44Cup Palma, día 2. Aleph lidera en el inicio de campeonato.

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Two bullet day for Charisma but Aleph leads 44Cup Palma

Racing in Palma in November was always going to be challenging not just for crews but especially for race officials more used to racing here in summer, in a sea breeze you can set your watch by.

Yesterday racing was canned with the breeze gusting to 40 knots. Today, despite a large residual swell, conditions appeared more sailable, but for almost two hours the wind failed to settle, its direction pulled around due to the giant clouds crossing the Bay of Palma race area. Although light to moderate, the wind randomly shifted between southwest and northwest and back before finally settling close to the former when, on their fifth attempt, the race committee was able to lay a course successfully.

From there the day improved and the hero was certainly 2018′s defending 44Cup champion, Nico Poons and his Charisma. The Dutchman’s team, which has had an up and down 2019 season, made most sense of the tricky conditions to win both of today’s first races. In the first they played the shifts in the centre of the race track and led around the top mark and were then aided by a left shift making the course more one way, thereby benefitting the leader. In the second it was initially harder when they followed Chris Bake’s Team Aqua and Bronenosec around at the top mark, but crossed ahead on the run.

“It was quite challenging, but it was okay because we were all in the same conditions. May the best team win!” said Poons, not yet contemplating a return to form for his team.

New on board Charisma for this event is Kiwi Hamish Pepper who is standing in for regular tactician John Kostecki. “It was a tough day. It was very shifty and puffy and we sailed well in the first two and got behind in the last one and when we just struggling a bit,” explained Pepper. “The boat was going pretty quick and is sailed well up and down – the guys did a good job with that and we got some lucky breaks and managed to say in front.”

The conditions did improve for race three. In this the arrival of a fresh set of clouds caused the wind to build into the high teens and there were at least three lead changes with Pavel Kuznetsov’s Tavatuy Sailing Team and John Bassadone’s Peninsula Petroleum fighting at the front on the first lap only for Igor Lah’s Team CEEREF to nose ahead going into the leeward gate. On the second beat Hugues Lepic’s Aleph Racing chose the favoured left and was ahead at the final top mark rounding before going on to take the bullet. This win enabled Lepic’s team, on which American Steve Howe was steering today, to come out on top, ending the day one point ahead of Charisma, thanks to an average result by Poons’ team in the last race.

“It was a really difficult day,” confessed Aleph Racing’s tactician Michele Ivaldi. “The wind was all over the place. There were big shifts of 30-40° and puffs coming from the sky. It was very difficult to read. Plus we were in the lee of the island and there were all of the rain clouds passing by. You definitely needed some luck…”

Meanwhile there is some concern for the two teams currently topping the 2019 44Cup overall leaderboard. Holding first place there is Chris Bake’s Team Aqua which is currently lying in last place after one day of racing, five points and three places behind their main rival for this year’s title, Vladimir Prosikhin’s Team Nika. Team Aqua’s position was not helped by their spinnaker blowing up in the second run of race two.

On the dock at the event’s hosts, the Real Club Nautico de Palma there were some minor celebrations for the Tavatuy Sailing Team crew, after their third race when they had led at the top mark. “It was very difficult today,” admitted the Russian team’s towering tactician Evgeny Neugodnikov. “The third race as nice. We had a good start and we had good speed and were first to the top mark, but then we came third…”

Tomorrow conditions are forecast to be in the 8-10 knot range, fortunately with a much reduced sea state.


Campeonato Sudamericano de Star 2019, veinticinco equipos presentes en Buenos Aires.

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25 teams will start racing tomorrow at the South American Championship 2019 hosted in Buenos Aires by the Club Nautico Olivos. Seven flags are waving at the yacht club entrance, representing Germany, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, United States, Italy and Uruguay with their great sailors gathered here to claim the South American Silver Star and follow nothing less than five time Olympic medalist Robert Scheidt, who won it last year in Rio de Janeiro with Henry Boening.

In the entry list we read the names of Frithjof Kleen GER, Star Class World Champion and winner of the Star Sailor League Finals; coming from across the river the Uruguayan Ricardo Fabini a successful helmsman in the Snipe Class and IMS, who attended several Olympics and will attend to the SSL Finals for the first time next month; Tomas Hornos, who was born in Argentina, but is here representing the United States, he was the youngest Snipe World Champion when he won it at 19 years old. He is here with his brilliant crew Pedro Trouche from Brasil, an SSL Finals champion and winner, with Tomas, of the U30 Star World Championship in the category reserved to both skipper and crew under 30.

