2018 Foiling Awards, premios mayores para tripulantes y diseñadores de Copa America.

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America’s Cup sailors and designers win big at 2018 Foiling Awards

The foiling awards 2018 ceremony was held on February 11th in a location where the history of foiling was hovering directly above the crowd: the majestic Luna Rossa AC72 from San Francisco cup edition was in fact just meters away at the “Leonardo Da Vinci” Museo della Scienza e Tecnologia in Milan, allowing guests to appreciate the catamaran silver livery. A good match indeed to the Foiling Awards silverware in display.

The evening was also the opportunity for Foiling Week™ to launch the Projects S.A.S. , the world first foiling boat allowing able and disabled sailors to fly together.

The idea, devised by Foiling Week™, was introduced to demonstrate the FW core values: Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability. Designed by foiling guru Guillaume Verdier, the first prototype, the IRUS 5.5, is under construction in Lorient: the boat is a mini-IMOCA with dali foils, swing keel and double T rudders.

Once tested with modified seats and controls the new boat will be built at the world class facilities of Persico Marine.

Marcello Persico joined the stage to present the project with Simone Ungaro, CEO of Movendo Technology (a company involved in robot-based rehabilitation) which is also supporting the project.

At  last two of the project S.A.S. testimonials contributed to the evening. Glenn Ashby of Emirates Team New Zealand did appear in video and Max Sirena of Luna Rossa Challenge was present to show his support to the cause.

The project fund-raising was opened by Luca Rizzotti, Foiling Week™ co-founder, by showing the newly opened Project S.A.S. dedicated bank account:
IBAN: IT 15 Z 01030 34211 000001855235

Vittorio D’Albertas, the ceremony MC, passed the baton to Bruno Giuntoli, Foiling Week™ competitions manager, that opened officially two newly launched design competitions: the MP eFoiler, in partnership with Gurit and Torqeedo, is dedicated to professional yacht design firms with the aim of designing a Multipurpose Electric powered foiling boat. The other is the SuMo competition, dedicated to naval architecture students, for the construction of a sustainably built Moth class compliant foiler.

The evening did reach the apex with the presentation of the Awards Winners:

Foiling Sailor presented by GAC Pindar
for best foiling sport achievement
Glen Ashby

Foiling Design presented by Persico Marine
projects still in design or in early production phase
America’s Cup Ac75 (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

Production Foiling Boat presented by Gurit
foiling craft already in production and being sailed
Manta Moth

One Off Foiling Boat presented by Gurit
foiling craft not intended for production, being sailed
Monofoil Gonet

Foiling Innovation by Foiling Week™
foiling design solutions applied to flight control / design / construction, excluding hull construction
America’s Cup AC75 Foil set up (Emirates Team New Zealand – luna Rossa Challenge)

Foiling Sustainability presented by Torqeedo
ideas, inventions, design, initiative that will have a beneficial impact on environment
Autonomous Sailing Vessel by Artemis Technology

The Award ceremony was closed by Domenico Boffi, Foiling Week™ co-founder, remarks and invite to join the
the first Foiling Week™ of the year in July at Fraglia Vela Malcesine.

More info
Design competitions foilingweek.com
Foiling Awards foilingweek.com
Torqeedo www.torqeedo.com
Gurit www.gurit.com
Persico Marine www.persicomarine.com
Movendo Tecnology www.movendo.technology

54° Semana Internacional del Yachting en Mar del Plata. Quinto día de regatas.

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54° Semana Internacional del Yachting
Club Náutico Mar del Plata – Yacht Club Argentino

El mar siguió llenandose de velas en el quinto día de regatas de la 54° edición de la Semana Internacional del Yachting, evento organizado entre el Club Náutico Mar del Plata y el Yacht Club Argentino.

El día comenzó con vientos de 14 nudos, provenientes del 015°. Luego fue borneando hacia el este y aumentando hasta llegar a los 20-22 nudos.

Las tres categorías de la clase Laser, como siempre muy numerosas, hicieron su debut en esta edición para completar tres pruebas frente a Cabo Corrientes.

