Mundial de M32 Chicago para REV de Rick DeVos y equipo.

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Rick DeVos’s REV Wins 2018 M32 World Championship

September 23, 2018 (CHICAGO, IL, USA): Following four days of intense racing, Rick Devos’s REV clinched their first title as M32 Corinthian World Champions, silently sweeping the fleet and sailing a tremendously consistent event in Chicago, IL. Mirroring the accomplishment, ChinaOne.Ningbo walked away as 2018 M32 Overall World Champions, defending their title from last year with a commanding twenty-point lead.

“Everybody’s super excited and happy”, said Devos after congratulating the team dockside. “It’s funny to win a regatta and not win a single race. In general, you want to sail consistent and not do horribly. If you have a shocker at the start, you’ve got to claw your way back.”

Though REV’s silent and consistent dominance of the Corinthian fleet was the headline of the day, heading into the final day of racing, there was a strong contingent of boats sitting within striking distance of the 2018 Corinthian trophy: Peter Taselaar’s Bliksem, Don Wilson’s Convexity and REV, all of whom had been particularly dominant throughout the regatta.

Convexity pressed the gas pedal early in the day taking the first bullet in race one, but it may have been too much too soon as they steadily faded in the rankings as several wind shifts went against the team as the day progressed. Bliksem also started the day strong right behind Convexity in the standings before they got blown out the back finishing dead last in the final race.

“Going into the last race we were six or seven points behind Rev and so we went quite aggressive at the start – I think we were a little early – and we couldn’t get off the line”, said Taselaar. “Congratulations to Rev, fantastic sailing.”

Further down the standings, Jennifer Wilson’s Convergence made a comeback after a rough third day on the water securing two first place finishes on the day.

Jennifer and tactician, Chris Steele, were a dangerous combination when she was allowed to drive her own lane and focus on speed. In fact, just as her brother, Don Wilson, accepted defeat in the final race of the day, Convergence appeared on his hip, almost swooping into his fourth-place finish after all but eliminating an eleven-point gap behind Convexity late in the day.

Finishing just behind Convergence, Dan Cheresh’s Extreme2 had been putting the pressure on Wilson all day hoping for a shot at fifth place. Unfortunately, the wheels fell off for Extreme2 in the second race and they couldn’t clamber back after that finishing two points back.

“We knew going into the last race that there was a point between us, but we split downwind and they got some leverage on us to have a great race,” said Cheresh. “Losing to boats as talented as what we saw this week isn’t a pleasure, but it’s still amazing. Quite frankly, having so much talent across all these boats is why I’m in the class.”

Claiming the overall title, defending M32 World Champion, Phil Robertson’s ChinaOne.Ningbo found themselves all day in the thick of the action, getting caught in the crosshairs of Bliksem and REV. However, the congestion wasn’t enough to keep the team down, though, as they increased their lead by another four points on the day.

It was the first time the team had sailed with Leo Ming, representing the team’s mission to incorporate more Chinese into the sport. “Our goal since the start of the year was to do our best to defend the title and to also incorporate more Chinese into the program,” said Robertson. “Leo is just the start of it.”

With the 2018 M32 Series done and dusted, the fleet now looks towards future racing both year-round on the North American circuit as well as overseas. The fleet expects the addition of several new owner/driver campaigns to solidify the classes growth, following in the footsteps of programs such as Rick Devos’s Rev and the many other passionate amateurs who competed in Chicago the past four days.

“This event has been the culmination of our year of sailing work”, said Devos. “Amazing conditions, amazing venue and a great time; we’re all super excited. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone down in Miami and keeping the show going.”

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2018 M32 World Championship Final Standings

ChinaOne.Ningbo, Phil Robertson – 62pts
REV, Rick DeVos – 82pts
Bliksem, Pieter Taselaar – 95pts
Convexity, Don Wilson – 101pts
Convergence, Jennifer Wilson – 102pts
Extreme2, Dan Cheresh – 104pts
TORRENT, Markus Edegran – 116pts
XS Energy, Ryan DeVos – 120pts
The Magenta Project, Sally Barkow – 142pts
Grave Digger, James Prendergast – 144pts
Valhalla, Hakan Svensson – 162pts
Riptide Racing, Chris Poole – 176pts

Mundial de RC44 Cascais, noticias del evento.

