Nacional chileno de Melges 24, triunfo para Magic Marine.

© Benja Sans

© Benja Sans

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Nacional Melges24: Magic Marine, Campeón

Fueron 17 los inscritos que participaron en el Campeonato Nacional Melges24 Copa Mazda con sede en Punta Verde en el Lago Rapel, bajo el arbitraje de Kiko Kundig y Cristián González.

Sólo ocho de 10 regatas programadas (un descarte). se pudieron disputar producto de las difíciles condiciones de viento que se presentaron en el lago y que llevó a la Comisión de Regata a realizar muchas maniobras para poder establecer una justa cancha de regata.

Magic Marine de Pablo Gallyas, que se mantuvo al tope de la tabla desde el día inaugural consagró su título, ganado las dos últimas regatas del día final y totalizó 9 unidades en contra, sacando una buena diferencia de puntos a los que lo acompañaron en el podio. Centurión de Juan Moral (23) e Il Mostro de Sebastián Marisio (24).

SailGP Sidney día 1, Nathan Outteridge lidera con Team Japan.

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copyright Bob Martin for SailGP

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First SailGP event sets Sydney alight
Japan take early lead on opening day of SailGP Sydney

SYDNEY – February 15, 2019 – Sydney Harbour provided a spectacular backdrop for the historic global launch of SailGP. In front of thousands of spectators, pre-favourite Japan SailGP Team capitalized on slick crew work and prior big foiling catamaran experience on day one of the world premiere of SailGP.

The Japanese team, helmed by Nathan Outteridge, posted a huge victory in race one. They followed it up with two second-place finishes, a performance that has them leading the hometown favourites by one point midway through the championship’s opening event.

With adrenaline coursing through the veins and cool heads, Slingsby’s Australian team rallied for two commanding comeback wins, in races two and three. Their surprise fourth in the opening race pulled the local team in behind the overall leader Japan when the day’s points were counted.

“Our team did really well,” said Outteridge. “That was the first time we’ve ever done a race together as a group. We made some errors but obviously we made less errors than everyone else. For the first day of SailGP and the first day for our team I couldn’t ask for more.

“It was an incredible day. The breeze came in at the perfect moment and it was fantastic to see so many people out watching. There were some really good battles on the water; we loved every moment of it.”

Slingsby attributed Australia’s race one result to poor boat handling on the revolutionary F50, and failing to pick the right side of the course in tricky easterlies, between 6 and 10 knots. Although he did hit the top speed of the day, reaching 34 knots in under 10 knots of breeze.

“It wasn’t the start we wanted,” Slingsby admitted. “We had a list of things to go through after that and we got better starts and got away from the pack. When we sailed by ourselves it was pretty obvious to see we are fast. We just have to get out of the pack and get free.

“But that was an unbelievable a day. The atmosphere was incredible. At the end of the race we sailed over to the spectator fleet and there were thousands of people everywhere. There were Australian flags and people chanting, it was incredible.”

The rivalry between the six national teams was strong but at the top of the fleet the fight between the Australian and Japanese team is heating up.

“It’s out of Nathan’s hands; if we perform we’ll beat him,” said Slingsby, who finished the day on 27 points to Japan’s 28s.

Outteridge shot back with, “The Australians are easily beatable – they beat us today because we made mistakes.”

Day one of the two-day championship drew overwhelming support from thousands of people on spectator vessels, those enjoying the front row fan seats on Shark Island and a global broadcast audience.

The British team skippered by Dylan Fletcher, started strong in all three races, finishing the day third overall on the leaderboard.

Racing continues on Saturday, February 16 before the championship moves to Event 2, in San Francisco.

Leaderboard Sydney – Day 1
1st // Japan // 28pts
2nd // Australia // 27pts
3rd // Great Britain // 22pts
4th // United States // 20pts
5th // France // 19pts
6th // China // 19pts

Race 1
1st // Japan // 10pts
2nd // China // 9pts
3rd // Great Britain // 8pts
4th // Australia // 7pts
5th // United States // 6pts
6th // France // DNF

Race 2
1st // Australia // 10pts
2nd // Japan // 9pts
3rd // United States // 8pts
4th // Great Britain // 7pts
5th // France // 6pts
6th // China // 5pts

Race 3
1st // Australia // 10pts
2nd // Japan // 9pts
3rd // France // 8pts
4th // Great Britain // 7pts
5th // United States // 6pts
6th // China // 5pts

54° Semana Internacional del Yachting. Moth, Waszp y Kitefoil terminan su participación.

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Bienvenidos a la 54° Semana Internacional del Yachting
Club Náutico Mar del Plata – Yacht Club Argentino

Y con los últimos vuelos de los Moth, Waszp y Kitefoil se terminaron las regatas de la 54° edición de la Semana Internacional del Yachting, organizada por el Club Náutico Mar del Plata y el Yacht Club Argentino.