En la categoría Laser Standard viene liderando Tomás Pellejero. Juan Pablo Cardozo se encuentra en el primer lugar en Radial. En 4.7 tiene el primer puesto Matías de Prado.

Julián Finsterbusch y Franco Barone se encuentran todavía en el primer puesto de la Clase Cadet que completó tres pruebas en la cancha de Playa Grande. En esta misma cancha se encontraba la flota de Optimist Timoneles, categoría en la cual viene liderando Amparo Stupenengo.

Los Optimist Principiantes corrieron dos regatas dentro del puerto y el primer puesto es para Joaquín Galván.

En la cancha de Punta Mogotes corrieron los 420, los 29er y los 49er. La primera clase completó rápidamente sus tres pruebas y se encuentran aún en el primer lugar Tomás Civini y Lihuel Lachini.
Los 29er corrieron cuatro regatas y quienes se encuentran en la punta de la tabla son Felipe Cosentino y Tomás Fitte, empatados con Ignacio Hermida y Maximiliano Kralj. La clase olímpica 49er, que está corriendo su primer Semana Internacional del Yachting, tiene como líderes a Felipe Diniz e Iván Aranguren.

Mañana descansarán ambas categorías de la Clase Optimist, mientras el resto continuará participando.

La Semana Internacional del Yachting 2019 cuenta con el auspicio de Osde Neo, ISDIN, Galicia Eminent, The British Virgin Islands, Abad Brokers Seguros, Martecna, Grupo Veraz, Manolo, North Sails, Mito Espresso, Cerveza Ogham, Powerade y Proyecto Charcos.


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Bienvenido Riotecna a Juanpanews.com

Bienvenido Riotecna, a Juanpanews.com, y como siempre con novedades.
El reconocido astillero de Optimist, 29er, Cadet, Snipe, 2.4, y L no Homologado, ya está en la etapa final del lanzamiento del nuevo 420 de su producción.
También ha cambiado su forma de comercialización, ya que desde ahora sus clientes pueden comprar en forma directa en astillero, a precios promocionales, o comprar a través de su distribuidor Martecna, como lo hacían habitualmente.

Jules Verne Trophy, Spindrift 2 alcanza la longitud de Cape Agulhas.

The first Cape!

After 12 days, 14 hours, 58 minutes, Spindrift 2 reached the longitude of Cape Agulhas on Tuesday at 0240 UTC (0340 French Time), sailing from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Whilst maintaining the lead on Francis Joyon and his teams’ world record of 6 hours 43 minutes. In order to reach this point of Africa, Yann Guichard and his eleven crew members had to sail around the Saint Helena anticyclone to be able to benefit from the downwind sailing of the Southern Ocean, in other words, a 700-miles round tour…

The first of the three symbolic Capes of this round the world sailing race, the Cape of Good Hope, was reached after just 12 days 13 hours 8 minutes: one of the best ever times of the Trophée Jules Verne, which first started in 1993. But it was several miles away to the South East, at Cape Agulhas, where the time reference comes into its own as this point of Africa marks the entrance into the Indian Ocean. However, in order to reach it, Spindrift 2 had to navigate around the Saint Helena anticyclone, go through an oceanic ridge and finally, take a left before heading towards Cape Agulhas.

Despite this detour, which forced the black and gold trimaran to dive South up to 43°, Yann Guichard and his 11 crew members keep a lead: 6 hours and 43 minutes, (equivalent to 300 miles) on the reference time of IDEC Sport, the current record holder. As a result, Spindrift 2 took 12 days, 14 hours, 58 minutes from Ushant to reach Cape Angulhas, and from the equator, 7 days 17 hours to go beyond this point in Africa.
A favourable Indian Ocean?

« “We had to take a large detour to get around the Saint Helena anticyclone: we had to go down to 40° South before turning left! It was pretty extreme, but we didn’t have any other way of cutting across: we just had to grin and bear it, especially as we had had a crosswind and head seas which weren’t easy to navigate through… For three days we’ve been stepping up the pace and it feels good: we’ve just reached the Cape of Good Hope and we’re sticking to the targets we set out for ourselves.” » said Yann Guichard after reaching Cape Angulhas.