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Countdown on to the 2018 RC44 World Championship

The highly anticipated 2018 RC44 World Championship runs next week in Cascais, Portugal, over 27th– 30thSeptember.

Hosted by the prestigious Club Naval de Cascais for the seventh consecutive year, the RC44 World Championship this year will be the penultimate event of the five-stop European tour for the Russell Coutts-conceived high performance owner-driver one designs.

Going into the Worlds, the RC44 rollercoaster of results continues with favorites and underdogs to be chosen from throughout the fleet as the level of competition in the field intensifies.

Going into the Worlds Nico Poons’ Monaco-based team Charisma leads the field.

Winner of the opening event of the season in Lanzarote, Poons suffered a disappointing sixth-placed finish in Slovenia for event two, causing the team to drop from top of the overall leaderboard to third. Tactician Ray Davies then rectified this on the thrilling final day in Marstrand, winning event three in the last run of the last race, leapfroging Charisma to regain the overall lead going into the Worlds.

“We won by just a millimeter, so you see how close it is in this fleet,” said a beaming Poons on the dockside in Marstrand.

One point behind is defending Tour Champion Team CEEREF, led by the calm and collected Igor Lah with British tactician Adrian Stead. Having one of the most stable crews in the fleet over the years, it is consistency that Lah does best, rarely dropping below fourth in both the racing and regatta results.

Team CEEREF holds a slender two-point lead over Artemis Racing in third after Torbjörn Törnqvist’s Swedish team took second place at their home event in Marstrand.

Currently in fourth, and just one point off the podium, is last year’s World Champion Team Nika. Like Charisma, the Russian team has been riding the results rollercoaster with a 2,7,3 score line this season and Vladimir Prosikhin with tactician Dean Barker will have to make sure they are at the top of their game if they are to do well in Cascais.

“The great thing about this class is you have eight boats and all of them have the ability to win the Worlds,”explainsMichele Ivaldi, tactician for Hugues Lepic’s Aleph Racing. “At any given time anyone can win a race, but you can also just as quickly be last. Normally all the RC44s are very high scoring – the trick is to be consistent. If you can be in the top three or four all the time, you will win the event. That’s not easy racing against this calibre of sailors.”

A world-renowned sailing hub, Cascais is known for its significant breeze. Situated on the west coast of Portugal, the venue can be expected to present the teams with the complete range of Atlantic Ocean weather conditions to navigate.

“We are expecting the strong northwesterly, big waves and super fun racing. The aim for the week will be to gear up and try to keep up with the oceanic conditions,” Ivaldi adds.

While the current season’s championship frontrunners may be favourites, there’s stiff competition close behind. In Cascais Team Aqua will be looking to repeat her performance at the RC44 Portoroz Cup in May, which she won.

Peninsula Petroleum will be pushing to improve on their sixth place overall. Meanwhile Aleph Racing and Bronenosec Sailing Team are playing catch-up after returning to the fleet with new crews at the start of the season.

Ivaldi summarised: “We are seeing improvements at each event. As we have a relatively new team, Cascais will be tough for us if we have the big conditions we are all expecting, but we have two days to practice and we have the talent on board to do it,”

The 2018 RC44 World Championship runs from 27th– 30thSeptember with live coverage each day. Visit www.rc44.comto find out more.

Campeonato Anual Santander de J/70 Chile. Triunfo para Pablo Amunategui y equipo.

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“Santander” ganó la 7ª fecha del Campeonato de Veleros J/70

Embarcación al mando de Pablo Amunátegui se adjudicó la competencia disputada en la Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico, Algarrobo. “Trilogía” de Cristóbal Pérez celebró en la división Corinthians.

Algarrobo, 9 de septiembre de 2018.-

Sin viento estable pero con triunfo del yate “Santander”, timoneado por Pablo Amunátegui, concluyó en la bahía de Algarrobo la 7ª fecha del Campeonato Anual Santander de Veleros J/70, que reúne a los más destacados navegantes y a las principales figuras emergentes de la náutica chilena.

Este domingo, las condiciones nos acompañaron a la flota, que esperó por cuatro horas en el puerto base, la Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico, a que apareciera el viento suficiente y estable, hasta que se cumplió la hora límite para largar. Pero la tripulación comandada por el múltiple campeón de la Regata Chiloé se había adjudicado dos de las tres regatas disputadas el sábado, alcanzando 5 puntos negativos (sin descarte), que le permitieron quedarse con el evento.

