GKSS Match Cup Sweden, Marstrand. Triunfos para Anna Östling y Yann Guichard.


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Östling and Guichard Are Champions as Marstrand Celebrates a Quarter Century of Match Racing

Marstrand, Sweden (July 8, 2018) – After five days of glamorous conditions in Marstrand, GKSS Match Cup Sweden delivered crowd pleasers all round in its 25th anniversary year, with local victory in the GKSS Women’s Trophy and a photo finish for the WMRT Open Class.

Competing for the GKSS Women’s Trophy today was M32 and WMRT regular Anna Östling, up against the very experienced and former Olympic match racer, Renee Groeneveld. Östling looked dominative in the first two matches as her experience in the boat was clear. Groeneveld threw down a world-class match racing game, but each time Östling had the perfect response.

At 2-0 down Groeneveld knew she had to pull something out of the bag. In the pre-start both boats were up against the rocks on Marstrand island, stalling speed neither wanting to lead back to the line. As the gun sounded Östling led, just, but the crew had an override and lost control of the gennaker, allowing Groeneveld to take the lead.

Into the first upwind gate, the Swedish team were back just ahead and managed to tack just in front of the Dutch. With no overlap, Groeneveld was forced into a difficult situation. She tried to slow and go below but ended up missing the mark. From that point the race was over as Team Anna opened up a strong lead through to the finish line and took the series 3-0.

Not since 2015 have the fans on the shore had a local winner to cheer, and not since 2005 in the Women’s class, so Anna Östling and her crew were certainly popular today.

In the WMRT Open Class, a great duel was set as Yann Guichard, looking impressive all week with his boat handling and match racing game, was up against the six-time World Champion and 2011 Match Cup Sweden winner, Ian Williams.

Neither Williams nor Guichard were playing up to the media with the usual fighting talk which can be expected ahead of a WMRT Final, a sure sign both skippers knew it was to be a closely fought final. Guichard has been unstoppable in boat speed since day one of this regatta, but of course taking on Williams in a match racing competition was to be a tall order.

In match one, after what appeared a relatively tame pre-start from the shore, Ian Williams was over the line early and was forced to allow Guichard past to clear his penalty. From that point the Frenchman had a clear run around the course and extended his lead to win the first.

In the second, Guichard was again ahead from the start but this time the British team of GAC Pindar was sailing much quicker and kept on the heels of Spindrift Racing, but at the final top mark Guichard chose not to be drawn in to Williams’ match race baiting and he sailed off to another convincing win. From the commentary booth, World Champion Torvar Mirsky commented, “Ian Williams is trying to engage and I think he has been surprised at the match racing skill of Guichard.”

With Spindrift Racing at match point, just one win away from taking the GKSS Match Cup Sweden trophy, Ian Williams struck back. In the pre-start the Brit used the rocks to get out of Guichard’s trap very cleverly and led off the start line. Guichard’s boat speed was, as ever, constantly high but Ian Williams was back in his usual grove and could hold off the French through all six legs to take victory and bring the scoreline to 2-1 Guichard.

As the wind continued to build up to a solid 15 knots, the stage was set for another match point spectacular, this time with winning momentum on the side of the GAC Pindar team.

A tight pre-start ensued in the fourth, Guichard swinging his bow under Williams looking for a luff in the final seconds but Williams held strong and Guichard swung clear.

Coming into mark three Guichard owned the favoured right side, but in came Williams from the left, tacking inside the zone and Guichard failed to give enough room, copping a penalty to let Williams into the lead and extend away.

After Guichard convincingly took the first two matches, it seemed this pairing would not be so exciting as the hype indicated, but the experience of Williams to take back two must-win races setup a spectacular winner-take-all final race at GKSS Match Cup Sweden.

At the start, Williams to windward, the pair crossed the line dead even. As they split and simultaneously rounded the downwind gate, the two were bow-to-bow through to the next mark. On the second upwind, Guichard crossed ahead just metres before the final mark. As the Frenchman powered downwind, an ever catching Williams caught new air and flew to close the gap right down.

Coming at the finish line as the metres closed down, Guichard was slowing and Williams was building. The crowd in the grandstand were on the edge of their seats and with a perfect view of the photo finish they roared to see Yann Guichard’s Spindrift Racing win by just a metre.