Among the local legends we find Torkel Borgstrom, Junior World Champion for Snipe, District and National winner in the Star Class and one of the favorites here with his excellent crew Pablo Engelhard. The Commodore of the Club Nautico Olivos is also racing, Julio Labandeira is a multiple time District and National Star Class champion, the Snipe South American is also in his palmares.

Racing will begin tomorrow, November 14th , on the Río de la Plata waters, and will resume on Monday the 18th, under close control of the Chairman and Star Class Legacy Foundation board member Alberto Zanetti, contributing with his experience to the success of the event.

44Cup Palma, sin regatas en el inicio de campeonato.

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44Cup Palma 2019: No play on opening day

Winds gusting up to 40 knots and a heinous seastate out on the Bay of Palma, kept the 44Cup fleet at the dock on the opening day of the 44Cup Palma. The wind began veering and dropping mid-afternoon but the left-over sea state precluded the deciding round of the 2019 44Cup from getting underway.

“We had a steady 23-25 knots of wind, but the sea states was such, coming from various directions, that it was basically like a cauldron,” reported PRO Peter Reggio. “That combined with the velocity being at the upper end means it wouldn’t have been good racing at all. Fortunately the forecast for the next few days is looking better than it did this morning.”

Many of the owners spent the early afternoon enjoying the hospitality provided by the Real Club Nautico de Palma before the final decision not to race was made at 1430.

“I’m disappointed, but that is how it is,” said Igor Lah, whose Team CEEREF currently lies fourth in the 44Cup but whose Slovenian team led by Britain’s Adrian Stead was back to back winner in 2016 and 2017. “I like sailing in big wind but I am a bit afraid of big waves because of my knees. It is my first time racing in Palma. I like the city. The cathedral is amazing.” As to his team’s prospects Lah added: “We were a little unlucky at the last event. We started with some mistakes and then it accumulated. We are in better shape now.”

David Lenz, coach for Team CEEREF felt it was a good call not to sail today. “The sea state was driving it as much as the wind. The models were in the 20s gusting to 30 and, later on, going hard right and dropping. So would make it hard to set a race course. For the new few days, it looks pretty good, with 10-20 knots, maybe lighter at times and offshore, so fairly flat water, shifty with some rain around making it less stable. But we like that – it’ll be good fun.”

Bronenosec Sailing Team’s tactician Cameron Dunn agreed: “It was the right call. The wave state out there would have been very big for these boats and short. For the rest of the week, it is looking promising – offshore, shifty, puffy conditions, but we should get three good days of racing and at least nine good races in.”

Conditions are looking more reasonable for the remainder of the 44Cup Palma with a first warning signal tomorrow scheduled for 1200.

Alinghi se proclama campeón del GC32 Racing Tour 2019.

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Alinghi se proclama campeón del GC32 Racing Tour 2019

El equipo suizo logra el título 2019 del GC32 Racing Tour tras lograr una contundente victoria en la GC32 Oman Cup, quinta y última prueba del circuito de catamaranes voladores GC32. Alinghi rubrica así una temporada impecable, añadiendo el título absoluto al de campeón del mundo de GC32 conseguido el pasado mes de junio en aguas de Lagos, Portugal.

La flota del GC32 Racing Tour 2019 llegaba a la última cita de la temporada con un emocionante empate al frente de la provisional. El título se decidiría a una sola carta en aguas de Omán entre el Alinghi patroneado por Arnaud Psarofaghis y el Oman Air patroneado por Adam Minoprio, que pugnaba por la victoria como equipo local. El que quedara por delante en la clasificación del evento se llevaría la gloria.

Después de tres días de competición y 14 parciales en los casilleros de todos los equipos, la jornada final resultó dramática. La previsión de viento duro y olas excesivas para la competición sobre foils obligaba al director de regata Stuart Childerley a adelantar la primera salida del día desde las 13:00h programadas a las 10:00h, aunque las condiciones no permitirían iniciar las hostilidades hasta una hora más tarde.

