Star Sailors League Finals, día 4. Seleccionados los mejores diez que siguen en regata.

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While the star performers today certainly were Robert Scheidt/Henry Boening and Paul Cayard, significant to more competitors was what was happening mid-fleet. For today, Friday, the final Qualifier races were held at the Star Sailors League Finals in Nassau.

Crews finishing the Qualifier in third to tenth positions would progress on to the Quarter Finals. From here the top five would go to the Semi-Finals and meet the second placed Qualifer finisher. The top three Semi-Finalists would then meet the winner of the Qualifiers in the Final. All these stages are single race affairs taking place tomorrow, Saturday.

Sadly the 15 teams not making the top ten have been eliminated.

Four races were held today, on the same azure-coloured waters on the plateau off Montagu Bay as yesterday. Conditions with a 10-12 knot northeasterly and built to 15-18, shifting right for the fourth and final race.

Stand-out competitors were once again Olympic legend Robert Scheidt and Henry Boening. The Brazilian duo won three of today’s four races. In eight out of the 11 races held during the Qualifiers, Scheidt and Boening have finished on the podium. This consistency caused them to finish Qualifiers 22 points ahead of Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih, with Diego Negri and Frithjof Kleen in third.

“Yesterday we had a rig check and made a few adjustments,” said Scheidt. “The boat felt better and we were more confident with our speed. We had good starts too and picked the right spots, which put us in front right away. Then we had good speed – all those components together made a big difference. Henry did a great job in the manoeuvres and calling the wind. After we had two good races we felt confident and the rest of the day went really well.”

Paul Cayard and Brazilian Arthur Lopes found both an extra gear and a turbocharger today, posting a 2-1-3-14. “We made a little adjustment to the mast last night, which turned out to be quite important and really made a big difference,” explained the Whitbread Round the World Race and Louis Vuitton Cup winner. “We were fast upwind. Perhaps through the confidence we were fast downwind as well.”

Both Cayard/Lopes and the Brazilians did well playing the top left today. “In the northeasterly breeze, that almost always pays and you have current with you,” said Cayard, who has raced here for some 40 years. “And you expect a geographical shift around Rose Island [the low-lying Bahama Island to weather of today’s course] in the morning, when the current is stronger.” Later in the day when the current reverses and the wind goes right, the opposite side can pay.

Today’s score elevated Cayard/Lopes from lowly 14th place to seventh place and into the Quarter Finals. “I am delighted,” continued Cayard. “It was frustrating how hard we were struggling over the first few days. To be fast in all four races today gave me a lot of confidence that we have resolved the problem.”

Around the vital 10th placed slot there were ‘snakes and ladders’. Among those on ‘ladders’ today were Swedish London 2012 Star Olympic champion Freddie Lööf and Italian crew Edoardo Natucci. They started the day in 11th place but three results inside the top 10 left them eighth and with a berth in the Quarter Finals.

An OCS in today’s first race, caused Brazilian two time Olypmic medallist Lars Grael and Samuel Gonçalves, just to remain in the top 10. Not so lucky was Hungarian Finn Gold Cup winner Zsombor Berecz and his veteran Czech crew Michael Maier, who finished 11th despite being tied on points with Grael/Gonçalves.

Others packing their bags tonight include British three time Olympic medallist Iain Percy, racing here with Swedish Star bronze medallist, Anders Ekström. “It was very tiring, but really good fun,” said Percy.

11th hour business commitments sadly caused Percy to miss the first days of the regatta. Today they posted a 9-6-6-6. “I really enjoyed it, but we just turned up and were out of practice, but we didn’t find it frustrating which is nice. We were in the hunt and caught up when we were at the back. It feel great to be back in the boat, it keeps it real and keeps you sailing properly. I would love to come back next year.”

Others heading home include French 470 World Champion Kevin Peponnet, sailing this week with Star and America’s Cup veteran Mark Strube. “It is amazing to sail against these legends. They have shared a lot. I am really happy to be here and gain some knowledge of this boat.” However their performance today wasn’t ideal. “We broke the vang and the main sheet block.”