El segundo puesto lo ocupó “Tsunami”, capitaneado por el timonel olímpico de la clase 470 Andrés Ducasse (-8) y tercero fue “Volvo” del medallista panamericano de J-24 Matías Seguel (-10). Más atrás se ubicaron “Windmade”, de Juan Eduardo Reid (-14) y “Morenita” de Vernon Robert (-14).

En la división Corinthians, reservada a equipos completamente amateurs, festejó “Trilogía” de Cristóbal Pérez (-27), escoltado por “Eleanor Rigby” de Francisco Pérez (-29) y por “Columbia” de Felipe González (-33).

La próxima fecha del Campeonato Anual Santander se desarrollará, en el mismo escenari, el 6 y 7 de octubre próximo.

Campeonato Anual Santander de J/70 Chile. Pablo Amunategui lidera la séptima fecha.

© Benja Sans

© Benja Sans

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“Santander” quedó como puntero de la 7ª fecha del Campeonato Anual de Veleros J/70

La embarcación timoneada por Pablo Amunátegui ganó dos de las tres regatas disputadas este sábado en la bahía de Algarrobo. “Trilogía” de Cristóbal Pérez lidera la división Corinthians de la competencia, que culmina este domingo, a partir del mediodía, en la Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico.

Algarrobo, 8 de septiembre de 2018.-

Con liderazgo provisional del yate “Santander”, timoneado por el múltiple campeón de la Regata Chiloé Pablo Amunátegui, comenzó a disputarse en la bahía de Algarrobo la 7ª fecha del Campeonato Anual Santander de Veleros J/70, que reúne a los más destacados navegantes y a las principales figuras emergentes de la náutica chilena.
La tripulación bancaria se adjudicó dos de las tres regatas disputadas, totalizando 5 puntos negativos (sin descarte), seguida de cerca por la tripulación joven más destacada del torneo, “Tsunami”, encabezada por el timonel olímpico de la clase 470 Andrés Ducasse (-8) y por “Volvo” del medallista panamericano de J-24 Matías Seguel (-10), vencedor en el tercer recorrido. Más atrás, pero todavía con opciones se ubican “Windmade”, de Juan Eduardo Reid (-14), “Morenita” de Vernon Robert (-14) y “Peligro” de Alejandro Pérez (-15).
En la división Corinthians, reservada a equipos completamente amateurs, el puntero provisional es “Trilogía” de Cristóbal Pérez (-27), escoltado por “Eleanor Rigby” de Francisco Pérez (-29) y por “Columbia” de Felipe González (-33).
La competencia, que tiene como puerto base la Cofradía Náutica del Pacífico, finalizará este domingo, a partir del mediodía.
El velero J-70, diseñado en 2012 por el estadounidense Alan Johnstone, es el sportboat del momento, con más de 1.300 barcos construidos en cinco años en todo el mundo, de los cuales medio centenar tiene puerto base en América del Sur. La mayoría de ellos, en nuestro país, principal impulsor regional de la categoría.

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup y Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship, día 1.

© ROLEX / Carlo Borlenghi

© ROLEX / Carlo Borlenghi

© ROLEX / Carlo Borlenghi

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Small boats benefit on opening day of Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

International Maxi Association press release from Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup – Issued 3 September 2018

With westerly winds gusting into the mid-teens, brilliant sunshine and a mix of windward-leewards for the Maxi 72s and, for the remainder, a coastal race taking them on a clockwise lap of La Maddalena archipelago, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship got off to the best start possible. Highlight of the maxi-boat calendar, this historic event is run by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in conjunction with the International Maxi Association, the officially-recognised body that promotes maxi boat racing globally.

While George David’s Rambler 88 romped around the course, quickly picking off the boats that had started before her, it was Massimiliano Florio’s Southern Wind 82 Grande Orazio which was the Maxi class winner today. She benefited from the wind filling in for the smaller boats on the run back from La Maddalena.

In the Wally class, Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones’ Magic Carpet Cubed did a superb job on the first beat to Monaci causing her to lead David M. Leuschen’s Galateia and Charif Souki’s Tango around the race course. The dark blue Wallycento ultimately won the Wally class today, after Jean-Charles Decaux’s Wally 77 J One was disqualified following a protest.

