AC35. SoftBank Team Japan completa dos meses de tests y entrenamientos en Bermuda.

© Matt Knighton

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26 Apr 2016


With just over thirteen months until the 35th America’s Cup, SoftBank Team Japan has been wasting no time in their testing program having spent eight solid weeks sailing their AC45 Sport “Otosan” on the Great Sound in Bermuda.

Following a fantastic training conditions last week that saw the team get out on the water four out of five days, we caught up with Skipper and CEO Dean Barker to give as much insight as possible into the design race the team is chasing. Here’s what he had to say about the team’s design goals, what they’re learning about the AC45 Sport, and the advantages of sailing alongside other competitors during this phase:

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35 America´s Cup. Land Rover BAR bota el T3.

© Photo Rick Tomlinson/Land Rover BAR

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T3: Booted up and ready to fly

In a scene more reminiscent of The Matrix than Master and Commander, Land Rover BAR have launched the third in their series of testing boats.

Audio communications network; jacked in and levels tested. Check.
Computer; booted, logged in and network live. Check.
Fibre optic and six-axis motion sensor arrays; online, calibrated, tested and responding. Check.

The rules only allow the team to build one full-size 50 foot America’s Cup Class (ACC) boat. However, the team can build shorter (45 foot) versions as test boats – T3 is one of these, and while it looks very like the final race boat, it’s a few feet shorter. The rules also define much of the hull shape and structure, making wing and hydrofoil control systems one of the key technology battlegrounds.

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