Juegos Olímpicos Paris 2024, video explicativo de la nueva clase offshore mixta en dobles.

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World Sailing launch Paris 2024 Mixed Offshore explanatory film

For immediate release: 08/16/2019
Issued on behalf of: World Sailing

For the first time in sailing’s Olympic history, a Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat event will be on the programme at the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.

The Mixed Two Person Offshore Keelboat will join kiteboarding, windsurfing, multihulls, singlehanded and doublehanded dinghies and skiffs, promoting the diversity of the sport. This in turn will support World Sailing’s desire to promote and grow universality in all disciplines and increase female participation with gender equal medals and athletes.

More than 70% of the globe is water – sailing’s field of play – and offshore sailing is played out across long distances in both light and strong wind conditions and a variety of sea states that test an athletes resolve. Offshore sailing is the ultimate test of endurance , skill, discipline, navigation and critical decision making.

Embracing a major part of sailing in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will enable new stars of the sport to come to the forefront.


Offshore sailing is a universal discipline that every World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA) can participate in.

Up to 20 nations will be on the startline at Paris 2024 and sailors from every continent will be represented. To qualify for the Olympic Games, continental qualification events will be held and competition for a spot will be fierce.


For qualification events, World Sailing will approve a list of one-design boats that are already regionally available and can be accessed as a charter boat. Boats will be equalised to ensure fair competition.

For Paris 2024, World Sailing’s Council will select a list of different Equipment it considers to meet the key criteria by 31 December 2020 and then make a decision on the Equipment, selecting from the list, no later than 31 December 2023.

MNAs, Class Associations and Manufacturers have all been invited to propose Equipment for the list and a World Sailing Working Party will evaluate each proposal. A recommended list will be presented to Council for approval in November 2020.

This recommended Equipment list will ensure that event organisers, MNAs and the sailors have opportunities to train and compete in Equipment that is readily available and affordable within their continent and country. It will also ensure each MNA has a fair opportunity to prepare for qualification events and eventually, Paris 2024.


Starting and finishing in Marseille, the Mixed Offshore event is expected to last for either three days and two nights or four days and three nights off the French coastline and whoever crosses the finish line first will be declared Olympic champion.

The race course and length will be announced in the lead up to the start so the competition can take advantage of the latest weather forecast. Current options proposed include long and short courses heading towards the West and East of France.

Safety and Security

The French Navy and Mediterranean forces have extensive experience of supporting major oceanic sailing races. They will provide safety and security at Paris 2024.

At the recent Hempel World Cup Series Final in Marseille, France, a demonstration of safety and security procedures was presented to the sailors, coaches and officials.

Media and eSailing

The Olympic programme features 28 sports, all fighting for broadcast time and space in written and digital publications.

The Mixed Offshore event will be the longest and toughest of all Olympic sporting events and will bring a new appeal to Olympic rights-holding broadcasters and international media.

Available to follow via broadcasting and live tracking, the race is expected to capture the imagination of millions and will be the first Olympic event that can be viewed 24 hours a day.

Live broadcasting, tracking and analytics directly from each boat and onboard cameras will give global media insight into life onboard and to tell compelling stories to inspire existing and new fans of the sport.

eSailing has emerged as a true touch point for sailors and non-sailors alike and for the first time in the history of any Olympic sport, tens of millions of sailing and Olympic sports fans will also have the opportunity to compete virtually and simultaneously as the Mixed Offshore event, comparing themselves to the real-life Olympians.

Mundial de 470 Grecia. Medal race con dos tripulaciones españolas.

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14 July 2017

Leaderboard shuffles in a packed 3-race day for the gold fleet saw teams make the top–ten cut to the Medal Race, only to lose it in the next race, as the men’s and women’s fleets featured significant changes in finishing order.

Most probably the best breeze of the Championship arrived on the race track today, with around 12-14 knots.

Silver fleet racing wrapped up with wins to Fabienne Oster/Anastacia Krasko (GER) in women and Jose Manuel Ruiz Sanchez/Fernando Davila (ESP) in men.

The 2017 World Champions crowned on Saturday will be incredibly deserving teams who have had to dig deep to deliver in tough conditions amongst a world class fleet. A 1330 hours warning signal is scheduled for the 470 Women Medal Race, with the Men following at 1415 hours.

470 MEN
Ten teams from ten different nations advance to the medal race, reflecting the depth of talent around the world. Series leaders going into the day, Anton Dahlberg/Fredrik Bergstrom raced a consistent 4th place in race 9 to hold onto the lead, but their 18th place in race 10, compared with Mat Belcher/Will Ryan’s win, saw the overall lead go to the Aussies, with a 2 point advantage.

