Transat Jacques Vabre. En clase IMOCA, triunfo para PRB de Vincent Riou y Seb Col

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Riou and Col on PRB are first IMOCA

In something of a carbon copy repeat of his success in 2013, gliding across the same finish line, Vincent Riou (FRA), sailing PRB with co-skipper Seb Col (FRA) finished first IMOCA monohull in the 5400Nms Transat Jacques Vabre when they took their winning gun at 12:52.24 (UTC) (+5hrs local time) today.

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Guillermo Altadill y un hermoso relato tras su naufragio con el Hugo Boss.

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Alex Thomson y Willy Altadill en La Coruña luego del naufragio del Hugo Boss.

Robado sin permiso (es amigo y no se va a enojar) del facebook de Guillermo Altadill. Merecía ser compartido.

Historia de un naufrago que comía castañas asadas

Camino por las calles de la Coruña , apenas hace 8 horas mis pulmones estaban a punto de reventar intentando salir del barco volcado y con una telaraña de cabos que me atrapaban para siempre en ese casco negro que pretendía ser mi tumba Mi instinto me decía que unos pocos metros mas y llegaría a la popa del barco , allí podría respirar y devolverle el aire que les debía . Por unos instantes pensé que había perdido la batalla, que no lo conseguiría , no se cuánto tiempo pasó pero de repente , fue como una especia de inyección de rabia , de inconformidad, de mala ostia , ¡ que cojones !

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Transat Jacques Vabre, noticias al decimo día de regata.

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The Transat Jacques Vabre fleet, from the leading Ultime to the final Class 40, now spans the Atlantic from the latitude of Lisbon, Portugal to Recife, Brazil. MACIF, the pacemaking Ultime, of Francois Gabart and Pascal Bidégorry made 608 miles in the last 24 hours, averaging 25kts. With 1225 miles to the finish line in Itajaí, Brazil, it might appear that the race track is running out fast for their sole pursuers Sodebo Ultim, Thomas Coville and Jean Luc Nélias who are now over 200 miles behind.

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Transat Jacques Vabre demoledora. Alex Thomson y Guillermo Altadill evacuados en helicóptero del Hugo Boss, que se hunde.

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Thomson and Altadill Helicoptered off Hugo Boss. Both safe and sound.


Update – Emergency Situation – Alex Thomson Racing

Alex Thomson and Guillermo Altadill, skippers of yacht HUGO BOSS in the Transat Jacques Vabre set off their emergency beacon this afternoon at 13.25UT. The Spanish Coastguard was informed and sent a rescue helicopter to their location 82 nautical miles from the Spanish coast. Both Alex and Guillermo were rescued from the location by helicopter and are on their way back to land.

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Transat Jacques Vabre. St Michel-Virbac con problemas estructurales, se dirige a Madeira.

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Pitstop or stop in Madeira for St Michel-Virbac

Technical stop in Madeira for JP Dick and Fabien Delahaye.

This morning, Jean-Pierre Dick and Fabien Delahaye contacted their team to report two structural transverse ribs have broken in the front of the boat by the sail bin. The duo aboard St-Michel Virbac are now routing towards Madeira (distance 250 miles) to assess the situation and make a decision whether or not to continue the Transat Jacques Vabre.

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Transat Jacques Vabre. Hugo Boss con problemas, frena la marcha para hacer reparaciones urgentes.

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HUGO BOSS slowed to attempt technical problem fix

Alex Thomson and Guillermo Altadill, skippers of yacht HUGO BOSS in the Transat Jacques Vabre made the decision to hove to at 15.00 UT this afternoon. They have some technical problems which need immediate attention. The skippers will spend the next few hours attempting to make the repairs at sea and then will evaluate the situation with the technical team.

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Transat Jacques Vabre 2015. El clima comienza a pasar factura, abandonos, roturas y tumbadas.

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Class 40 Team Concise head to Cork, Ireland with damage

Jackson Bouttell (GBR/AUS) and Gildas Mahé (FRA) on the Ker designed Class 40 Concise 8 informed their Team Concise directors that they have sustained damage and are heading for Cork 120 miles to their NE.

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Transat Jacques Vabre 2015, abandono para el nuevo Imoca 60 Edmond de Rothschild

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Retirement of the Mono60 Edmond de Rothschild

Having posted a superb start to the race and whilst leading the westerly group at the last ranking, Sébastien Josse and Charles Caudrelier have just announced their retirement. It’s a terribly tough decision for the two competitors but one dictated by their seamanship and the desire to get the most recent of the Gitana fleet safely back to port. The crew is in good health and has not requested assistance. The Mono60 Edmond de Rothschild has turned back and is making for its home port of Lorient, south-west Brittany, which it should reach late afternoon tomorrow.

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