“It was so crazy.” Said Guichard directly after the win. “I was so proud of the team. The last leg was completely crazy. At the windward mark we were so close. What an amazing week for us, a first win on the World Match Racing Tour. I believed we could lose it. A small mistake, we gybe with no dagger board. But, we won!”

Speaking from the prize ceremony, runner-up Ian Williams said. “I am pleased with the performance of Team GAC Pindar today, but Yann and his Spindrift Racing were too good for us on the day. We are now looking forward to Risør in two weeks and hopefully getting our revenge!”

Guichard finished by saying. “We have not had much time to practice this winter, but we spent a lot on that last year and now we have built a good playbook. Everybody keeps saying Guichard is fast, he’s fast. But I don’t know if I am an expert in match racing. But now definitely I am better in the pre-start. We won yesterday against Dackhammar and today won four of the five starts.”

In the Petit Final Stage, Olivia Mackay took 3rd place in a 2-1 victory over Australia’s Clare Costanzo. In the Open Class, local skipper Nicklas Dackhammar gave the home fans something to cheer about as he took down Harry Price 2-0, his best result yet at GKSS Match Cup Sweden.

Next up for the World Match Racing Tour is Risør, Norway as the Tour stays in Scandinavia. The event will run 26-29th July.

WMRT, temporada 2018 con mismos barcos pero nuevo formato.

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New Season, New Format

The World Match Racing Tour will move to a shorter format for the 2018 season with just 12 teams invited to each event. The fleet racing spectacle, with six M32 catamarans fighting it out on the same racecourse, will remain in place as the Qualifying stage at each regatta and will seed teams for the match racing knockouts. Match racing will commence directly after Qualifying with a Repechage knockout stage for the bottom 8 from which the winners in each match join the top 4 from Qualifying in the Quarter Finals. Semi Final and Final stages will follow and a champion will be crowned.

As with the past two seasons, points will accumulate over the year at both Championship level events and World Tour level qualifiers, as we countdown to the 2018 Match Racing World Championship. Invitations to the final event will be given to the top 12 teams on the WMRT Leaderboard following the penultimate Championship level event on this year’s Tour. Points are accumulated from both Championship level and World Tour level qualifier events with one discard given for a team’s lowest score.

Why the Change in Format?

A shorter format with less teams means higher quality match racing over an intense period. Of the 12 invites available, six will go to Tour Card holders leaving four qualifying spaces and two wild cards at each event. This means that only the top match racing talent will make the cut to gain entry and help to keep the Word Match Racing Tour at the peak of match race sailing. Fewer days of competition means a tougher road to the final for most teams. The Super 16 Stage rarely produced a shock victory and was often treated as a practice session by the top teams. Exchanging the Super 16 stage for a Repechage stage will give the lower ranked teams more match practice before facing the top seeded teams and gives more sailing time to those who would have been eliminated in the Sail Off stage under the previous format.

Season Outline
Match Cup Sweden: 3-8th July
Match Cup Norway: 26-29th July
Match Racing World Championship (Shenzhen, China): 8-12th November

In the build up to the Match Racing World Championship we are currently in discussions with multiple venues to add a fifth event to the 2018 season. Further details of this will be confirmed soon. Final details around the Match Racing World Championship are being organised and a detailed announcement will be made soon.

Marstrand, the home of the World Match Racing Tour, will of course remain on the calendar and for 2018 will mark the opening of the season. A new addition this year will be a trip even further north to Risör, Norway. Similar to Sweden’s island of Marstrand, Risör is a Scandinavian summer hotspot and the two are often compared. Locals lined the harbour wall last summer when the M32 Series Scandinavia arrived in town, and with the added attraction of the World-class sailors that the WMRT brings the event in Risör is expected to produce a fantastic atmosphere to welcome all. Six-time Match Racing World Champion Ian Williams said, “Risor is a gorgeous town on Norway’s East coast that GAC Pindar enjoyed visiting on the 2017 Scandinavian Series. It is a protected flat water sailing venue that will provide for a tight race course with complex wind and tidal eddies so will be a very tactical venue to sail in.”

Finals Back to China
For the second year China will play host to the final spectacle of the World Match Racing Tour season as WMRT China partners with the China Cup International Regatta to deliver the Match Racing Word Championship. After the success of the 2017 World Championship, there is a great appetite among teams and spectators to head east again this year.

“The seed has been planted in China to develop homegrown World-class match racing and last year’s event certainly stood out amongst what else was happening within China at the time. The media response to WMRT was successful and has generated interest from other Chinese cities looking to bring this match racing spectacle to them.” Said Chris Lee of WMRT China.