Alinghi llegaba con una ventaja de cinco puntos sobre su inmediato perseguidor, el Zoulou de Erik Maris, con Oman Air a diez puntos, una distancia considerable pero matemáticamente salvable para el equipo omaní. Pero la tensión no benefició a los locales, que colisionaban con Zoulou en la primera ceñida de la primera manga del día, resultando en la retirada del equipo francés y la pérdida de dos importantes parciales para Oman Air. Los de Minoprio regresaban para la tercera del día, que ganaban, pero de poco les serviría. Las condiciones impedirían realizar las dos últimas pruebas del campeonato. Calculadora en mano, Alinghi ya había conseguido el título después de la segunda manga.

“Estoy muy contento por terminar así la temporada”, confesaba ya en tierra el timonel de Alinghi, Arnaud Psarofaghis. “Hemos mantenido una bonita lucha con Oman Air durante todo el año, y los equipos de mitad de la tabla también han mejorado mucho. La próxima temporada va a resultar muy interesante”.

En opinión de Pierre-Yves Jorand, director de equipo de Alinghi: “Este año hemos logrado alcanzar nuestros objetivos. No ha sido cuestión de suerte, sino porque contamos con una fantástica tripulación y un espectacular equipo de tierra. Esto es fruto de un trabajo en equipo y del enorme apoyo que tenemos en Suiza, pero sobre todo por Ernesto (Bertarelli), quien lleva muchos años apoyándonos. Disfrutamos trabajando juntos, luchando y consiguiendo nuevas metas”.

Una de las claves del éxito de Alinghi es su dilatada experiencia como equipo. El núcleo de la tripulación lleva más de dos décadas compitiendo en multicascos, aunque varios miembros más jóvenes se han incorporado recientemente, como el propio Psarofaghis, el táctico Nicolas Charbonnier, Bryan Mettraux y Timothé Lapauw. “Los veteranos aportan sabiduría y los jóvenes energía y fuerza: esta combinación funciona muy bien”, concluye Jorand.

Minoprio se mostró afectado por la colisión entre Oman Air y Zoulou, y no dudó en reconocer su culpa: “Mi intención era colocarme a su popa pero nos acercamos demasiado, arruinando tanto su jornada como la nuestra. Fue una estupidez, no había suficiente espacio y nunca debí haberlo siquiera considerado. La suerte no nos ha sonreído en ningún momento esta semana. Como siempre, Alinghi navegó sin errores, son la referencia y merecieron la victoria. Les felicito”.

Oman Air finalizó cuarto en casa pero subcampeón del GC32 Racing Tour 2019, y Minoprio confía en regresar en 2020 para mejorar ese resultado. “Es el mejor circuito que hay. Los barcos son extremadamente rápidos y como equipo se disfruta mucho”.

Erik Maris, armador del Zoulou, está familiarizado con la competición no sólo a vela, sino también con automovilismo en circuito. Sabe que los incidentes son parte del deporte de alto nivel. “Hasta Adam comete errores, ¡así que la próxima vez que yo cometa uno estaremos empatados!”, reflexionaba filosófico el francés.

Al quedar fuera de competición, el Zoulou recibió una puntuación equivalente a la media de sus resultados, finalizando segundo absoluto de la GC32 Oman Cup, a 9,1 puntos de Alinghi y 7,9 por delante de Red Bull Sailing Team. A modo de consolación, Zoulou se proclamó campeón 2019 de la clasificación Owner-Driver para equipos timoneados por su armador.

Completó el podio del evento el Red Bull Sailing Team de los austríacos Roman Hagara y Hans-Peter Steinacher. “Hemos progresado bastante a lo largo del año, algo muy satisfactorio después de haber llegado nuevos y unos inicios en los que nos costaba siquiera navegar”, confiesa Hagara. “Pero hemos logrado acercarnos a Alinghi y Oman Air.”

Black Star Sailing Team finalizó quinto en Omán, y su armador Christian Zuerrer se muestra muy satisfecho: “Hemos hecho grandes avances, porque ahora ya conseguimos competir con nuestros rivales, no sólo seguirles”. Su intención de cara a 2020 es continuar con la misma tripulación con la que compitió en la GC32 Oman Cup, incluyendo al timonel neozelandés Chris Steele. Completó la clasificación el estadounidense Argo, en el que compitió el español Manu Weiller.

Christian Scherrer, director del GC32 Racing Tour, despidió el evento y la temporada con palabras de agradecimiento para todos los que lo han hecho posible: “Me gustaría dar las gracias a todos los equipos que han participado en el GC32 Racing Tour 2019, a los miembros de nuestra organización, y a todos los patrocinadores y sedes. Esperamos una exitosa temporada 2020 con equipos actuales y nuevos, y con sedes que anunciaremos en breve


SSL Gold Cup, Argentina dice presente con Santiago Lange como capitán de equipo.