Taking confidence from this reference time entering the Indian Ocean, which remains the third best time in the Trophée Jules Verne, the skipper, his crew and their onshore router, Jean-Yves Bernot, are pretty comfortable about the next stage as the Mascareignes Anticyclone (Southern Madagascar) is well placed on Crozet Island and will start to head North over the next few days towards the Kerguelen archipelago, pushed by a southern depression. At an average speed of over 35 knots for 3 days, the black and gold trimaran will be able to hold this steady pace through a relatively manageable ocean heading to south of the Kerguelen!

“The sun has been up for a couple of hours and we really know we’re in the Indian Ocean! We’ll be reaching 50° South soon, the weather’s grey and temperature of the water is 2°C… But with albatross at our side, it’s amazing! The conditions are on our side to help us reach Kerguelen quickly. We’ll leave the Kerguelen to the North as we’ll undoubtedly go down to 53-54° south. However, we’ll also have icebergs ahead of us from Wednesday: we’ll need to keep watch on the radar and with our infrared glasses. It’s looking a bit tense… We should sail the length of the anticyclone while being powered along by the southern winds: it’s looking pretty good up to the Kerguelen, but after that, we’ll have several gybes to go which will slow us down a little. We should still get through the Indian Ocean quickly without wasting too much time and hope to get to the Pacific, South of Tasmania with too much delay.”» Mentioned the skipper on Spindrift 2.

If this southerly course enables the team to shorten their route while benefiting from a sustained current, going down to 53° South would present them with the problem of drifting ice and where a number of icebergs have been clearly located by the CLS satellites. On this stretch of the route, Spindirft 2 needs to be very fast because Francis Joyon and his crew made the Indian Ocean crossing extremely quickly as they still hold the WSSRC record (5d 21h 8m)! Having said that, the capabilities of the black and gold trimaran in the breeze give hope that it will retain the lead on IDEC Sport’s timing to South of Tasmania, the hot spot between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

Semana de la Vela Santander Chile. Estampa Del Viento, Aura y Wichita campeones.

© Rodrigo Aljaro

© Rodrigo Aljaro

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Estampa Delviento, Aura y Wichita campeones de la Semana de la Vela Santander

Pelicano, en J/80: Patio LV, en J/70; Valdivieso en J-24; EFG Vendetta en Melges24; Sur en Crucero y Matías Sandoval en VX One los otros vencedores.

Estampa Delviento, en Soto40; Aura, en IRC y Wicihita, en J/105, fueron los campeones de la Semana de la Semana de la Vela Santander, quinta fecha del Campeonato Nacional Oceánico que se desarrolló en Lago Llanquihue con sedes de Frutillar y Puerto Varas, reuniendo a 100 barcos de 14 clases náuticas que disputaron 156 regatas en total.

El barco de Miguel González totalizó 37 negativos en las 13 regatas disputadas. Lo escoltaron Santander de Jorge Araneda, ganador de las dos regatas de cierre, con 44 y BTG Pactual de Jorge Errázuriz, también con 44.

Aura de Óscar Ormeño, en tanto, alzó la copa de campeón en IRC, al sumar 22 unidades, en las 11 regatas, un descarte. Caleuche de la Escuela Naval, 24 y Chispezza de Andrés Hasbún, 26 lo acompañaron ene le podio.

En J/105 oro para Wichita de José Tomás Errázuriz, 26. Plata para Plan B de Jorge González (35) y bronce para Grand Slam de Patricio Seguel (35).

Valdivieso de Felipe Molina (11 regatas, un descarte), totalizó 12 malos para quedarse con la clase j-24, escoltado por Guamblin y Mariscal de la Escuela de Grumetes, 20 y 25 negativos.

