SIV de Río de Janeiro. Gran participación de Lange/Carranza en Nacra17, Alsogaray en Laser y Falasca en Laser Radial.

Santiago Lange y Cecilia Carranza terminan terceros (sobre 18) en la SVIRIO 2016, un gran resultado.

Lo de Julio Alsogaray esta siendo notable este año, y ojalá lo remate con un gran juego olímpico. Tercero también sobre 34 barcos. Sin dudas, una de las clases más difíciles.

Lucia Falasca queda 5ta. sobre 25 barcos. Me imagino lo contenta que estará, y rezando para que en agosto toquen estas condiciones que le sientan tan bien.

Facundo Olezza, nuestro representante en Finn, tuvo unas muy buenas tres primeras regatas y luego dejo de correr las 5 siguientes. Año de aprendizaje sin dudas.

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29ª Semana Internacional de Vela do Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Saíram mais 4 campeões na 29ª Semana Internacional de Vela do RJ 2016.
Na Classe Laser o titulo ficou com o velejador Robert Scheidt (Brasil), na Classe Laser Radial a Campeã foi á velejadora Annalise Murphy (Irlanda), o velejador Joel Junior (Nova Zelândia) foi o Campeão na Classe Finn e na Nacra 17 a dupla Allan Norregaerd e Anette Viberg (Dinamarca) foi grande vencedora.
Veja o resultado completo nos links abaixo.
Laser Radial:…/jul/semana_de_vela/laser_radial.htm
Nacra 17:…/2016/jul/semana_de_vela/nacra17.htm
Bons Ventos,
Diretoria de Vela

Semana Internacional de Vela de Río de Janeiro. En clase 49er FX, triunfo de las argentinas Vicky Travascio y Sol Branz.

copyright Fred Hoffmann Fotografia
Juntamente con este certamen se disputaba el torneo sudamericano de la clase asi que nuestras chicas son las nuevas campeonas sudamericanas. ¡ Felicitaciones !

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Sai o primeiro campeão da 29ª Semana Internacional de Vela do Rio de Janeiro.
A dupla argentina, formada por Victoria Travascio e Maria Sol Branz, sagrou-se Campeã da Semana de Vela, na Classe 49erFX, levanto também o Campeonato Sul Americana da classe.

A briga continua na Classe RS:X, masculino e feminino.
A liderança no masculino esta com o velejador de Singapura, Leonard Ong, e a velejadora Brasileira Bruna Martinelli esta na liderando no feminino.
Veja no link abaixo o resultado completo.

RS:X Men:…/2016/jul/semana_de_vela/rsx_men.htm
RS:X Women:…/2…/jul/semana_de_vela/rsx_women.htm

Bons Ventos,

Diretoria de Vela do ICRJ

Europeo de RS:X Helsinki. Charline Picon, Thomas Godard, Maya Morris y Titouan Le Bosq, campeones.

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Charline Picon, Thomas Goyard, Maya Morris and Titouan Le Bosq are the 2016 RS:X European Champions

July 9th, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – The tension on the water at the 2016 RS:X European & Youth European Windsurfing Championships in Helsinki, Finland was fully loaded as Medal Races across the four fleets drew to a close. Many podium finishers from six days of racing here in Hernesaari will feature on the pedestal of the 2016 Rio Olympics, starting in 27 days.

It was a funny day here in Helsinki as the morning started with sunshine in a clear blue sky and south-westerly wind of 5-6 m/s for racing. All fleets were off to the water according to the schedule, but came ashore shortly in a while because of strong and cold fog spread out on the race course due to the water temperature’s decrease about five degrees. Only Women’s Youth fleet was lucky to get one Final Race sailed before to be lost in the fog. After waiting ashore for a couple of hours, the fog disappeared as fast as it came and the most expected races got started.

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Europeo de RS:X Helsinki, día 5.

