AC35. Iain Murray, director de regata en Bermuda.

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Intense competition is right at the heart of the America’s Cup. Throughout its 166 year history the rivalries between owners, skippers, crews, yacht clubs, fans and nations have been some of the most intriguing facets of the competition for the world’s oldest sporting trophy. With that in mind, finding a truly independent person in the midst of the America’s Cup could be considered unlikely, but in the America’s Cup Race Management’s (ACRM’s) Iain Murray, Regatta Director of the 35th America’s Cup, that person exists.

As Iain himself puts it in a recent interview you can see HERE “The teams have put me in this position because they know me and they trust me to come out with a fair and honest outcome.”

Who is the most independent man in the America’s Cup? This recent interview with Iain explains perfectly who he is and what the role of the ACRM is in the 35th America’s Cup.

Iain is an Australian, originally from Sydney, who was Regatta Director of the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco and will be Regatta Director of the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda 2017.

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Red Bull Youth America´s Cup. El equipo español Spanish Impulse presenta su imagen.

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Spanish Impulse presenta su imagen de cara a la Youth America´s Cup

La firma hotelera Iberostar destaca como sponsor principal del equipo, junto con los partners Club Náutico de Cambrils y Air Europa. Además el equipo comienza hoy nuevamente sus entrenamientos, esta vez en Palma de Mallorca.

Tras la aprobación del diseño por parte de la America´s Cup Event Autority (ACEA), el equipo español en la Red Bull Youth America´s Cup, Spanish Impulse, presenta la imagen con la que competirá en Bermuda el próximo mes de junio. En el diseño realizado por Didier Gorón de Zink Comunicación, respeta los márgenes marcados por la organización y la bandera nacional, destacando la firma Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, sponsor principal del proyecto. Además, junto a la firma hotelera también se encuentra el Club Náutico de Cambrils, principal socio deportivo en esta competición y la línea aérea Air Europa, socio logístico del equipo.

Asimismo, y coincidiendo con su estreno de imagen, el equipo comienza en el Real Club Náutico de Palma su quinto entrenamiento a bordo del Ninja, un catamarán prototipo de 38 pies concebido para los entrenamientos tanto del Team New Zealand y Artemis en la pasada edición de la America´s Cup. Sin duda el Ninja propiedad de la velería Evolution Sails, será un banco de pruebas muy fiable y parecido al de los AC 45 en los que se disputará la Youth America´s Cup. El planing será navegar toda la semana combinando las sesiones en el agua y en tierra con vídeos y charlas teóricas.

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AC35. Artemis Racing presenta “Magic Blue”, su catamarán para la Copa America.

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Artemis Racing launch their America’s Cup Class Yacht

Artemis Racing, the Swedish challengers for the 35th America’s Cup, launched their America’s Cup Class (ACC) yacht today at a ceremony at their team base in Morgan’s Point, Bermuda. The boat was officially christened Magic Blue by Natalia Törnqvist and was lowered into the water for the very first time in front of a crowd of invited guests and the team’s family, friends, boat builders, designers, sailors and shore crew.

Torbjörn Törnqvist, owner of Artemis Racing, was on hand at the event to see the hard work and thousands of hours of design and build culminate in the launch of the team’s ACC boat and said: “This is a great day. It’s very exciting to see the result of so much hard work in design, engineering and construction finally here. It feels good and the boat looks fabulous.

“We have reached this point after years of work, all starting with the rules. All the teams’ boats might look, to the untrained eye, more or less identical , but under the surface there is a lot of work in design and theory that differentiates them and which has to be tested on computer systems and on the water, so there really are many thousands of hours involved in this, getting us to this point.

“However, now, with less than 100 days to go, we are on the home stretch. The focus goes from design and development to trying to sail the boat the best we can, and extract the maximum from it.

“We feel we have a good boat, but so do the others. We’ve all been keeping an eye on each other so we all know where the strengths of each team are, but I think the conclusion so far is that you cannot predict anything.

”Next to talk about Magic Blue was Artemis Racing Skipper Nathan Outteridge. “It’s very exciting, rolling out the boat today. It’s been a long time coming! We’ve had two development boats over the last couple of years, testing various foils and systems, and what we’ve launched today is the result of everything we’ve learnt. We’ll get to go sailing on it very soon and then we’ll be racing it for real in a few months.

“I’ve been watching the boat come together over the last few months here in Bermuda and as that build takes place, as members of the sailing team, you want to get in, see the boat and help everyone put it together, but we know that’s not really our job. But finally it’s handed over to us today and now it’s our turn to see what it’s capable of. We have a very exciting couple of weeks ahead, finding out what this boat is really capable of, and that’s obviously very exciting.

“Now we have a few months before racing begins so we have to get out there and start pushing the boat, finding out how quick it is, and improving it. It’s not a simple job of just wheeling it out today and racing it – the shore crew and the designers have done an amazing job to give us this craft, but we’re all aware there’s going to be more development to come in the next few months, so the sooner we get it out there the sooner we can create job lists to really start learning about it.”

With the wraps now off Artemis Racing’s boat, that brings to four the number of America’s Cup team ACC boats that have now been launched. Land Rover BAR, ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand have all unveiled the incredible foiling catamarans that they will be racing on Bermuda’s Great Sound in May and June 2017, leaving only SoftBank Team Japan and Groupama Team France to show the world what they will be racing in their challenge to win the 35th America’s Cup.