One of the great surprises has been the performance of Laser Radial Youth World and European Champion, Guido Gallinaro, and his German crew Kilian Weise. They finished the event 19th, their scoreline including an 8th yesterday – not bad for a 17-year-old. “It was a great experience for me,” said Gallinaro. “We had quite good races today. In one we were fourth at the top mark. It was a great week for us.”

Looking forward to tomorrow, Scheidt says they may have won the Qualifiers but now the competition starts afresh: “It doesn’t mean much. We are happy that we are in the Final, but we are going to sail against the best guys and we still have to win that race. It is going to be hard.”

1 Robert Scheidt (BRA) Henry Boening (BRA) 33
2 Mark Mendelblatt (USA Brian Fatih (USA) 55
3 Diego Negri (ITA) Diego Negri (ITA) 65.8
4 Jorge Zarif (BRA) Pedro Trouche (BRA) 68
5 Mateusz Kusznierewicz (POL) Dominik Zycki (POL) 75
6 Eivind Melleby (NOR) Joshua Revkin (USA) 81
7 Paul Cayard (USA) Arthur Lopes (BRA) 94
8 Fredrik Loof (SWE) Edoardo Natucci (ITA) 97
9 Xavier Rohart (FRA) Pierre-Alexis Ponsot (FRA) 98
10 Lars Grael (BRA) Samuel Gonçalves (BRA) 99

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XX Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela, segundo día de regatas.




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Persisten las condiciones de vientos flojos en la Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela, siendo el cambio más significativo la variación del viento de componente sureste a nordeste, estableciéndose en un rumbo 40 / 45 dando algo de esperanza a los comités de las tres áreas de competición, al haber menos ola que en la jornada de ayer, facilitando la satisfactoria conclusión casi al límite de las regatas con un rango de viento de 6 a 10 nudos.
Buenas noticias en la clase Láser para los regatistas locales representantes del RCNGC, pues los notables resultados realizados hoy, así como la entrada del descarte en las clasificaciones provisionales, han aupado a Joaquín blando a la 2o posición de la general absoluta de la Semana Olímpica (SOCV) por delante del bicampeón del mundo, el británico Nick Thompson que es tercero. Sigue primero el italiano Giovanni Coccoluto a seis puntos de Blanco, que sí lidera la clasificación del Campeonato de España.
En Láser Radial la representante lituana Viktorija Andrulyte ha obtenido mejores parciales en su grupo amarillo, consiguiendo diferenciarse de la griega Vasielia Karachaliou, siguiéndolas la británica Georgina Povall. La regatista Martina Reino ha tenido un gran día hoy, ganando dos regatas, escalando del puesto 15 hasta el cuarto de la general en esta última jornada clasificatoria, pues mañana, los Radial comienzan a navegar las finales, en los grupos oro y plata.
En la clasificación paralela del Campeonato de España de Radial, es primera Martina Reino (RCNGC) seguida del andaluz Antonio Coronilla y en tercer lugar el tinerfeño Alfonso Fernández que a su vez lidera la categoría sub-21 masculino, siendo María José Marichal (RCNGC) líder también en sub-21 femenino. En la clasificación sub-19 femenino, la andaluza Ana Moncada es primera de la provisional, seguida de María Mateo y Margarita Iess (RCNGC). En la categoría sub-19 masculino, el primer lugar es para el vasco Javier Amondarain seguido de los baleares Jordi Lladó y Javier Vilariño.
La clase olímpica RS:X el regatista Mateo Sanz que representa a Suiza, tras la tres regatas de hoy se situa por delante de los israelitas Cohen y Elimelech. Ángel Granda, regatista del RCNGC ganó la tercera regata de hoy, dando un salto hasta el cuarto puesto de la general provisional.
En el resto de clases, las regatas de hoy han permitido a los grancanarios Patri Reino / Isabel Laiseca en 420 y Yoel Hernández / Paula Barrio seguir liderando en las clases 420 y 29er respectivamente, al igual que Gustavo del Castillo, David Clemente, Eduardo Acevedo, en las clases Snipe, Techno y Tecno Plus, todos del Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria.

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XX Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela, reporte del primer día de competición.