All change by race 11, as the Swede’s took another race win, and the Australians finished 4th, pitching Dahlberg/Bergstrom back into the lead on a 1 point advantage. Third to David Bargehr/Lukas Mahr (AUT).

The gold medal is a straight race off between the Swedish and Australians and whoever finishes ahead gets gold. Head to head, the Swedes best finish at a 470 Worlds is 6th, compared to Belcher’s tally of six back to back victories with Malcolm Page and Will Ryan, from 2010 through to 2015, until Rio 2016 Olympic Gold Medallists Sime Fantela/Igor Marenic stepped in his path to seize the 2016 470 Worlds title.

“It feels really good. I don’t have any medals from a “real” World Championship,” said Bergstrom, alluding to his gold medal from the 2011 470 Junior World Championship.

“It feels great and I was not expecting this,” Dahlberg added. “We need to win the medal race that’s for sure. We are going to give them a battle as they are going to give us a battle. It’s going to be a nice race for gold. This is a great opportunity for us. We are going for gold.”

Austria’s Bargehr/Mahr and Turkey’s Deniz Cinar/Ates Cinar are hunting down bronze. Before that challenge though, bodies will need to recover from the physical demands of today’s back to back races.

“The conditions were really good and this is the first time we have been in the top 5 and fighting for a medal place,” said Deniz. Their bronze medal race strategy is simple, “We will win the medal race,” smiled Ates.

Extra birthday celebrations for Pavlos Kagialis, racing with helm Panagiotis Mantis, as the world #1 partnership and Rio 2016 Olympic Bronze medallists knocked out their first win of the Championship in race nine. A challenging race 10 saw the pair finish 16th and go on to face the closing race of the final series 3 points off a place in the top-ten line-up. Pressure was on – so relief to finish 7th in the deciding race and qualify through to the medal race.

470 Men – Provisional Results after 11 Races
1. Anton DAHLBERG/Fredrik BERGSTROM (SWE 349) – 35 pts
3. Mathew BELCHER/Will RYAN (AUS 11) – 36 pts
2. David BARGEHR/Lukas MÄHR (AUT 1) – 60 pts
5. Deniz CINAR/Ates CINAR (TUR 890) – 68 pts
6. Giacomo FERRARI/Giulio CALABRO (ITA 757) – 80 pts
7. Stuart MCNAY/David HUGHES (USA 1) – 80 pts
9. Hippolyte Machetti/Sidoine Dantes (FRA79) – 81 pts
8. Zangjun XU/Chao WANG (CHN 067) – 89 pts
4. Paul SNOW-HANSEN/Daniel WILLCOX (NZL 2) – 93 pts
10. Panagiotis MANTIS/Pavlos KAGIALIS (GRE 1) – 96 pts

Ten teams from eight nations will meet in Saturday’s 470 Women medal race, whittled down from an entry line-up of sixty teams, with four pairings in with a shot at the medals.

A career best performance for Poland’s Agnieszka Skrzypulec/Irmina Mrózek Gliszczynska, who have guaranteed themselves either gold or silver medal and sit on a 16 point advantage Hannah Mills/Eilidh McIntyre (GBR).

“We have come back stronger,” smiled Mrózek Gliszczynska in reference to the injury that kept her out of the boat. “After seven months without sailing I have been so focused to be back and now we are leading the World Championship.”

“I can’t believe we are in front of the Olympic Gold Medallist,” chipped in Skrzypulec. “I admire Hannah so much. For me she’s a great sailor and all the time I had the chance, I was watching her and trying to learn from her and now we are in front, this is an incredible feeling.

“We are in a comfortable position, and today was the day when I knew we could make things simple or we could complicate tomorrow. So I am very happy that it looks really nice. I have watched a lot of medal races and know that anything can happen.”

Skrzypulec concluded, “The gold is there and we have to go and grab it!”

Mills/McIntyre could end their Championship with a medal or a fourth place, so will be looking to attack the Polish whilst holding off the chasing Slovenian pair of Tina Mrak/Veronika Macarol and the world #1 pair of Afrodite Zegers/Anneloes van Veen. Both the Slovenians and Dutch can take out silver or bronze, or end the Championship in fourth. Mills has the 2012 470 World Championship gold to her credit, whilst the rest of the teams

“I think it has been a really stressful week, a really difficult regatta waiting all day,” reflected Macarol on the preceding race days. “Today finally we had good wind and we did two good races, and tomorrow will be a good medal race.”