Las tres clases voladoras tuvieron su campeonato sábado, domingo y lunes. Hoy lo finalizaron, corriendo regatas dentro del puerto con más de 20 nudos,

Mario Segers se coronó campeón en la clase Moth luego de cinco regatas.

Luego de seis regatas en Kitefoil ganó Juan Bautista Dowbley, imponiéndose entre diez participantes.

En la clase Waszp el triunfo fue indiscutido: Luis Canuto ganó todas las pruebas y se llevó el primer lugar.

Al regreso se realizó la entrega de premios en el Club Náutico Mar del Plata.

¡Gracias por venir y los esperamos el año que viene!

La Semana Internacional del Yachting 2019 estuvo organizada por el Club Náutico Mar del Plata y el Yacht Club Argentino. Cuenta con el auspicio de Osde Neo, ISDIN, Galicia Eminent, The British Virgin Islands, Abad Brokers Seguros, Martecna, Grupo Veraz, Manolo, North Sails, Mito Espresso, Cerveza Ogham, Powerade y Proyecto Charcos.


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Star Midwinter Championship en Miami, triunfo para Paul Cayard y Magnus Liljedahl.

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Forty-two teams, from twelve countries, were graced by spectacular conditions on Biscayne Bay for the four-day Star Midwinters. The last event of the Star Winter Series attracted legends of the Class, as well as a number of younger teams who stayed on in Miami after the Junior Worlds. The last two days brought winds gusting above 20 knots, and teams enjoyed blasting down waves and thrilling reaches back to the club. The eight race event, is one of the hardest regattas to win on the circuit with no drop race. The championship came down to the last race with Paul Cayard and Magnus Liljedahl (USA) taking an early lead and Doyle and Infelise (USA) meeting with disaster and losing their rig, enough for Cayard and Liljedahl to take first honors.

The early part of the regatta brought sunny skies and medium breeze in all but one race. The Race Committee had to tone down the fleet after a number of general recalls, U Flags, and ultimately black flags to get races off. In race one, Cayard and Lilgedahl led at the top mark, but Doyle and Infelise played the right side on the downwind for pressure and stayed longer there passing Cayard and Grael. When asked about his team’s kinetics on the downwind, Infelise remarked, “It’s been a while since we’ve been in the boat together, so just getting back into the groove.” Get back into the groove they did, winning not only the first race, but half of the races in the series, in a variety of conditions. Day one also saw reigning European Champions, Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada win race two.

Day two started with lighter conditions, five to seven knots. Tomas Hornos and Pedro Trouche, who placed second in the Junior Worlds only days before, took an early lead, but again Doyle and Infelise, took advantage of some shifts to grind their way back to the front of the fleet for the win. “We sailed well on the downwinds,” said Doyle. “Payson, made a really good call on the downwind. It was our teamwork downwind that got us to where we were in the lead, we jibed early, and it got us out of big groups of boats that later got into trouble.”

The Midwinters includes the Walker Cup, named after Star Class, stalwart Harry Walker, and the trophy is presented after two days of racing in the Midwinters. This year, it was Paul Cayard and Magnus Lilgedahl to took home the trophy after consistent sailing in the top five.

Day three of the regatta, started with a postponement on shore due to storms around the bay. When the AP was lifted, teams sailed slowly downwind to the race course. By the time the first race started, the breeze built to a healthy fifteen knots and building chop. Race five was owned by birthday boy Lars Grael, sailing with perennial crew, Samuel Gonçalves. An elated Lars remarked how fortunate he was to do what he loves best on his birthday – sailing the Star in big breeze, with his friends, his crew Samuel, and his family there with him. His son, Nicolas was still in Miami, after placing fifth in the Star Junior Worlds earlier in the week. Doyle and and Infelise went on to take their fourth win of the regatta in race six, where the breeze had built to more than 20 knots.

Going into the final day day, only three points separated the top three boats, with Doyle and Cayard tied, and Grael a mere one point behind. The O’Leary brothers who sailed consistently in the top of the fleet, were in a distant third ready to battle it out with Tomas Hornos and Pedro Trouche for third. Diaz and Prada, were in fifth, with a slim chance to move up in the rankings.

Breeze was on for the final races, with big waves building on the lower end of the course and winds averaging 18 knots. In race seven, Hornos, despite claiming in the morning that he was too tired after six straight days of Star racing to perform well, found himself in the lead at the top mark with the O’Leary’s, Cayard, and Doyle hot on his heels. On the downwind, Hornos sped away, attributing his gain to separating from the group and being able to drive where he wanted and surf waves. He noted that his crew, the young Brazilian Pedro Trouche, “is the best. All the Brazilian crews are really good downwind. Pedro is super physical, getting the boat on the waves and keeping the boat surfing.” Lars Grael, met misfortune with a broken forestay and had to retire from races seven and eight, taking him out of the mix. Doyle and Infelise finished third after the O’Leary brothers, and Cayard and Lilgedahl were right there in fourth.

