Weiser believed it was the right call to cancel today’s second race. “We had puffs of up to 28 knots – it was on the edge. It would have been fun, if you’d have survived!”

A boat to benefit from the usually unfavoured right today was Alex Schaerer’s Caol Ila R. This being her first Maxi 72 inshore event of 2017, the Swiss boat has been lagging at this year’s Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship. The crew was therefore delighted to lead at the top mark. “It shows that if you sail well the boat is still competitive against the new ones even in strong winds, when we are more optimised for lighter wind,” said Schaerer. Sadly this was not to last. Their A2 the spinnaker promptly blew up upon hoisting.

They were not alone in blowing up sails. Hap Fauth’s normally immaculate Maxi 72 Bella Mente ripped the top off her J3 four minutes into the first beat. Her crew carried out the speediest of jib changes, bareheaded. Despite this incident, they pulled up the fleet and at one point were up to second. “Everyone on the boat did a phenomenal job after the jib breakage to get us back into the race,” observed strategist Adrian Stead.

The Wallys also had their share of damage with the Wally 94 Sensei blowing up her kite as the wind filled in on the final run into the finish.

Tomorrow will be the penultimate day of racing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and the Mistral wind is forecast to abate to 7-12 knots.

Tonight the Annual General Meeting of the International Maxi Association is taking place at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

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