World Match Racing Tour, temporada 2017.

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WMRT Announce 2017 World Championship Season

December 22nd, 2017 (Hönö, Sweden) – After a busy 2016 season with a final in Marstrand that introduced the first ever million-dollar prize in sailing the World Match Racing Tour has announced a season with several firsts and more chances for teams to become the Match Racing World Champion than ever before. The 2017 season will include one World Championship Final, six World Championship level events and eighteen World Tour level events.

Last years incorporation of the M32 multihull revitalized the WMRT and introduced a new style of match racing as well as a rise in the prize money at each World Championship level event which strengthened the finances for the teams. The 2017 tour will include multihull and monohull events as well as the introduction of prize money at some World Tour level events.

“The World Match Racing Tour will consist of twenty-five events where eighteen will be at the World Tour level. The finalists of the World Tour events win an invite to a World Championship level event. After the penultimate event the top 16 on the leaderboard will secure invites to the WMRT Finals 2017.” Craig Mitchell WMRT Racing Director commented, continuing “This will give up to 42 teams the opportunity to win every World Championship level event and allow more teams to find their way in to world class match racing. In addition the scoring system has been tweaked to give more WMRT Championship points to the WT level events and to the teams reaching the quarterfinals of the WC level events. This will create a more exciting playing field.”

“We are very happy to see that the sailing world has taken our vision to their hearts and the expansion of the tour is a sign of the hard work from everyone involved in the tour. We have several events that now are committed over multiple years, which will give the WMRT great stability.“ said Robert Magnusson CEO of Aston Harald Sports the rights owner of the World Match Racing Tour and continued, “This together with new global sponsors, which will be announced in 2017, is testament that our new model is working and we can continue to grow the longest running global professional sailing series in the sport.”

The 25 events will be spread across the globe and the 2017 season presents the first World Match Racing Tour event in China and a return to Croatia.

“The new season will present events in more countries and places than ever before. We are very excited to host the World Championship finals in China this year, the first ever WMRT event in the country. The World Match Racing Tour is truly a worldwide series with events and teams from across the globe.” said Martin Sohtell Head of Marketing and PR at Aston Harald Sports and continued, “Each venue will present their event through a press conference or a media release which will start already in the first week of January. Expect a lot more exciting news at the start of 2017.”

The World Match Racing Tour is a World Championship sanctioned by World Sailing and has a Special event status. The 2017 season will consist of:

2017 WMRT Season

World Championship Level Events:
World Championship Level Events
WMRT Match Cup Australia, March 20-25th
WMRT Congressional Cup, March 29th – April 2nd
WMRT Northern Europe, June 6-11th (Venue announcement Jan 20th)
WMRT Match Cup Sweden, July 3-8th (Venue announcement Feb 3rd)
WMRT Match Cup USA, August 1-6th (Venue announcement Jan 27th)
WMRT Match Cup America, October 3-8th (Venue announcement Jan 31st)

WMRT Match Cup China, November 3-10th (Venue announcement Jan 17th)

World Tour Level Events:
WMRT Energa Sopot Match Race, July 29-31st 2016
WMRT West Coast Cup, September 19-21st 2016
WMRT Cape Crow Cup September 23-25th 2016
WMRT Swan River Match Cup, January 23-25th 2017
WMRT Geographe Bay Cup, February 11-17th 2017
WMRT Perth Match Cup, March 16-18th 2017
WMRT Ficker Cup, March 24-26th 2017
WMRT Miami Match Cup, April 11-13th 2017
WMRT Coconut Grove Cup, April 15-17th 2017

More World Tour level announcements separately or in affiliation with WC level venue announcements.

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WMRT. Iker Martinez y equipo aseguran su lugar en el circuito anual.

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Over the years there has been a lack of front runners for the WMRT title from Iberia, but with a Tour Card at his disposal, Iker Martinez will truly be a wild card in the hunt for the World Championship title. With a new M32 catamaran to train on and solid sponsors backing his campaign he will be a force to reckoned with from the start of the 2017 WMRT season.

The Spaniard who burst on to the scene in Copenhagen last season, finishing second in his first ever WMRT event, will be one of the most decorated skippers on the tour. With multiple Volvo Ocean Race campaigns, World Championship titles and Olympic medals in skiff sailing no one can dispute his talent.

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M32 Series Scandinavia 2016, Ian Williams con GAC Pindar se llevan el título.