En Melges24, EFG Vendetta de J, González, P.Silva y L. Zuñiga, lo escoltaron seguido de Magic Marine de Pal Gallyas, 19 y Gorila de Enrique Vergara, 34.

En Crucero, fueron los tres primeros, Sur de Juan Ignacio Molina,10. Big Mac4 de Brian Mc Donald, también con 10 y Molino Viejo de R. Carrasco y F. Sandoval, 14.

En J/80, el podio fue para Pelicano de Ezequías Allende y Alfredo Valdés, 14 puntos; Cosaco de Anton Felmer, 22 y Cumberland Yatch Charter de Gabriel Jordan, 26.

Patio LV de Manuel Urzúa fue el mejor en J/70, tras acumular 18 puntos seguido por Uroboro de Francisca Cisterna (19) y Albatros de Paulo Molina (28)

Matías Sandoval en VX One, (11); Thomas Engell, (15) y Mathias Klotz, (28), sus escoltas.

Vela Menor

OPtimist: 1) Ángeles Román, 15: 2) Constanza Olivares, 23 y 3) Borja Guzmán 31.

En Laser 4.7: Andrés Asenjo, 18¸ Natalia Vera 22 y Jerónimo Simpson, 25.

En Radial: Agustina Jordan, 20, Dominga Gumucio, 27 y Vicente Zamora, 34.

Laser: Juan Ignacio Almarza, 17; Carlos Gómez, 25 y Agustín Jordán 31.

2019 eSailing World Championship, premio de diez mil dolares para el ganador.

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Prize money on the line for 2019 eSailing World Championship
For immediate release: 01/22/2019
Issued on behalf of: World Sailing

The stakes will be higher than ever in the 2019 eSailing World Championship as the second season was officially launched today (22 January 2018) at boot Düsseldorf in Germany.

Following a successful first season, that saw 169,000 eSailors from 74 nations compete over six months, the second will see the introduction of prize money, a new competition format, National Championships and more global live events.

Existing eSailors and new players are invited to race, for free, and the first challenge is available now and can be played on desktop as well as iOS and Android devices:

A prize fund of $10,000 USD, generously provided by Virtual Regatta, the leading digital sailing platform, will be up for grabs and will be awarded to the 2019 champion.

Running for eight months, the 2019 season will be governed by the Virtual Racing Rules of Sailing and will feature daily challenges, in-season PlayOffs, a Finals PlayOff and a Live Final in Bermuda at the end of October.

Click here to Like the new eSailing World Championship Facebook page.

Challenges will either be connected to real-world sailing events, such as the Hempel World Cup Series, or will be digital challenges. Each one will be graded based on its importance and eSailors will earn ranking points towards the eSailing World Championship World Ranking. Challenge winners and top ranked players will advance to the in-season PlayOffs, of which there will be one in the winter, spring and summer.

Click here for the eSailing World Championship website.

Alongside the regular eSailing World Championship, up to ten National eSailing Championships will be held, allowing eSailors the opportunity to gain domestic bragging rights. The Deutscher Segler-Verband are World Sailing’s first Member National Authority to commit with a German eSailing National Championship to take place in 2019. Further nations and formats will be announced shortly.

The leading eSailors from the in-season PlayOffs, challenge winners and the top ten national eSailors will advance to September’s 1,000 player Final PlayOff. A series of challenges will determine who the top global eSailors are and who will be invited to the Live Final on an all-expenses paid trip to Bermuda, host of World Sailing’s 2019 Annual Conference.

The eSailors will then fight for the coveted eSailing World Championship title and the $10,000 USD prize fund.

In 2018, spectators at the Hempel Sailing World Championships were able to race in the eSailing World Championship during live spectacles within the city and at the spectator stand, just off the real-world racing areas. The success of this will be built upon in 2019 with further live events planned.

All major World Sailing events will feature live eSailing events, including the Hempel World Cup Series which starts next week in Miami, Florida, USA. eSailors worldwide will have the opportunity to race against Olympic champions and prospective 2020 Olympians and spectators will be able to engage directly on-site with the sport.

