Europeo de Soling, resumen días 1 y 2.

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Day 2
Showdown between leaders

Just before the final day of the European Soling Championship,a duel for the title becomes apparent. The Hungarian team of FarkasLitkey and the Austrian Crew with the former European Champion Thomas Binder are tied after six races. The showdown on the last day will provide a decision. Chances forSándorVarjas (HUN) and soling legend Peter Hall (CAN) are still alive to take the title from the lurking position.

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Sudamericano de Soling, para el barco brasileño Don’t Let Me Down.

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El equipo campeón Don’t Let Me Down, de Cícero Hartmann, Flávio Quevedo y André Renard.

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Equipe gaúcha do barco Don’t Let Me Down é tetracampeã Sul-americana da classe Soling

Campeonato teve a participação de 11 tripulações do Brasil, Argentina e Estados Unidos. Mau tempo atrapalhou o andamento da competição em Porto Alegre.

A equipe do barco Don’t Let Me Down, com Cícero Hartmann, Flávio Quevedo e André Renard, do Veleiros do Sul, venceu o Campeonato Sul-americano de Soling encerrado neste domingo em Porto Alegre. Pela diferença de apenas um ponto, a El Demolidor, de Kadu Bergenthal, Eduardo Cavalli e Renan Oliveira terminou em segundo lugar. Na terceira posição ficou a Equilibrium, de Nelson Ilha, Gustavo Ilha e Felipe Ilha.

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M32 Series Bermuda, triunfo general para Convexity.

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Hamilton, Bermuda (18 April 2016) After 4 events and over 55 races, Don Wilson and his Convexity team have claimed the 2016 M32 Series Bermuda title. The Chicago based team completed the series ahead of the Magenta 32 all-female team skippered by Sally Barkow. The Swedish Cape Crow Vikings skippered by M32 Series founder Håkan Svensson finished the series an impressive third overall.

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Campeonato San Isidro Labrador, resumen del fin de semana.

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Sigue adelante el festival de la vela

A pesar de las inclemencias del clima, el Campeonato Internacional San Isidro Labrador sigue adelante. Este domingo también hubo reducción de regatas por el mal tiempo

CLUB NÁUTICO SAN ISIDRO, San Isidro.- En el cuarto día de competición el clima continuó siendo inclemente ya que la lluvia arreció pero el viento fue decisivo para completar un dúo temerario. Para los competidores, arribados de todos los rincones del país y varios países de Latinoamérica, la temperatura también fue un problema ya que el frío se sintió desde la mañana y fue incrementando con el transcurso del día.

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Mundial de Star 2016, triunfo para Augie Diaz y Bruno Prada. Julio Labandeira con Santiago G. Otharan, mejor equipo argentino.

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The 2016 World Championship Victory was claimed by the US Team
April 16, 2016

The 2016 World Championship Victory was claimed by the US Team, Augie Diaz & Bruno Prada. Silver for Diego Negri & Sergio Lambertenghi and Bronze for Brian Ledbetter & Joshua Revkin.

The final race of the Star Worlds 2016 was crucial as there were five contenders in the running and only one point between the first place, Diego Negri & Sergio Lambertenghi and second place, Augie Diaz & Bruno Prada.

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Mundial de Star 2016, día 2. Augie Diaz y Bruno Prada nuevos líderes.

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April 11, 2016

The race course offered typical conditions of Biscayne Bay with the wind at 15– 18 knots from the 90 degrees and 2 foot waves. The Race Committee set a Course 3 with 2.2 mile long legs and fired the first signal on time at 11.35 hrs.

The start line was clear. Torben Schmidt Grael & Guilherme de Almeida enjoyed a perfect beginning at the pin with pretty good speed. Although the start was a key factor, the upwind leg is very long and Robert Stanjek & Frithjof Kleen took a big advantage before the first mark and kept it until the end. He executed a perfect race reading the shifts better than anyone else, he was able to secure the first place crossing the line for at least, 10 boat lengths of distance with the second.

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Mundial de Star 2016, día 1. Buen comienzo para los argentinos Torkel Borgstrom y Juan Pablo Engelhard.

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Star Worlds 2016 – Day One
April 10, 2016

79 teams from 13 nations, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine and United States, faced tough conditions and high competition on the first day of the Star Worlds 2016.

The race course offered spectacular conditions on Biscayne Bay with winds of 15 knots and gusts of 18 knots at the top of the course from 80° and very choppy. The Race Committee set the Course “0″ with 2.2 miles long legsand fired the first signal on time at 11.30 hrs with 3 attempts.

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