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In April the Star Sailors League, that culminates in the SSL Finals in Nassau every December to crown its annual ‘star of the sailing world’, announced a new giant international sailing competition: the SSL Gold Cup. Effectively the sailing equivalent of football’s FIFA World Cup is a simple but powerful concept: a competition to decide the ‘world’s best sailing nation.’ The first SSL Gold Cup will take place in Switzerland over September-October 2021 and will then be held biennially. It will be raced aboard one design 47ft monohulls, with the aim of ensuring it tests the sailors purely with no equipment advantage. It has already been deemed a World Sailing ‘Special Event’.

Since the announcement, the SSL Gold Cup now has its own ‘home’ located on the shore of Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland. This will serve as the organisational and media hub for the SSL Gold Cup as well as the training centre. Already this season training sessions in the one design monohull have taken place for eight teams.

In addition to the 24 teams that have already been signed up, this week another five have confirmed their participation.
One of the strongest participants will be Australia, top sailing nation at London 2012 and third at Rio 2016. SSL Team Australia Captain will be sailing legend John Bertrand, famously skipper of Australia II which became the first team in 132 years to prise the America’s Cup out of American hands. Team Australia’s skipper will be America’s Cup winner, SailGP winning skipper and Laser Olympic gold medallist Tom Slingsby.
Bertrand explains his interest in the SSL Gold Cup: “The World Cup and Olympic Games are the two global sporting events that capture the imagination of millions of people worldwide. Why? Because they are both nation versus nation at a supreme level. The longest running sporting event in modern history is the America’s Cup – again nation versus nation. The SSL Gold Cup has a wonderful opportunity of morphing into becoming the ‘Gold Cup’ of sailing: Again nation versus nation at the highest level.”

Team Captain for Argentina will be Santiago Lange, who in addition to his two Olympic Tornado bronze medals, famously won gold in the mixed Nacra 17 catamaran at Rio 2016, aged 54. This year he won the 52 Super Series as tactician for Italian-Argentine team Azzurra and is now focussing on defending his Olympic title at Tokyo 2020.
Of the SSL Gold Cup, Lange says: “I will approach it with a lot of enthusiasm and in a very professional way. Argentina has a lot of very talented sailors and is a great opportunity to show this to the world. I have many strong candidates for the team. From the Azzurra crew alone, you could make a team! But the challenge is to open the doors to new young talented sailors, to give them a good opportunity for their future.”

Ricardo Fabini will be Team Captain for neighbouring Uruguay. He is a former World Champion in the Snipe in which he has also won two silvers in the Pan American Games. He was the flag bearer for Uruguay during the opening ceremony at Barcelona 1992, where he campaigned a Soling. He currently campaigns an IMX40 out of Montevideo.
“The SSL Gold Cup concept was missing in sailing. Definitely it will inspire lots of people to follow their national team in this event,” says Fabini. As to his team’s potential, he adds: “We have Uruguayans sailing on TP52s, in the America’s Cup and also in Maxi yachts. Two weeks ago, one Uruguayan member of our club won their class at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Italy helming Nefertiti. Lots of members of our club crew on this maxi boat.”

Captain for Finland will be Thomas Johanson, Olympic Gold Medallist in the 49er class in Sydney 2000, he appointed Staffan Lindberg as team manager. For more than 20 years Lindberg has been his nation’s top skipper on the World Match Racing Tour, but now he mainly campaigns a J/70 sportsboat.
“The SSL Gold Cup is surely something that has been lacking in sailing. You have all the big regattas such as the America’s Cup but they are limited to very few people and countries. This is an opportunity for smaller countries to really show their talents at an international level.
“I plan to start to build a team next year and I already have a short-list of crew. As the boats and sails are one design it will come down to finding the boat speed, getting the crew working well together and tactically finding the best route around the race course. There’s no need to worry that the other guys have technology you haven’t. The SSL Gold Cup’s simple format will appeal to both the sailing community and non-sailing community alike.”