“We had the better start, to leeward of everyone. We pushed away Tango and they ended up doing extra manoeuvres, which is why they were so far behind. Then we got a big left shift and overstood the first windward mark, going directly to Monaci,” explained Magic Carpet Cubed’s tactician, Olympic legend Jochen Schüman. He added that they had made some good layline calls going up the inside of the La Maddalena archipelago, but on the way back, the breeze had built from astern allowing her rivals to close on her. “I think we are quite happy upwind,” continued Schüman “but Galateia is the benchmark boat – she has the most speed potential, is 1.5 tonnes lighter than us and she is newer.”

There was slight surprise in the Super Maxi fleet, comprising the biggest boats competing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. While Pier Luigi Loro Piana’s Baltic 130 My Song was by far the fastest around the course, it was the magnificent German-owned Topaz that came out on top, even ahead of her much tipped J Class rivals Svea and Velsheda.

The last time Topaz won a race was at the first J Class World Championship, organised with the assistance of the International Maxi Association, held last summer in Newport, Rhode Island.

According to helmsman Peter Holmberg, they had won by simply out sailing their rivals on the opening leg of the coastal race. “We got ahead of Svea and held them back on the first beat. We got ahead of them, but they were constantly coming into us and we blocked them whenever they got close – a nice job by our afterguard doing that. Then with Velsheda it was a little bit of luck – going into the finish, we were neck and neck on corrected time and they ran into a little traffic and they didn’t do a good job getting through it, whereas we did a nice job in the last five minutes to came back to win by a minute.”

Holmberg, who is racing here with Tony Rey and Nacho Postigo (the same line-up that he sails with on Provezza in the 52 Super Series) added that Topaz seems to prefer the smoother water on offer off the Costa Smeralda. Prior to this event they also got in an extra day of training than their competition.

In the divided Mini Maxi class, it was Roberto Lacorte’s Vismara Mills 62 SuperNikka, winner of the Maxi Racer Cruiser class in 2015, who came out on top. “We have found something more upwind – we are very happy about our improved performance there,” said Lacorte. “For me it is important to start with a first because it gives us more confidence for the rest of the week.”

SuperNikka, sailing this week with Lorenzo Bressani on tactics in place of Tommaso Chieffi, had a good race with Peter Dubens’ Spectre. She was ahead until the British boat screamed through on the downwind as the two were approaching Monaci – Spectre this season has improved her downwind performance with bigger kites and a larger bowsprit. However Spectre ran over their spinnaker at the last mark, allowing SuperNikka to prevail.

In the other Mini class it was Riccardo de Michele’s Vallicelli 80 H20 which came out on top ahead of the Swan 65 Shirlaf of Giuseppe Puttini.

Dieter Schön’s MOMO leads after the first two windward-leewards races of the Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship held to the southeast of the start area for the coastal races. The defending champion and race favourite clearly won both races with Dario Ferrari’s Cannonball second in both.

“The boat helps us a lot in this breeze,” said MOMO’s Markus Wieser. “We got good starts and went the way we wanted to go. We were able to stay ahead and minimise our tacks and maneovures. Our whole plan worked out very well. About two minutes after the start we were in the lead in both races.” Aside from an outstanding crew that includes Michele Ivaldi and multiple America’s Cup winner Murray Jones in the afterguard, MOMO is benefitting from having had a new, lighter weight mast fitted earlier this season.

Racing continues tomorrow off Porto Cervo with the Wallys sailing windward-leewards and the remaining classes competing on another coastal course. However the forecast indicates there will be less wind.

Report by James Boyd /

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Star Sailors League Finals 2018, prometedor campeonato lleno de figuras.

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Little more than three months’ remain until the Star Sailors League Finals 2018, the annual event that determines who is the best sailor among the ‘stars’ of the sailing world and allocation of the US$ 200,000 prize pot. For a sixth year, the Finals will be held in the azure waters of Nassau in the Bahamas, from December 3rd to 8th.

The plan for the sixth edition of the Star Sailors League’s most important event will be the same as previous SSL Finals, a four day long Qualification Series after which the top 10 teams will progress to the final knock-out stage of the competition. Top team from the knock-out stage progresses directly to the Final, while the runner-up goes to the semi-finals. Teams from 3rd to 10th in the Qualification Series have to fight in yet one more race in the Quarter Finals. The last rounds will all happen on the last day of competition, Saturday December 8th, and in the late afternoon the winners of the SSL Finals 2018 will be crowned directly after racing at Nassau Yacht Club.