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Finaliza la primera jornada de competición donde los participantes han tenido unas condiciones complicadas de vientos flojos, que no han superado los 6 nudos y mucha ola.
A pesar de estar prevista la celebración de tres regatas para hoy, los comités de los campos Alfa, Bravo y Charlie en los que se ha dividido la flota, no han podido desarrollar todas las pruebas.
La clase olímpica Láser, la más numerosa en cuanto a participación de esta XX Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela, sólo han podido disputar una regata, con la victoria de la lituana Viktorija Andrulyte en Radial, mientras que el italiano Giovanni Coccoluto hizo lo propio en Standard. En la clasificación del Cto. de España de esta clase que se está disputando paralelamente, lidera la clasificación de Radial, la mallorquina Fátima Reyes, mientras que el grancanario Joaquín Blanco, va en primera posición de Standard.
Las actuales subcampeonas del mundo de 420 del RCNGC Patri Reino / Isabel se sitúan primeras, tras una sola regata disputada, mientras que el grancanario Gustavo del Castillo que en esta ocasión está navegando con el conejero Gonzalo Morales, va ganando la clasificación de la clase Snipe, tras un ajustado duelo con Fernando León / Antonio del Castillo.
La vela adaptada también tiene su representación en esta Semana Olímpica Canaria de Vela y es el finlandés Janne Lainne el mejor en la clase monotipo 2.4 mR, mientras que Jaime Lang-Lenton es primero empatado a puntos con Luis Ley en Hansa 303.
Las rápidas embarcaciones 29er han sido la única clase que ha podido disputar 4 regatas válidas, al navegar en con la recién estrenada tripulación mixta Joel Hernández / Paula Barrio que a pesar de tener un retirado, los tres primeros puestos restantes conseguidos, les concede el liderato provisional.
Las tablas en la clase Techno 293, David Clemente del RCNGC no perdonó con tres incontestables primeros y Eduardo Acevedo hizo lo mismo en la categoría Techno Plus. En la división olímpica RS:X los regatistas israelitas coparon las primeras posiciones con Yoav Cohen primero, Yoav Omer tercero mientras que el regatista suizo Mateo Sanz, séptimo en el actual ranking mundial de esta clase, fue segundo.
Mañana viernes nueva jornada de competición, con la primera salida planificada a las 10:55 horas donde los 350 participantes tienen en principio una previsión de viento dirección Este con una intensidad de 9 nudos aproximadamente.
En esta jornada también está prevista la visita de la Presidente de la Real Federación Española de Vela, Julia Casanueva y el Vicepresidente Joaquín González Devesa.

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Star Sailors League Finals, día 2.

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Racing at this sixth edition of the Star Sailors League Finals got off to a dramatic first day of competition in Nassau, with four races held, four different winners and a last race in which a squall brought driving rain and 25 knot gusts that claimed one rig and caused one man overboard.

In a 10-12 knot northerly Brazil started strongly with Olympic legends Robert Scheidt and Henry Boening claiming the first race and Lars Grael and Samuel Gonçalves the second.

“We made a good choice starting at the race committee and tacking to the right – we had a very good puff on the right to cross the fleet,” explained double Olympic medallist Grael, who performance here is all the more remarkable as he has just one leg. “Once you are ahead you have a margin to protect and the sailing gets much easier, whereas if you get stuck in the crowd it is very tough.”

Mark Mendelblatt, historically the Star Sailors League Finals’ most successful helm, sailing with his regular crew Brian Fatih, relieved Poland’s Mateusz Kusznierewicz and Dominik Życki of the lead in race three. The American recounted his race: “We took the line bias, which was pin-favoured, and managed to get across the fleet pretty early. We got a little rightie at the end and rounded third and at the bottom we chose the right gate, which was the correct one. Then we were able to get to the right of Mateusz at the top of the second beat when the big rightie came in and that got us around him and we were able to hold on down the run. In this fleet when you get ahead, it makes the race a lot easier…”

A front had been forecast to arrive in the afternoon and this finally stuck half way through the final race, when the skies darkened, rain began plummeting and breeze kicking up a sharp chop. Despite this Miami’s Augie Diaz, this year’s Star European Champion, made it look easy.