While her husband Robert may be the better known Olympic sailor, Gintare Scheidt has been campaigning the Europe and then the Laser Radial since 2000, and won Olympic Laser Radial silver in Beijing 2008. She will captain SSL Team Lithuania, working with Rokas Milevičius, who represented the Baltic state in the Laser at London 2012 and subsequently sailed the Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel.
“I really hope the SSL Gold Cup works well for both the sailor and spectators,” she says. “I have no experience in big boats, so I probably will not be in the boat. Rokas and I will try to gather the best team from people we know have a lot of experience. Our goal is to be competitive and to represent Lithuania well.”

The next stage with the SSL Gold Cup will take place on 10th November when the team captains will announce the first two crew from the five they themselves are allowed to select. The other five will come directly from the SSL Ranking – four from the skippers ranking and one from the crew.
A the same time the Star Sailors League Gold Cup Board is analyzing the future countries involved that will be announced soon, as the entries are still open.

Semana de Buenos Aires 2019, resultados finales.

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Hoy, lunes 14 de octubre, finalizó la edición 2019 de la Semana de Buenos Aires.
El clima estuvo caprichoso y fue un día con pocas pruebas para algunas clases. Hubo fuertes vientos del sudeste acompañados de mucha ola.

Los Optimist Timoneles salieron temprano y completaron una prueba. Más tarde partieron los Laser Standard y Radial quienes corrieron dos y una regata respectivamente.
El resto de las clases fueron anuladas y permanecieron en tierra.

“Vengo aquí porque es de los campeonatos de más nivel en Sudamérica” dijo Enrique Arathoon, representante olímpico de El Salvador, quien participó en Laser Standard. “Este año era selectivo olímpico para los argentinos entonces estaban todos muy preparados y me venía bien para prepararme para los Juegos el próximo año. El campeonato siempre es muy bueno y las condiciones casi siempre son de vientos fuerte y olas. El nivel de la gente es muy bueno, porque además son locales. Venir a jugar con la gente de casa es muy bueno”

Luego de las regatas se realizó la entrega de premios en la carpa. Tuvimos el honor de recibir a la Banda de Música de la Armada Argentina que nos deleitó con algunas marchas.
Además de los premios tradicionales se sorteó una vela de Garibaldi Sails, que partió para Brasil.

Gracias por habernos acompañado en este evento! Los esperamos el año que viene!

Resultados finales:

Optimist Principiantes: Salvador Iudica
Optimist Timoneles: Guido Van Avermaete.
420: Juan Ignacio Queirel y Juan Ignacio Regusci
29er :lgnacio Hermida y Maximiliano Kralj.
F18: Agustín Krevisky y Juan Martín Benitez.
J70: 707 de Ezequiel Despontin
Match 30 : Bandido de Hernán Mones Ruiz
Laser Standard : Julio Alsogaray
Laser Radial: Dolores Moreira
Moth: Franco Greggi
S33: XE de Fernando Landini
Finn: Martín Nash
Laser 4.7 y Copa Challenger Galicia Éminent: Stefano Caiafa

Pueden encontrar los resultados completos en este link 

Tuvimos 520 inscriptos repartidos en Optimist Timoneles, Optimist Principiantes, Match 30, F18, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Laser 4.7, J70, Moth, Grumete, S33 y Finn. Vienen de Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Francia, México, Paraguay, Perú, Trinidad Tobago y Uruguay.

Semana de Buenos Aires 2019, día 4.




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Luego de un día sin regatas por las condiciones climáticas, los navegantes volvieron con esperanzas renovadas para una nueva jornada de pruebas en el Río de la Plata.

Al principio del día soplaban aproximadamente 15 nudos del sudeste y con el correr de las horas el viento fue aumentando, acompañado de una ola interesante. Algunas clases tuvieron que regresar, pero la gran mayoría continuó disfrutando del sudeste. A las clases que corrieron el fin de semana pasado se sumaron Finn, S33 y Moth.

“Después de esperar un rato, pudimos salir a correr y tuvimos una regata sangrienta, fue muy divertido!” dijo Franco Greggi, quien ganó la única regata de Moth.

“Pensamos que no íbamos a poder correr , pero por suerte corrimos todas las regatas del día. Estuvo duro, pero la organización estuvo muy bien y fue todo rápido” dijo Agustín Krevisky quien después de diez regatas viene liderando en la clase F18.

Después de las regatas los navegantes fueron convocados para una charla de Yago Lange y Tati Besada, quienes propusieron el Desafío Unplastify de Clubes para reducir el uso del plástico y cuidar nuestras aguas. Pueden encontrar más información en este link

Luego con el hambre que generaron las regatas extremas del día, los participantes atacaron con gusto los sandwiches de pernil que había en la carpa.