Partnering with the 12th Annual China Cup allows WMRT to be present at the peak of Asian sailing and to aid the expansion and development of Asia’s largest sailing regatta. With the nail-biting end to last year’s championship, Torvar Mirsky and his Mirsky Racing Team will be in full force aiming for Shenzhen again this year, looking to defend their title.

Zhong Yong, CEO of China Cup International Regatta, believes that the continued cooperation between China Cup International Regatta and WMRT in 2018 is the recognition to the platform that CCIR provides. This joint-event signals the continuous development in competitiveness and diversity of China Cup International Regatta: “This cooperation of two internationally renowned sailing event strengthen the influence of the host city–Shenzhen in the field of maritime. It also helped promoted Shenzhen as a global metropolis. The M32 catamaran is perfect for close to shore action. Last year it has drawn attentional not only the sailing enthusiasts but also non-sailor spectators. What’s more, the America’s Cup, WMRT trophy, China Cup have debuted on the same stage at the closing ceremony which highlighted the status of Shenzhen in international sailing. I have no doubt that as M32 one design class joining China Cup, WMRT finals will encourage Chinese sailing enthusiasts to understand and participate international high-performance sailing race. I hope one day a team from China can excel in WMRT.”

How to Get There

More details of qualifying events and the Tour Card Holder lineup for this season will be announced in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, to express interest in entry to any World Tour level qualifying event in you region please contact mattias.dahlstrom@astonharald.com. Details of the six World Match Racing Tour Tour Card Holders will be announced in the following days.

Porto Alegre Match Cup, triunfo para el equipo Marinha do Brasil.

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Equipe Marinha do Brasil/Veleiros do Sul é a campeã da 6ª Porto Alegre Match Cup

A Copa foi o primeiro evento do circuito International da Match Race Super League 2018

O título da 6ª Porto Alegre Match Cup foi conquistado pela equipe Marinha do Brasil/VDS, formada por Geison Mendes/Gustavo Thiesen e Martin Rump neste domingo no Veleiros do Sul. Os gaúchos derrotaram na fase final a Arrivederci, do Iate Clube do RJ, com Victor Demaison/Fábio Pillar/Guilherme Hamelmann (RJ) por 3 a 0 numa série de melhor de cinco regatas. Na disputa pelo terceiro lugar, o time de Philipp Grochtmann/ Vilnei Goldmeier/ Rodolfo Streibel (Veleiros do Sul) venceu o trio Renata Decnop/ Fernanda Decnop e Tatiana Ribeiro, da Check Mate/Marinha/RJ por 2 a 1 na melhor de três regatas.

No último dia da Match Cup tensos duelos marcaram a competição no rio Guaíba. Nas três regatas da final, o time de Victor Demaison não completou nenhum dos matches por ter sofrido três pênaltis, em cada prova, dos árbitros que acompanhavam de um bote os confrontos. Foi uma final singular para a Arrivederci que tinha terminado em primeiro lugar na fase de classificação, mas isso faz parte do jogo. Após comemorarem a vitória, o timoneiro Geison Mendes falou sobre a participação na Porto Alegre Match Cup.

“A competição começou com vento fraco, mas a chegada da frente fria neste domingo criou-se uma situação muito boa para os matches. Os confrontos de barco contra barco ficaram mais intensos. Para nós valeu também para nos atualizarmos sobre as mudanças das novas regras para o match race”, disse Geison.

A semifinal foi difícil para os campeões. A equipe de Philipp Grotchmann teve boa atuação. Com o placar de 1 a 1 eles foram para o último match e venceram em cima da linha de chegada. A série final também foi de confrontos radicais antes mesmo da regata. Na primeira regata, o barco da Arrivederci prendeu a quilha no cabo da CR, conseguiu se desvencilhar, mas depois tomou mais dois pênaltis e bandeira preta. Os outros matches também seriam uma repetição de penalidades.

“Nos posicionamos bem em todas as pré-largadas e isso nos deu sempre vantagem na regata, porém não imaginávamos de vencer a fase final dessa forma, com nossos adversários desclassificados nas três regatas”, comentou o sargento Geison. Os campeões da Porto Alegre Match Cup também ficaram com o título brasileiro de Match Race 2018 da primeira etapa do circuito Sul-americano de Match Race.