Internationally recognised boats such as the J/70, Nacra 17 and 49er will continue to feature in the game in 2019 with further, exciting boats with the intricate details that make them unique to be added throughout the year. Furthermore, additional venues will added, joining the likes of San Francisco, Porto Cervo and Marseille.

Andy Hunt, World Sailing CEO, said, “The 2018 eSailing World Championship was a brave new venture for World Sailing. We have a duty to promote the sport in all its forms and reaching 169,000 people shows that the first year was a great success.

“It is important that we now build on that success and continue to appeal to the expert sailors and non-sailors alike. The aim is to try and inspire more people to take up the sport and through this game we will look to provide opportunities through our members to increase participation of our sport.

“2019 is another key year in the development of the eSailing World Championship and with the developments made in the season structure and the gameplay, I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Philippe Guigné, Founder and CEO of Virtual Regatta, commented, “The first eSailing World Championship season went beyond our expectations and was a great success.

“For the second season, we have evolved, adding in new features yet keeping the heart of the gameplay central to all our initiatives. In 2019, we will introduce more language versions with the game available in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

“New sailing cities and boats will be added throughout the year and we have added more social features to allow greater connections between sailors and eSailors around the world.”

Regata Bosch Service Solutions J70 en Vigo, triunfo para Noticia V de José María Torcida “Pichu”.

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Regata Bosch Service Solutions J70

“Noticia V” del Marítimo de Santander gana el primer acto en Vigo

Con la Regata Bosch Service Solutions, arrancó en aguas de la ría de Vigo el primer acto de las Winter Series de J70 que organiza la asociación de la clase y el Real Club Náutico de Vigo, y que ha logrado reunir a lo más granado de la vela española, en este monotipo que es el de moda de alta competición. El primer acto puntuable, se celebró a lo largo de este fin de semana con un total de seis mangas, y ofrece por líder al patrón cántabro José María Torcida “Pichu” del Real Club Marítimo de Santander, que con su “Noticia V” logró un primer lugar parcial, tres segudos, un tercero y un cuarto, entre los 16 monotipos que se dieron cita en aguas viguesas.

“Noticia” que contó con Torcida y con Cabiedes, estuvo reforzado en esta acto por Tabares y Robín… dejando a las claras que forman una tripulación muy compacta y sin fisuras, en las que su regularidad fue básica para situarse en el liderato provisional. Tras los santanderinos otro de los favoritos, el “Marnatura” armado por Enrique Freire y con el joven patrón lusitano Manel María a la caña, que representó al Náutico de Vigo. El barco de Freire logró dos primeros lugares, lo que no fue suficiente para desbancar a Torcida.

El bronce era para uno de nuestros mejores cañas, Gonzalo Araújo con “Laguardia & Moreira”, que también lograba dos primeros parciales… completando dos excelentes cañas el top five de esta Regata Bosch Service Solutions: el caña de Copa América, el malagueño Laureano Wizner, con “Gexticom Gruop” y el “Abril Verde” del ourensano Luis Pérez Canal.

Para dar una idea del fortísimo nivel que en estas pruebas monotipadas, está que dos patrones de auténtico lujo, como el coruñés Malalo Bermúdez de Castro o el vigués Pablo Iglesias están fuera de las primeras posiciones. Para el próximo mes de febrero, el segundo.

Regata Bosch Service Solutions de J70
Acto I – Clasificación general

1º NOTICIA V de Pichu Torcida, 10 puntos
2º MARNATURA 1 de Enrique Freire, 14
3º LAGUARDIA & MOREIRA de Gonzalo Araújo, 17
4º GEXTICOM GROUP de Laureano Wizner, 24
5º ABRIL VERDE de Luis Pérez Canal, 24
6º MERCADO BOANERGES de Malalo Bermúdez de Castro, 27
7º PATAKIN de Luis Albert Solana, 27
8º SOGACSA de Pablo Iglesias, 30
9º ABRIL ROJO de Jorge Pérez Canal, 40
10º PAZO DE CEA de Ramón Ojea, 41