Mrak added, “We trained hard for these conditions, so we are quite comfortable with our speed and boat handling, so we knew we could do our best. For now it looks good, but tomorrow will be another hard medal race so we need to relax and to get energy for tomorrow. We are now going to eat some sushi!”

Zegers/van Veen won the 470 European Championship in May, and have been on a winning streak since finishing 4th at the Rio Olympics. The pair sits 5 points off third place.

“We have had some difficult races,” said van Veen on the early part of the Championship. “We tried to get our heads back in it and we did pretty well. Today we did really well and are back in the game.

“Tomorrow the only thing we have to do is sail our best, win the medal race and then go home,” resolved Zegers.

The closest any of these four medal contention teams have got to the podium before is a fifth place, so whatever unfolds in the Medal Race it will be a landmark day for all.

470 Women – Provisional Results after 11 Races
1. Agnieszka SKRZYPULEC/Irmina MRÓZEK GLISZCZYNSKA (POL 11) – 28 pts
2. Hannah MILLS/Eilidh MCINTYRE (GBR 321) – 44 pts
3. Tina MRAK/Veronika MACAROL (SLO 64) – 50 pts
4. Afrodite ZEGERS/Anneloes VAN VEEN (NED 1) – 55 pts
5. Barbara CORNUDELLA/Sara LOPEZ (ESP 14) – 70 pts
6. Silvia MAS DEPARES/Patricia CANTERO REINA (ESP 18) – 78 pts
7. Linda FAHRNI/Maja SIEGENTHALER (SUI 5) – 85 pts
8. Amy SEABRIGHT/Anna CARPENTER (GBR 7) – 85 pts
9. Shasha CHEN/Xufeng HUANG (CHN 0619) – 86 pts
10. Maria BOZI/Rafailina KLONARIDOU (GRE 216) – 89 pts

La salida de Lucas Calabrese del equipo de vela argentino. Interesante nota del diario Clarín y listado de deportistas becados con sus respectivos sueldos.

Listado de deportistas en Yachting con becas del ENARD y sus sueldos. Un tema actual luego de la “controvertida” salida del equipo argentino del medallista olímpico Lucas Calabrese. Veinte deportistas y dieciseis entrenadores. El sueldo mayor para Alejandro Cloos, Director Técnico Nacional Deportivo con 36.000 $ mensuales. Saquen sus propias conclusiones y bienvenido el debate. Datos oficiales tomados de la web del ENARD, recopilados por


Olimpíadas, el día después.

El texto a continuación fue escrito exactamente el día después del triunfo de Santi Lange y Ceci Carranza en Río 2016, por un amigo que prefirió permanecer en el anonimato. Me pareció interesante cuando me lo mostró (hace un par de días), asi que quería compartirlo con todos Uds.

El triunfo de Santiago Lange me parece que pone en blanco sobre negro un monton de cosas sobre el deporte y la asignacion de recursos. No puedo olvidarme de un jugador de futbol, de esos que Santiago Lange dijo que admira, que se fue de una concentracion, o de un partido, o de un campeonato, porque extrañaba a la mamá.
No puedo dejar de pensar en los 2, 3 o 4 miles de millones de pesos del futbol para todos: sea del gobierno anterior, de este, o del que venga.
El hecho de que este deporte sin tribunas haya tenido su minuto de fama ocurre solo por que gano un tipo que hace un año lo operaron de cáncer, pero que haya estado 20 o 30 años participando en las olimpiadas es un detalle. O que comparta la presencia olimpica con sus hijos es otra nimiedad.
Un tipo como cualquiera, que se entrena al limite pero no sale en revistas. No esta tatuado, porque no necesita de una tribuna que lo mire, un tipo que no usa arito, usa metodos y disciplina, ni se corta el pelo con rayitas ni con flecos. Pero no tiene tribuna, solo tiene medallas y en una semana seguramente pasara al olvido porque en el yachting no hay tribunas y cuando terminen las olimpiadas, y se asigne el monto destinado al futbol….chau Santiago Lange
No puedo dejar de pensar en muchos deportistas hartos de papeles para que les paguen los subsidios, los de kayac, los de jabalina, los de salto en largo, los de garrocha….
La prensa y muchos periodistas que hoy lo adulan, en dos semanas van a estar pendientes de la botinera de turno o de si Messi esta constipado o no. Cuando escuches a un jugador de futbol que dice que hay que dejar o que dejó todo en la cancha, acordate de Santiago Lange. A ese, no lo aplaudia nadie.
No lo conozco a Santiago Lange: corrí contra él en la época de los Pengüin, probablemente hoy ni me reconozca, tenemos muchos amigos en comun y eso me basta.
Solo se que es un tipo que navega, lo hace con ganas y ademas se ganó todo, pero no es suficiente, no alcanza, no se vé. No me gusta idolatrar a la gente, no tengo ídolos. Santiago Lange no es mi ídolo, solo digo lo que pienso.