A dupla da Marinha do Brasil/VDS segue nesta segunda-feira para Palma de Mallorca, onde disputarão o 49º Troféu Princesa Sofia na classe 470. Geison e Gustavo integram a Equipe Brasileira Olímpica da CBVela e estão em campanha olímpica para Tóquio 2020.

A 6ª Porto Alegre Match Cup contou com oito equipes do RS, DF, RJ e BA. A Copa foi o primeiro evento do circuito International da Match Race Super League, composto por 17 torneios em 14 países. A Super League está atrelada a Match Racing Association Inc que promove a modalidade de competição em todo o mundo.

No final do evento teve a entrega de prêmios no salão do Veleiros do Sul. O comodoro Eduardo Ribas saudou os presentes e destacou a presença dos comandantes da Marinha: Vice-almirante José Renato de Oliveira, comandante do 5º Distrito Naval, em Rio Grande, o Contra-almirante Cláudio Henrique Mello de Almeida, Diretor de Aeronáutica da Marinha e o Capitão de mar e guerra Amaury Marcial Jr. capitão dos portos em Porto Alegre.

O comodoro Ribas falou sobre a Porto Alegre Match Cup e o atual papel da Marinha no esporte olímpico brasileiro, destacando a vela e as tripulações que participaram da POA Match Cup. Ribas agradeceu aos árbitros do evento, em especial ao Nelson Ilha. “Sem participação do Nelson não teríamos conseguido realizar a Copa”, disse Ribas.

Como presidente da Associação Brasileira de Match Race (Abramatch), Nelson falou aos presentes sobre a participação da Super League no match race internacional e agradeceu o apoio e dedicação da equipe do Veleiros do Sul para a realização da Match Cup. O chefe dos árbitros, o argentino Flávio Naveira também falou aos presentes e convidou para a próxima etapa do Sul-americano de match em Buenos Aires.

Também estavam presentes na premiação o vice-presidente do Conselho Deliberativo Eduardo Scheidegger Jr., Geraldo Sperb, presidente da Soamar Porto Alegre e Maria Conceição Nogueira Pires, presidente da Federaclubes.

Classificação final

1º Geison Mendes – Marinha/VDS
2º Victor Demaison – Arrivederci
3º Philipp Grochtmann – Veleiros do Sul
4º Renata Decnop Check – Mate/Marinha
5º Felipe Rondina – Antigos/ICB
6º Juliana Duque – YC Bahia
7º Nicholas Grael – Marinha/ICRJ
8º Mauro Leite – YCPE

Match Races


Geison Mendes (Marinha do Brasil/VDS) 3 X 0 Victor Demaison (Arrivederci)


Renata Decnop (Check Mate/Marinha) 1 X 2 Victor Demaison (Arrivederci)

Philipp Grochtmann (VDS) 1 X 2 Geison Mendes (Marinha do Brasil/VDS)

Disputa da terceira colocação

Philipp Grochtmann (VDS) 2 X 0 Renata Decnop (Check Mate/Marinha)

Porto Alegre Match Cup, toda la información de la sexta edición del campeonato.

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6ª Porto Alegre Match Cup começa na sexta-feira

As equipes foram definidas após a confirmação dos convites pelo Veleiros do Sul.

A competição contará com oito times: dois do RS, três do RJ, um do Distrito Federal, um da Bahia e um do Uruguai. Os timoneiros que estarão no Veleiros do Sul são nomes conhecidos da vela nacional com vários títulos em diferentes classes de barcos.

A Porto Alegre Match Cup terá regatas a partir da sexta-feira (23) e a final será no domingo (25). O Match Race é uma modalidade de regata de barco contra barco e somente as equipes vão sendo trocadas a cada disputa. Na primeira fase – round robin – todas as tripulações se enfrentam entre si para a apuração dos semifinalistas (mata-mata) e a final.

A sexta edição da Porto Alegre Match Cup será o primeiro evento do circuito de 2018 da International Match Race Super League, composto por 17 torneios em 14 países. A Super League está atrelada a Match Racing Association Inc que promove a modalidade de competição em todo o mundo. A Copa também será válida como Campeonato Brasileiro de Match Race de 2018 e primeira etapa Sul-americana.

Os barcos para as regatas serão os da classe Elliott 6m, com três tripulantes, todos idênticos e que serão fornecidos pelo Veleiros do Sul. O Elliott já foi classe olímpica em Londres 2012 e foi um projeto pensado para disputas de match race: barco contra barco, onde manobras rápidas e táticas apuradas são pontos fortes da regata.