Who will be among the 25 participating teams is also firming up. Ten spots are automatically allocated to the top 10 skippers in the Star Sailors League Rankings. The Rankings are currently based on events in the Star class with the intention of adding more classes to it in the future.
There are no races now that can alter the top 10 positions in the Rankings from now to the second Tuesday of September, traditionally the date in which results are frozen for the SSL Finals.

The remaining 15 places are invited positions going to young talented sailors, VIPs who have made significant achievements within their area of the sport or the winner of the Star World Championship, which this year will take place from October 7th to the 14th in Oxford, Maryland, USA.

The top 10 skippers from the SSL Rankings who have been invited to the Star Sailors League Finals 2018 are:

1 – Diego Negri (ITA)
2 – Robert Scheidt (BRA)
3 – Xavier Rohart (FRA)
4 – Lars Grael (BRA)
5 – Mark Mendelblatt (USA)
6 – Paul Cayard (USA)
7 – Eivind Melleby (NOR)
8 – George Szabo (USA)
9 – Augie Diaz (USA)
10 – Paul Goodison (GBR)

All of them have confirmed their attendance with the exception of Paul Goodison – who is waiting for approval from his America’s Cup team, American Magic. All of them will be sailing with the best crews in the business.

Diego Negri (ITA) is the skipper who has remained longest at the top of the Star Sailors League Ranking. He represented Italy at three Olympic Games and his record in the Star is impressive, winning the European Championship on two occasions and runner up at the Star World Championship three times. Negri hasn’t missed one Star Sailors League Finals since its debut in 2013. He will be coming again this time with his buddy Sergio Lambertenghi (ITA).

Robert Scheidt (BRA) is one the most talented sailors in history. With five Olympic medals and 14 World titles in Olympic classes, he is among a small group of sailing super stars. He lost gold at last year’s Star Sailors League Finals to Paul Goodison on the last puff of the last downwind half a boat length behind the Brit, we are certain that he will be coming this year to correct that – just as he did when he won the first Star Sailors League Finals in 2013. This will be his fifth participation.

Xavier Rohart (FRA) is President of the the Star Sailors League having founded it with other truly passionate Star sailors back in 2013. His great career has included bronze in Athens in 2004, a European title in 2015 and two World titles in 2003 and 2005. He will be sailing with his long term crew Pierre Alexis-Ponsot (FRA). Together they won the SSL City Grand Slam in 2016, but have yet to win the SSL Finals. May this be their year.

Lars Grael (BRA) won the Star World Championship three years ago in Argentina and came close to his second victory last year in Denmark. He’s a hero of the class and of sailing, having won two bronze medals at the Olympic Games on the Tornado, the first in Seoul in 1988, the second in Atlanta in 1996., but somehow he attended the SSL Finals for the first time only last year. He finished 12th with long term crew Samuel Gonçalves (BRA), an OCS in the seventh race not helping the Brazilians’ result.

Eivind Melleby (NOR) is reigning Star World Champion, he won it in July 2017 in Troense, Denmark, with crew Josh Revkin (USA), who’s been at every SSL Finals since the first one. Eivind and Josh finished second at the SSL City Grand Slam in Hamburg in 2016. At the last SSL Finals they just missed the last knockout round, but they’ll have another shot at it this year.

The United States of America is the most successful country of this year’s Star Sailors League Ranking with four among the top 10. San Diego’s George Szabo (USA) and Miami’s Mark Mendelblatt (USA) have both won two Star Sailors League events each: George won the first 2015 SSL Lake Grand Slam in Grandson, Switzerland, and the 2015 SSL Finals and Mark won the SSL Finals in 2014 and in 2016. Mendelblatt finished third last year while George was not among the 10 finalists.
The other two are Paul Cayard (USA) and Augie Diaz (USA). Cayard claimed silver at the Star North American Championship a month ago, while Daiz won gold at the Star Europeans the week before. This will be Cayard’s fifth SSL Finals out of six. He won his Gold Star at the Star Worlds in 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with crew Steve Erickson, but he is among the most eclectic sailors ever, having won the 1998 Whitbread Round the World Race as skipper and a Louis Vuitton Cup, plus many World Championships in Maxis and TP52s. His big love is the Star boat, and he is not afraid to admit it, but can he translate this into a win in Nassau? Augie Diaz (USA) has been in the SSL Ranking top ten skippers for a long time, and he’s been to every SSL Finals since the first one in 2013. 2016 was Augie’s golden year: he won the Star World Championship in his hometown of Miami, and the Eastern Hemisphere in Split, Croatia, and followed this in 2017 winning the North America Championship and in 2018 the Europeans in Flensburg, Germany.
There’ll be a battle within the battle among the American crews, but in the end everyone only wants the title and the biggest share of the 200,000$ prize pot.