Navegante anónimo.

Premio Olimpia de Plata en Yachting para Santiago Lange y Cecilia Carranza. El de oro fue para Juan Martín del Potro en tenis.

Copyright CP
Ceci Carranza, Santi Lange y Cole Parada (coach), festejando el premio mayor en Yachting.

Copyright YL
Santi con sus hijos Yago y Klaus, integrantes de la terna de Yachting junto a Facundo Olezza.

Todos los ganadores del Olimpia de Plata 2016, premios al deporte otorgados por el Círculo de Periodistas Argentinos.

Ajedrez: Sandro Mareco Atletismo: Germán Chiaraviglio Automovilismo: José María López Basquetbol: Facundo Campazzo Bochas: Nicolás Pretto Boxeo: Brian Castaño Canotaje: Sabrina Ameghino Ciclismo: Leandro Bottasso Equitación: Matías Albarracín Esgrima: María Belén Pérez Maurice Esquí Náutico: Ignacio Giorgis Fútbol Exterior: Lionel Messi Fútbol Local: Fernando Belluschi Futsal: Fernando Wilhelm Gimnasia: Nicolás Córdoba Golf: Fabián Gómez Handball: Federico Pizarro Hockey S/Césped: Gonzalo Peillat Hockey S/Ruedas: Daiana Silva Judo: Paula Pareto Karate: Giuliana Novak Lucha: Patricia Bermúdez Motociclismo: Kevin Benavídes Natación: Pilar Geijo Patín: Maira Arias Pato: Elías Betanzo Pelota: Facundo Andreasen Pesas: Joana Palacios Polo: Juan Martín Nero Remo: Brian Rosso Rugby: Facundo Isa Squash: Leandro Romiglio Taekwondo: Lucas Guzmán Tenis: Juan Martín Del Potro Tenis de Mesa: Horacio Cifuentes Tiro: Melisa Gil Turf: Francisco Goncalves Voleibol: Sebastián Solé Yachting: Santiago Lange/Cecilia Carranza Paralímpico: Yanina Martínez

Rolex World Sailor of the Year. Por primera vez, el voto del público cuenta. ¡ Todos con Santi Lange y Ceci Carranza !.


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For immediate release: Tuesday 1 November 2016
Issued on behalf of World Sailing

Rolex World Sailors of the Year to be named in one week

Anticipation is high for the 2016 Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards, the most prestigious award of recognition in the dynamic sport of sailing, with just one week to go until the ceremony.

The announcement of the 2016 female and male Rolex World Sailors of the Year will be made on Tuesday 8 November at the Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona, Spain, the host city of World Sailing’s 2016 Annual Conference.

The winners will be decided by World Sailing’s Member National Authorities, attendees on the night and for the first time, the voting public.

On Friday 4 November at 12:00 UTC the public will be invited to cast their vote on for who they believe is the worthiest recipient of the coveted male and female Rolex World Sailor of the Year title. Voting will be open for a period of 72 hours, allowing the public to have their say in deciding the winner.

The names vying for the coveted and prestigious 2016 Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards are:

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke (NZL)
Sime Fantela and Igor Marenic (CRO)
Santiago Lange (ARG)
Giles Scott (GBR)
Damien Seguin (FRA)

Marit Bouwmeester (NED)
Cecilia Carranza Saroli (ARG)
Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze (BRA)
Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark (GBR)
Charline Picon (FRA)

Click here to find out more about the nominated sailors and their achievements.

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World Sailing. Eligen a los cinco representantes de los navegantes olímpicos.

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For immediate release: Monday 24 October 2016
Issued on behalf of World Sailing

World Sailing announces Athletes’ Commission

Five sailors have been elected to World Sailing’s Athletes’ Commission following a vote by sailors’ competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition.

Jo Aleh (NZL), Sofia Bekatorou (GRE), Maayan Davidovich (ISR), Juan Ignacio Maegli (GUA) and Vasiliij Zbogar (SLO) join existing members Sarah Gosling (GBR) as well as Lijia Xu (CHN) and Yann Rocherieux (FRA).

The Athletes’ Commission report directly to the World Sailing Board of Directors with the Chair a permanent voting member of the Board. Rocherieux has been elected Chair of the Athletes’ Commission for this term with Bekatorou as Vice-Chair. The Commission represent the interests of Olympic sailors, encouraging open communication and feedback.

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