O Porto Alegre Match Cup será o grande evento da modalidade de match race de 2018 no Brasil. Ele valerá pontos, Grau 3, para o ranking da World Sailing. O Veleiros do Sul conta com experiência em campeonatos internacionais e colocará sua estrutura náutica e em terra para a realização da Copa, além de sua tradicional hospitalidade.

Nº Timoneiros Equipes

1 Victor Hector Demaison Arrivederci
2 Geison Mendes Dzioubanov Marinha do Brasil/VDS
3 Philipp Grochtmann Veleiros do Sul
4 Felipe Rondina Antigos
5 Renata Decnop Check Mate Match Racing
6 Juliana Duque Yacht Clube da Bahia
7 Nicolas Pelicano Grael Marinha do Brasil/ICRJ
8 Mauro Leite Yacht Club Punta del Este

Porto Alegre Match Cup será parte de la Match Race Super League, toda la información.

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Porto Alegre Match Cup fará parte da internacional Super League

Veleiros do Sul realizará a 6ª Porto Alegre Match Cup entre os dias 22 e 25 de março. A Copa abrirá o circuito de 2018 da Match Race Super League que é disputado em 14 países

Sede de grandes eventos de Match Race internacionais, o Veleiros do Sul espera neste ano contar novamente com a presença de experientes velejadores. A edição desse ano tem um significado ainda maior por ser o primeiro evento do circuito de 2018 da International Match Race Super League, composto por 17 torneios em 14 países. A Super League está atrelada a Match Racing Association Inc que promove a modalidade de competição em todo o mundo. A Copa também será válida como Campeonato Brasileiro de Match Race de 2018 e primeira etapa Sul-americana.
O Porto Alegre Match Cup está aberto por meio de convites aos comandantes interessados. Serão 12 equipes, divididas em chaves, todos os competidores disputam entre si, numa primeira fase, para apuração dos semifinalistas e, posteriormente, dos finalistas. Os barcos para as regatas serão os da classe Elliott 6m, com três tripulantes, todos identicos e que serão fornecidos pelo Veleiros do Sul. O Elliott já foi classe olímpica em Londres 2012 e foi um projeto pensado para disputas de match race: barco contra barco, onde manobras rápidas e táticas apuradas são pontos fortes da regata.

O Porto Alegre Match Cup será o grande evento da modalidade de match race de 2018 no Brasil. Ele valerá pontos, Grau 3, para o ranking da World Sailing. O Veleiros do Sul conta com experiência em campeonatos internacionais e colocará sua estrutura náutica e em terra para a realização da Copa, além de sua tradicional hospitalidade. Os velejadores que tiverem interesse em participar poderão fazer suas pré-inscrições no site do Clube: www.vds.com.br , email: esportiva@vds.com.br e no facebook: @poamatchcup
O Veleiros do Sul também fechou parcerias com a Convention e Visitors Bureau, Porto Alegre, e o Hotel Blue Tree Millenium, que colocará à disposição dos velejadores hospedagens com bom descontos. Os participantes também terão a opção de se hospedarem nos alojamentos do Clube.





Chicago Match Cup, triunfo para Ian Williams.



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Williams Shuts Out Champion To Win Chicago Match Cup

Chicago (IL), USA (October 1, 2017) – In front of a cheering crowd at Navy Pier, Lake Michigan turned on all the drama for the final day of the Chicago Match Cup as Ian Williams, skipper of GAC Pindar, defeated current Match Racing World Champion Phil Robertson in a tour de force shutout victory.

The win could be a preview of things to come in three weeks time in Shenzhen, China where the two skippers meet for the last time this season to decide who will win the overall 2017 Tour and the Match Racing World Championship.

“This is great for the team. Phil’s been dominating all year making us all look a bit silly so it’s nice to knock him off his perch”, said an enthusiastic Williams after just crossing the finish line.

Williams’ roll started early in the Semi Final stage started early with the British skipper knocking off Australian Sam Gilmour 3-0 in an enthralling battle which saw penalties galore, but the scoreline told of a dominating victory.

Elsewhere in the Semi Finals, easily the most contestable matchup of the day occurred between current Match Racing World Champion Robertson and former Match Racing World Champion Taylor Canfield in an epic showdown, fought all the way to a fifth race in the first-to-three series.