“We kept thinking the right would come in like that,” Diaz explained. “We had a great start at the committee boat and were first boat off the line. We held for a little bit and then as soon as we felt we had a little phase to go right on, we went hard right and then it was a case of the rich getting richer. But Cayard went all the way left and he came in second at the top mark!”

As the squall hit, Diaz said they had had such a lead that played it safe by reaching downwind, a technique making it easier to gybe.

Meanwhile Grael admitted he was slightly surprised to have finished this race fifth. “We were in the worst position. We broached when we gybed, but then made a good run. It was very puffy and some moments we got a little bit scared about sinking the boat – but it was under control!”

Others were not so fortunate. On the last run the rig broke on Hamish Pepper and Steve Mitchell’s boat, meanwhile one of the race favourites fell out of his boat at the top mark: Diego Negri, sailing here with defending champion Frithjof Kleen as crew, received a penalty at the top mark and while carrying out their turn coincided a gust hit, causing Negri to be ejected from the cockpit. Fortunately the Italian Olympic veteran managed to hang to first the rudder and then the main, but by the time he had been hauled back on board, they had dropped to last place. Despite this they ended the day third overall.

After four races and with one discard applied, Robert Scheidt and Henry Boening lead the Star Sailors League Finals by two points, the Brazilians having won the first race.

“We started at the pin and chose the left side of the course and the shift went our way,” explained Scheidt of that race. “If you can go around the top mark in the top three, life gets a lot easier. It was a tough day. It was quite shifty with flat water and towards the end of the day we had the big right shift with the wind increasing.

“We managed to climb back from some bad situations, which was good, but we still need more boat speed upwind and we had bad starts in two races. The level is very high and it is difficult to do everything well. We are happy – we’ll keep chipping away, but with four races a day a lot of things can happen. You see guys breaking masts and it is very easy to start over early and risk too much at the start.”

The forecast for tomorrow is for the northeasterly wind to resume. “Hopefully we’ll get more waves which will make things more interesting, especially downwind,” concluded Scheidt.

Racing for the full fleet runs through the Qualifiers until Friday, followed on Saturday with the Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final Races. Winner of the Qualifiers fast tracks directly to the Final Race, while second place heads directly to the Semi Final. Those that finish the Qualifiers in third to tenth places, get to race in the Quarter Finals. The top five Quarter Finallists progress through to the Semi Final. The top three from the Semi Finals join the winner of the Qualifiers in the Finals.
Winner of the Star Sailors League Finals receives US$ 40,000 from a prize pot of US$ 200,000.

1 Robert Scheidt (BRA) Henry Boening (BRA) 6
2 Mark Mendelblatt (USA Brian Fatih (USA) 8
3 Diego Negri (ITA) Frithjof Kleen (GER) 13
4 Augie Diaz (USA) Bruno Prada (BRA) 15
5 Mateusz Kusznierewicz (POL) Dominik Zycki (POL) 15
6 Eivind Melleby (NOR) Joshua Revkin (USA) 20
7 Lars Grael (BRA) Samuel Gonçalves (BRA) 22
8 Jorge Zarif (BRA) Pedro Trouche (BRA) 24
9 Fredrik Loof (SWE) Edoardo Natucci (ITA) 25
10 George Szabo (USA) Roger Cheer (CAN) 29

Full results here

Star Sailors League Finals, sin viento en el primer día de regatas.


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The wind failed to materialise on Nassau’s Montagu Bay for the opening day of the sixth Star Sailors League Finals. The Qualifiers for the 25 teams of the world’s best sailors will now begin tomorrow, with racing scheduled to start at 1100.

Shortly after the AP over A flags was raised at 1330 EST, Regatta Chairman Paul Hutton explained: “On the race course there was nothing – the wind would come in with a few knots from the west, then the north, then nothing, then the south. It wasn’t sustained and directionally it was all over the place.” Traditionally Star boats need around 5+ knots in order to race.

“We have got a low pressure system west of us coming off the Florida coast and heading towards us. That is sucking all of the wind out the atmosphere,” Hutton continued. “The front is expected here tomorrow. As it gets close, there will be slightly stronger wind, then, as it passes, quite a lot of wind. We’ll see the wind swing into the north and then settle into the prevailing east. This doesn’t often happen in December, but it can.”