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Ian Williams unstoppable in Stockholm

Stockholm September 10th, 2016. Ian Williams and GAC Pindar were crowned champions of the M32 Scandinavian Series today after winning the series final in Stockholm. The local teams skippered by Hans Wallén and Nicklas Dackhammar couldn’t get close enough to challenge the British skipper in front of the crowds at Riddarfjärden.

The final of M32 Scandinavian Series in Stockholm attracted a huge crowd to the sunny race arena in the centre of the city. The winds were more stable from the west than previously in the regatta but the race course was still tricky to read.

The climax of the regatta came in the two final races where double points where at stake. GAC Pindar were comfortably ahead on the leaderboard but they didn’t secure the win until the sixth race of the day when they recovered from fifth to second place.

”We have had good speed and boat handling all week and the guys really fought hard. We couldn’t be happier about this result and it feels great that we could keep up the intensity on board. It’s been a great day with lots of spectators and it’s rare to come this close to the fans. There is a lot happening with M32’s around the world and it’s a great time to be active in this part of the sport” said Ian Williams.

Wallén Racing started the day in good form with a win in race one and then beat Essiq Racing and Flux Team in a tight finish to get second place in race two. Finishing third in the last final race was enough for them to be runners up here in Stockholm.

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M32 Scandinavian Series Aarhus, triunfo para Ian Williams en ajustado final.

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Unbelievable ending to the battle of Aarhus

Aarhus August 20th, 2016. They say nothing is over till it’s over – and never has that proven more true than by what went down at the final day of the Scandinavian Series event in the city of Aarhus today. British Ian Williams claims the top spot at even points with Swedish Nicklas Dackhammar after an unbelievable final race.

It looked to be a slow final day with light southeasterly winds of 3-5 knots postponing the start of today’s racing in Aarhus, Denmark. But what the day lacked in winds, it delivered on in action, with the five teams sparing no means to secure their spot on the podium. Swedish Nicklas Dackhammar on Essiq Racing Team was one point ahead of British Ian Williams (GAC Pindar) heading into today’s final day, and the Swede looked to defend his ground right up until the final leg of the final race.

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M32 Scandinavian Series Aarhus, día 1. Ian Williams con GAC Pindar al frente.

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The battle of Aarhus – a perfect start

Aarhus August 18th, 2016. The third event of the Scandinavian Series got off to a near perfect start today, graced with consistent northeasterly winds in the inner city of Aarhus. Right next to the city center the five teams delivered action packed sailing from the onset, getting through seven races in total. The city couldn’t have asked for a better premier of its inner harbor basin.

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WMRT Sopot, Essiq Racing se lleva el triunfo.


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Dackhammar nails the top spot in Sopot

Energa Sopot Match Race claimed a worthy winner today in Nicklas Dackhammar and his Essiq Racing team. The talented young Swede and his crew muscled their way through the three day regatta on Poland’s Bay of Gdansk with his only loss coming at the hands of Eric Monnin.

With time running out at the event due to the varied conditions, the Semi Finals were cancelled. Because of this, when the last matches were completed in the Round Robin this morning, Dackhammar ended up progressing directly to the Final, lining up against Australia’s Torvar Mirsky and his Mirsky Racing Team. Meanwhile another Australian, Sam Gilmour, and his Neptune Racing team pitched up in the Petit Final against Eric Monnin and his Albert Riele Swiss Team.

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RC44 Portsmouth Cup día 1. Bronenosec gana el match race.

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Bronenosec wins the day but Nika takes the lead

Vladimir Liubomirov’s Bronenosec Sailing Team was the class act on the opening day of match racing at the RC44 Portsmouth Cup, notching up a perfect scoreline, winning all five of its matches.

However, the Russian team was not as invincible as their score suggested. As Bronenosec’s Italian tactician, Michele Ivaldi observed: “We had good starts, good crew work, good speed, good driving. In the race against Peninsula Petroleum when we were behind, we kept it close and at the first chance we pounced. Against Artemis we were behind, split gates and after a little fight at the top of the second beat we managed to sneak in front.”

Racing started straightforwardly enough in a 10 knot westerly, however later in the afternoonthe wind became erratic with the onset of a squall. As the skies darkened, the wind piped up to 20+ knots. In the gusty conditions several boats broached. Over the course of the day the wind speed ranged from 6 to 24 knots and shifted through almost 100°.

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