It was in this series that hometown Chicago favorite Canfield looked to have booked his ticket into the finals after going up 2-1. However, the fourth race seemingly foreshadowed Canfield’s fate when after handing a double blue penalty to Robertson at the start and jumping out to a four-boat length lead, he opted to gybe and take the less favored bottom mark allowing Robertson to cross on the next tack and extend for the win.

Moving to the Finals, Williams quickly got on the board early with a win in the first race only to narrowly avoid taking a loss in the second after winning the start.

Leading for the majority of the first three legs, Robertson managed to pull back at the first windward mark from where he mounted attack after attack on the downwind, finally forcing Williams into drawing a boundary penalty after he pinned the China One Ningbo skipper out of the race course resulting in contact between the two teams.

However, clearing the penalty at the bottom gate, Williams hooked into a shift on the right hand side of the course to challenge the Kiwi at the final top mark rounding, barely gaining mark protection and clearing ahead in time to limit Robertson from any chance to mount a luff on the final reach to the finish.

An OCS (on course side) penalty at the start of the third race for Robertson sealed his fate as Williams extended through the course handily, winning the 2017 Chicago Match Cup.

After the conclusion of racing, Robertson reflected on the level of competition. “I think we are seeing the fleet take a big jump forward which is good – everyone is very competitive – even Evan Walker pushed us to the limit”, said the China One Ningbo skipper. “Ian absolutely out sailed us today.”

On being the favorites going into the final event in China in three weeks, Robertson acknowledged he had a target on his back. “No doubt every single team out there wants us to lose. We are trying to ramp up towards then and learn what we can, and take it into the big one. We have a title to defend; and Ian’s just peaked too early so that’s good. So now we’re looking for redemption.”

The World Match Racing Tour now heads to Shenzhen, China running 24-29th October for the sixth and final stop on the 2017 World Match Racing Tour where the battle between Phil Robertson’s China One Ningbo team and Ian William’s Team GAC Pindar will be put to the test once and for all.

Ian Williams (GBR), GAC Pindar 3-0 Sam Gilmour (AUS), Neptune Racing
Phil Robertson (NZL), China One Ningbo 3-2 Taylor Canfield (ISV), US One

Taylor Canfield (ISV), US One 2-0 Sam Gilmour (AUS), Neptune Racing

Ian Williams (GBR), GAC Pindar 3 – 0 Phil Robertson (NZL), China One Ningbo

WMRT Match Cup Russia. Triunfo para Phil Robertson y su CHINAone Ningbo team


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St. Petersburg, Russia (August 6, 2017) – After a week of ups and downs, a couple of bad hooks and a few close shaves, it was business as usual for the super smooth Phil Robertson and his CHINAone Ningbo team as they beat Sam Gilmour’s Neptune Racing team 3-0 in the final of WMRT Match Cup Russia in St. Petersburg on Sunday.

Robertson, the current Match Racing World Champion, is the undisputed master of cat match racing at the moment and showed his claws when it counted this week as he has bounced back off the ropes from all his opponents, and the weather, could muster.

“It’s been a rollercoaster week for us,” Robertson said. “We’ve been up against it from the start. That’s what is so great about match racing, it’s do or die. Today we went out and did it. We gelled and we were saying that it was the first time this week that we felt we were sailing well, we struggled in the early rounds. We’ve been pushed right to the edge.”

One big reason for the 30-year-old New Zealander’s success is that he has kept his slick teammates – Will Tiller, Stewart Dodson and James Wierzbowski – with him since winning the World Championship last year. They are unbeaten in the M32 since then, having won Match Cup Australia in March, GKSS Match Cup Sweden at the beginning of July and the M32 World Championships a week later.

It was his third consecutive 3-0 Match Cup final win, but victory this week was harder won than the others. Robertson was relegated to third in his group in the Qualifying Stage fleet races on Tuesday and Wednesday and had to come back from 2-0 to Steve Thomas in the SUPER 16, looking more vulnerable in the bigger conditions. He was pushed to the wire by Pieter-Jan Postma, uncharacteristically giving up a 2-0 lead to be pulled back to 2-2 before closing out.

In the Semi Finals on Sunday morning against Ian Williams (GAC Pindar), Britain’s six-time Match Racing World Champion, Robertson looked distinctly human. He lost the second race to make it 1-1 after being penalised at the start then, already well behind, lost a man overboard and hooked a buoy at the bottom mark for a couple of minutes.