It came down to the wire in the final race, with Cayard only two points behind Doyle. Hornos and Trouche, avoided disaster narrowly missing a long anchor line at the pin end, slowing them off the start. Cayard and Lilgedahl nailed the start and led comfortably at the first mark. As fortune would have it, Doyle and Infelise rounded the top mark in fourth, but a port tack boat, coming up wind, was unable to avoid the pair. The two rigs collided, resulting in both boats losing their rigs. Cayard and Liljedahl went on to take the win. In the end, after redress earning them an average of 3.4 points for the regatta, Doyle and Infelise brought themselves back to second place overall, but it was Paul Cayard and Magnus Lilgedahl who claimed victory. Ireland’s Peter and Robert O’Leary finished third to round out the podium.

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Copa de España 2019 Windsurf y monotipo 2.4 mR y Regata de Carnaval, resultados finales.

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3ª y última jornada de las Copas de España para las clases Windsufing y 2.4 mR y Regata de Carnaval para vela ligera.

Jornada de poco viento con una regata válida para la mayoría de las clases.

Borja Melgarejo nuevo campeón de la Copa de España de 2.4 y el finlandés Janne Laine gana la Regata de Carnaval de esta clase.

En la Copa de España de Windsurfing, los mallorquines Madero y Baltasar ganan en las categorías Techno sub 15 y sub 17 respectivamente, mientras que Jorge Pardo del RCNGC en la categoría sub-13. El regatista grancanario, Ángel Granda vence en Techno Plus y Aurelio Terry en RS:X

Jorge Pardo, Nicolás Madero, y Nacho Baltasar ganadores de la Copa de España de Windsurf en las categorías masculinas. Sánchez, Winau, Fernández y Torres lo hicieron entre las chicas.

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54° Semana Internacional del Yachting, final de campeonato. En Optimist principiantes triunfo de Joaquín Galván del Club de Regatas La Plata.

Joaquin Galván del Club de Regatas La Plata, ganador en Optimist principiantes.

La presencia del medallista olímpico Santiago Lange le dio un brillo especial al cierre de campeonato. ¡Bien por el flaco!, siempre apoyando a la vela argentina.

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54° Semana Internacional del Yachting
Club Náutico Mar del Plata – Yacht Club Argentino

Finalizaron la mayoría de las clases la 54° edición de la Semana Internacional del Yachting, con una jornada espectacular de sol y buen viento. El campeón olímpico Santiago Lange estuvo paseando por el playón por la mañana , charlando con los navegantes y firmando cuanto elemento le pusieran enfrente (orzas, timones, gorras, brazos, achicadores… nombrenlo, Santiago lo firmó)

El viento llegaba del noroeste con una intensidad de entre 15 y 12 nudos, que permitieron grandes regatas para cerrar con moño el evento.

El puerto fue el escenario de dos regatas de principiantes a la mañana, tres medal races por la tarde y varias regatas de Waszp y Moth luego.

Los 420, 29er y 49er tuvieron sus medal races dentro del puerto, proporcionando un gran espectáculo para el público de la tribuna. Cada una de estas regatas estuvo llena de incertidumbre hasta el momento de cruzar la línea y los puestos del campeonato cambiaban en cada pierna.

En la clase 420 se coronaron campeones Martín Cloos y Alejandro Formica. En 29er luego de un duelo a muerte se quedaron con el primer lugar Ignacio Hermida y Maximiliano Kralj. Iván Aranguren y Felipe Diniz obtuvieron el primer puesto en el debut de la clase olímpica 49er.

Las tres categorías de la clase Laser pudieron finalizar su programa con los siguientes ganadores: Julio Alsogaray en Laser Standard, Luciana Cardozo en Laser Radial y Matías de Prado en 4.7.

En Optimist Timoneles se llevó el primer lugar Máximo Videla y en Optimist Principiantes Joaquin Galván.

Massimo Contessi tuvo su revancha por la tarde y viene liderando en Moth y Luis Canuto en Waszp. Estas dos clases continuarán volando hasta el lunes.

La entrega de premios se realizará a las 20 horas en el Club Náutico Mar del Plata.

Así finaliza esta fiesta del Yachting en una de las canchas más privilegiadas del país, con récord de participantes de todas partes del mundo y con una semana de excelentes vientos y regatas.
¡Los esperamos el año que viene!

La Semana Internacional del Yachting 2019 es organizada por el Club Náutico Mar del Plata y el Yacht Club Argentino. Cuenta con el auspicio de Osde Neo, ISDIN, Galicia Eminent, The British Virgin Islands, Abad Brokers Seguros, Martecna, Grupo Veraz, Manolo, North Sails, Mito Espresso, Cerveza Ogham, Powerade y Proyecto Charcos.

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