The Opening Ceremony for the Star Sailors League Finals will take place on Monday December 3rd in the late afternoon.The Medal Ceremony will be held right after sailing on Saturday December 8th, on a big podium on Montagu Beach and will be followed that evening with the Gala Dinner with the Prize Giving Ceremony at Nassau Yacht Club.

The action will be streamed LIVE on the Internet with expert commentary from special studio guests. On the water, the latest in hi-tech camera technology, as well as Virtual Eye 3D Graphics, will provide thrilling viewing. Armchair sailors can also join the race with Virtual Regatta.

Keep following us on the official website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be updated on the SSL Finalists’ entries, social events and more Star Sailors League major events of the year.

Campeonato Europeo de Snipe para los españoles Gustavo y Rafael del Castillo Palop.

© Matias Capizzano

Fuente info Europeo de Snipe

Pori, Finland – August 20 – 25, 2018


Gustavo and Rafael del Castillo Palop (ESP) are the Snipe European Champions for the second time in a row.

The European Championship 2018 of the two persons dinghy finished last night in Pori, on the West coast of Finland: 41 entries from 10 nations had 10 amazing races this week in ever changing conditions.
The event was hosted by the oldest sporting and sailing club in Finland, Segelföreningen i Björneborg – BSF r.f., in cooperation with Snipe Class International Racing Association SCIRA. The scenic sandy beaches of Yyteri served as a beautiful backdrop to the Snipe European Championships this year for the second time, the first one being in 2006.

“We had very versatile weathers, but despite this 10 races were finished successfully – says Principal Race Officer Ben Karlemo – SCIRA rules specify three different types of racing course. We used all of them in these changing conditions, which spiced up this regatta”.

The second time Snipe European Champions, Spanish brothers Gustavo and Rafael del Castillo Palop were in total control of the regatta winning half of the races. The ‘Spanish Armada’, Europe’s biggest Snipe fleet, covered top five positions.

“It’s been a tough week – say the European Champions at the end of the last race – we came here thinking we would find light wind, but we never had less than 10 knots.. Like any other Snipe Championship it wasn’t easy, but we are happy to win twice in a row, and replicate the success we first gain in Murcia in 2016”.

Sailors enjoyed sailing in the waters of Pori very much!

“Water here is less salty than what we are used to, and this makes the boat float deeper changing the way you sail the boat a little – says Alexandre Tinoco (BRA), winner of the Snipe Worlds 2011. He and his skipper Juan Cajade (ESP) finished 5th at the European Championships.

Snipe is one of the most popular two persons dinghy around the world, in Finland its history goes back to 71 years ago.

“Last time Europeans were here in 2006, it was a fantastic event, so we had high standards. And this time you have met and exceeded them!” states executive director of SCIRA Jerelyn Biehl.

“The Championship was greatly organized by the Yacht Club, its Commodore, its members and volunteers – says Pietro Fantoni, SCIRA Commodore – Thay put their hearts into it and we could feel it. I really have to thank them for their warm welcome. Coming back here after 12 years was a great honor for me.
I then would love to thank the International Jury, the Race Committee and our terrific SCIRA representative Jerelyn Biehl, without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible.
Next European Championship will be held in Split, Croatia, in 2020. Marko Marinovic received the SCIRA flag by Finnish National Secretary Reino Suonsilta at the end of the Prize Giving Ceremony.
I must congratulate to the winners Gustavo and Rafael, they really deserved it! And thank to all of the competitors who came up here in Pori to race in challenging conditions and meet new and old friends!
Looking forward to see you all back n Split in two years’ time!!”

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