And there was controversy over a penalty decision on the first downwind as they went bow-to-bow in the third race. But Robertson won a gusty fourth to make it 3-1. “We were disappointed because we felt we had the game to beat Phil today,” Williams said. There was some consolation in finishing third as the team had at GKSS Match Cup Sweden and that it was Matt Jerwood who he beat 2-1 in the Petit Final, after Jerwood had beaten him 3-0 in the SUPER 16 of Match Cup Australia.

“I think people have realised that it’s a one-boat tour and you’ve got to be a professional M32 sailor to compete,” Robertson said.

The 23-year-old Australia skipper, Gilmour, knows that and after not getting past the SUPER 16 this year, puts getting to his first final on the tour down to being away from home and in the M32 for the last two months. He may have been spent after winning a nail-biting semi-final in the morning, beating his Perth training mate, Matt Jerwood (Redline Racing), 3-2, after trailing 2-1. In the deciding race, Jerwood, going for a gap at the start that wasn’t quite there, hooked the pin end buoy between his hulls. “We’ve had a great week and it was good to get all the way to final, but we didn’t sail very well at all in the last race,” Gilmour said. “We were slower. I don’t know if we were a bit nervous, it might have got to us. But now we know what you’ve got to do to win this event.”

All four seasons graced Finals Day, including a 30-knot squall whipping in from the Baltic Sea across the Gulf of Finland and up the Neva River into the spectacular race area in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Robertson remained the master of all he surveyed, making the M32 talk in the pre-start river current and fly in gusts. His experience from three previous visits to the Neva River with his team really told.

By the time the sun was shining on the golden dome of the St. Isaacs Cathedral for the Final, Robertson was on song. The first race was close, Gilmour won the start, but was 18 seconds behind on the line. And even though he cut that to 8 seconds in the second race, the reality was that it was a relatively comfortable wire-to-wire win for Robertson.

Interviewed on the boat after that race, Robertson, who simultaneously looked focused and so relaxed he was almost horizontal, was asked about Gilmour’s comment that he had been “chopping into him” and closing all the way to the finish. “I taught him everything he knows, I think he’s even stolen some of our moves, so, I’m not surprised he’s sailing well.” Robertson said, half-jokingly. Robertson invited Gilmour to join his crew for the M32 World Championship win in July. There is genuine camaraderie and respect between the two and Robertson knows Gilmour and others are coming forces. “The boys have been reminding me that I’m actually one of the oldest on the tour now,” Robertson admitted.

After a third race that was even more conclusive, Gilmour noted with a wry smile that, “I don’t think Phil taught me all his moves,” and repeated the same to Robertson, in good humour, as they parked their cats on the beach.

“I think Sam’s got to do something nasty to him on the startline,” Jerwood said before the start of race 3, but it was Robertson who did the nasty as he deployed his gennaker early, hit the line almost perfectly and won by 69 seconds.

We will see if the fleet is really closing on Robertson at the next stopover of the World Match Racing Tour when top flight match racing heads for the USA.


Sam Gilmour (AUS), Neptune Racing 3 – 2 Matt Jerwood (AUS), Redline Racing

Phil Robertson (NZL), CHINAone Ningbo 3 – 1 Ian Williams (GBR), GAC Pindar


Ian Williams (GBR), GAC Pindar 2 – 1 Matt Jerwood (AUS), Redline Racing


Phil Robertson (NZL), CHINAone Ningbo 3 – 0 Sam Gilmour (AUS), Neptune Racing

WMRT Match Cup Russia. Tercer día con rachas de 30 nudos, tumbadas y sorpresas.


Fuente info WMRT


St. Petersburg, Russia (August 3, 2017) – A champion on the ropes, an underdog on top and a pitchpole in winds gusting towards 30 knots in St Petersburg – Thursday might have been cut short by the extra large conditions, but it packed a lot in.

When a perfectly preserved Tom Cruise is rolled out to play Phil Robertson in his biopic, he will dwell on the tension of this day in Russia. The New Zealand skipper had all day waiting to go back out and has all of tonight ahead of him, to think about how to overcome the 2-1 deficit in the best of 5 SUPER 16 match against the outsider, Steve Thomas – somebody call Robert Redford’s agent.

All is not lost and it could have been worse for Robertson (CHINAone Ningbo), as he was 2-0 down quickly before a wait on the water for almost an hour allowed him recoup. But it is not a position that the Match Racing World Champion and clear leader this season, is used to.

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