Resultados parciales:

Optimist Principiantes: Salvador Iudica
Optimist Timoneles: Guido Van Avermaete.
420: Juan Ignacio Queirel y Juan Ignacio Regusci
29er :lgnacio Hermida y Maximiliano Kralj.
F18: Agustín Krevisky y Juan Martín Benitez.
J70: 707 de Ezequiel Despontin
Match 30 : Bandido de Hernán Mones Ruiz
Laser 4.7: Stefano Caiafa
Laser Standard : Julio Alsogaray
Laser Radial: Dolores Moreira
Moth: Franco Greggi
S33: XE de Fernando Landini
Finn: Martín Nash

Pueden encontrar los resultados completos en este link 

Mañana finaliza este gran evento y los esperamos en la premiación!

Tenemos 520 inscriptos repartidos en Optimist Timoneles, Optimist Principiantes, Match 30, F18, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Laser 4.7, J70, Moth, Grumete, S33. Vienen de Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Francia, México, Paraguay, Perú, Trinidad Tobago y Uruguay.

Quedense sintonizados para recibir todas las noticias importantes de este campeonatazo.

Snipe World Championship 2019 Ilhabela, Brasil. Triunfo para Henrique Haddad y Gustavo Nascimento.

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Henrique Haddad and Gustavo Nascimento (BRA) are the 2019 Snipe World Champions after a very long and challenging nine race series, during which the leaders at the end of each of the five days of racing would always be a different team.

Even this morning, going onto the racecourse, the top teams were all very tight and at least five boats could win the 2019 Snipe World Championships. The first race was sailed in an Easterly breeze of 10 knots, that the forecast didn’t predict lasting as th Southerly would fill, and it did for the final thrilling race.

During race 8, the provisional leaders, Damian Borras and Jordi Triay, went to the wrong side of the course and finished 46th, jeopardizing their final result. Alexandre Paradeda with Gabriel Kieling (BRA), Juninho de Jesus with Gabriel Borges (BRA) and Luis Soubie with Diego Lipszyc (ARG) didn’t miss the chance to improve their ranking positions, and finished respectively first, second and third; but even Haddad/Nascimento did well with a sixth place.

Race 9 got underway after the Committee repositioned the course way south, towards the Escola de Vela Lars Grael, home to the event.
At the first windward mark, the Spanish team rounded second behind Nick Grael with Fabio Horta, trying to make up for the previous race. Paradeda/Kieling and Haddad/Nascimento were not among the leading pack, leaving some room for hope to the Spanish. Borras then was first at the downwind gate, with Grael following and Haddad getting closer. The order didn’t change until the finish, when Grael/Horta passed Borras/Triay and won the last race. The Spanish finished second and had to wait for the Brazilian teams chasing behind.
Ralph Rosa with Alfredo Rovere (BRA) were third and Haddad/Nascimento fourth, erasing the Spanish hope for victory. But it was now their turn in waiting for the final position of Paradeda/Kieling, who could still claim the overall leadership. They finished 13th, and by just one point, handed the 2019 Snipe Worlds to Haddad/Nascimento.

“We couldn’t believe we won, we just tried to get less points that we could today, fighting on every tack. We just can’t believe it, it’s an incredible feeling!” said Henrique Haddad back ashore. “Today was a very long day, we started with an East wind and then waited a lot for the South to come in, we didn’t know if it would be better to have a race or not, but then we just enjoyed the moment, and we are loving this day, we’re not going to have another day like this one!”
“A very long championship, long upwinds as well, but in the end everything is worth it. Today we just had to do our race and forget the math and we did it, it’s a great moment right now!” confirmed Gustavo Nascimento. “It is even better to win it here in Brazil with our families following the races!”

With them on the podium another Brazilian flag will be hoisted, the one for Alexandre Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling who claim the silver medal, and on the third step, the Spanish Damian Borras and Jordi Triay.

The prize for the best mixed team will be awarded to Mateus Tavares with Kathleen Tocke (BRA/USA), sixth overall. This is a new award named after legendary female Brazilian sailor Bibi Juetz, who always sailed as a mixed team and is the only female to win the Snipe World Masters.

The curtains of the 2019 Snipe World Championship will close tonight after the official prize giving ceremony, but the party won’t be over so soon, the Brazilians know how to celebrate a World title win!