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Friday, 8 July 2016

All set for the Final Stage at the 2016 RS:X Open Europeans in Helsinki

July 8th, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – The excitement is at its height in Finland because today was a conclusive day for the athletes to achieve the best possible positions for the Medal Races to be held tomorrow. Top ten best sailors in all fleets were found out for the Medal Races in tricky conditions. Not much to wait anymore when the 2016 RS:X European & Youth European Windsurfing Champions will be awarded in Hernesaaren Ranta, Helsinki, Finland.
The racing today was held in shifty winds ranging from as low as 9 to as much as 14 knots, changing around 20 degrees during the day. The racing started in westerly wind, then wind was dropping for a while, but when the sky started to clear and sun came out, also wind picked up again turning to South. It was not easy day for the youth as wind was dropping under 5 knots on their race course and they were moving to the adults’ race course to seek some more wind there, after men and women were finished their racing. It was a better day for windsurfers with sunshine and increasing temperature up to 19 degrees of Celsius, was very much expected on that day.

In the Women’s fleet three races today and altogether twelve races sailed in the Opening Series by now. A wonderful performance was made by young Stefania Elfutina from Russia (RUS-271) winning two races and climbing to the second place, being also the best in Women’s U21 fleet. Only two-points-gap is between her and Zofia Noceti-Klepacka (POL-8), who is going to the Medal Race from the leading position. Charline Picon (FRA-4) kept her position in top three after Opening Series and we’ll see if the podium after Medal Race will be completed by the same sailors.

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Europeo de RS:X Helsinki, día 4.

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Τhursday, 7 July 2016

The Leaders Start To Form At 2016 RS:X Open Europeans in Helsinki

July 7th, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – After a sunny day there was not much more than steady wind to like about today’s weather in Helsinki. Instead of sunshine grey sky with showers and thermometer did not show more than +14 degrees Celsius.

Westerly wind from 7 up to 14 knots helped to get three races done for all fleets today. Sailors went to the water according to the schedule and the first warning signal of the day was given at 11 am.

In the Women’s fleet the power lines will start to form after Day 4. After nine races sailed ZofiaNoceti-Klepacka (POL-8), who in her career won the Windsurfing World Championships in 2007 and participated in three editions of the Olympic Games, winning the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, is a strong leader with twenty two points by now.

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Europeo de RS:X Helsinki, día 3.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sunny day for racing at the 2016 RS:X Open Europeans in Helsinki

July 6th, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – It was a great morning in Helsinki today – both for some athletes enjoying their spare day and for these going for racing. The sunshine, increased temperature and enough wind made everybody happy. Women and youth men, who did not have scheduled number of races sailed up to today, got three additional races to their series.

Besides the sun this morning in Hernesaari Ranta greeted the athletes with 11 knots wind from the West. Wind was picking up to 14 knots until noon and dropped to 9 knots by the final race of the day.

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Road to Río. Reportaje de Richard Aspland al medallista argentino Santiago Lange.

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Family fuels a legends return

When sports stars retire there is often a period of second thought and sometimes a second coming. Multi World Champion Michael Schumacher for example made a Formula 1 comeback. Arguably the greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan even made two comebacks from retirement.

Like Schumacher and Jordan, whatever the motives for a return, sometimes they are welcome just for the person and the personality. A perfect sailing example for this is Argentina’s double Olympic bronze medallist, Santiago ‘Santi’ Lange. A much loved person around any sailing boat park.

In Seoul 1988 a fresh faced 26-year-old Santi competed in his first Olympic Games in the Soling class, returning home with a ninth place finish. With no multihull in the London 2012 competition, Lange hung up his Olympic salopettes following his Beijing 2008 Tornado bronze, or so he thought…

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Europeo de RS:X Helsinki, día 2.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Another challenging day at the 2016 RS:X Open Europeans in Helsinki

July 5th, 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – The second day of the RS:X Windsurfing Europeans in Hernesaari, Helsinki got a great start with a good chance to get a maximum number of races sceduled as the wind forecast was very promising. Especially eager to race were women and the blue fleet of the youth men as despite of the Race Committee’s good will and many attempts to start the races for these fleets none of them were finished due to the unstable and shifty winds on the opening day.

PRO Lars Nyqvist (FIN) was happy to see everything going by the plan. “We have the conditions quite close to what was forecasted for today. The wind of WNW with velocity of ten knots was great to start the racing at 11 am. Shifts were causing some delays on the race course B where the youth fleet was racing, but luckily we did not need to change the course, only the buoys were moved a bit to correct the course. The wind picked up to twelve knots in a while and approaching clouds brought some strong gusts and shower to the race course. Everything worked well on the A course and both women and men got three races done by 3 pm giving them a Spare Day for Wednesday.”

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