Ultra-experienced Star and America’s Cup sailor Mark Strube, racing here with French 470 World Champion Kevin Peponnet, said: “Usually in the Bahamas at this time of year you get easterly trade winds. I have been here for five Western Hemisphere Championships and six Star Sailors League Finals and we’ve never been skunked. Most of the time the Bahamas are 15-25 knots every day, sunny, beautiful seas, everything perfect.”

Brazilian Jorge Zarif, the reigning Star boat World Champion, who is back for his fourth Star Sailors League Finals, agreed with the race committee’s decision: “There is no wind at all. It would be impossible to sail a proper race or even get out to the race course. Tomorrow morning is not that good, but we should have good breeze in the afternoon and from then on we will have a great regatta.”

Strube also believes the rest of the week is looking fine. “We might have a few showers on Wednesday, but Thursday to Saturday looks like 14-18 knots – absolutely perfect.”

Paul Hutton concludes: “Like every year, the Star Sailors League Finals has a super-impressive line-up and we want to get them on the water racing.”

Racing for the full fleet runs through the Qualifiers until Friday, followed on Saturday with the Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final Races. Winner of the Qualifiers fast tracks directly to the Final Race, while second place heads directly to the Semi Final. Those that finish the Qualifiers in third to tenth places, get to race in the Quarter Finals. The top five Quarter Finallists progress through to the Semi Final. The top three from the Semi Finals join the winner of the Qualifiers in the Finals.

Winner of the Star Sailors League Finals receives US$ 40,000 from a prize pot of US$ 200,000.

Regata Santander-CYA. Estampa del Viento gana en Soto 40.

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Regata Santander CYA: El tercer día ratificó los campeones

Estampa Delviento, (Soto40) Aura (IRC e IRC Chile), Tricalma (J/105), y Capi Tata (Crucero), se quedaron con la última competencia del año, organizada por el Club Náutico Oceánico.

Estampa Delviento, (Soto40) Aura (IRC e IRC Chile), Tricalma (J/105), y Capi Tata (Crucero), se impusieron en la cuarta fecha del Campeonato Nacional Santander Oceánico que se disputó en el Club de Yates Algarrobo. La jornada de cierre reunió a 20 barcos se pudo cumplir completamente, producto de que el viento de 10 nudos de promedio del noroeste permitió regatas.

Con ocho regatas disputadas, venció Estampa Delviento de Miguel González con 24 unidades, escoltado por Mitsubishi de Horacio Pavez, 27 y Pisco Black de Bernardo Matte, 31.

El premio en la flota IRC, luego de seis regatas, un descarte, fue para Aura de Óscar Ormeño, con 7 puntos. La plata para Chispezza de Andrés Hasbún (11), y el bronce para Jack Daniels de Rodrigo Oyanedel (14). Mismos resultados se dieron en IRC Chile.

Por su parte, la categoría J105 fue conquistada por Tricalma de Daniel González y Claaudio León, con 10 puntos, luego de seis regatas, un descarte, escoltado por Plan B de Jorge González con los mismos puntos y Scimitar de José Manuel Ugarte, con 11, respectivamente.

Y en Crucero, luego de cuatro travesías, los honores para Capi Tata de Rigoberto Denham (5 puntos en contra), seguido por Scarpia de Bernardo Emhart (7), y Regina Maris Andrés Palomer (13).

Ahora la temporada oceánica entra en receso hasta el 19 de enero de 2019, cuando la flota se reencuentre en la Semana de la Vela Santander-Armada de Chile (19 al 26 de enero), que se desarrollará en Llanquihue.

Regata Santander-CYA. Estampa del Viento toma el control en Soto 40.

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© Rodrigo Aljaro

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Estampa Delviento, Aura, Plan B y CapiTata comandan la 4ª fecha del Nacional Santander Oceánico

Tres regatas y dos travesías disputaron los 20 yates inscritos en cuarta fecha de la Regata Santander-CYA, en la bahía de Algarrobo. El viento de 9 nudos de promedio permitió que se cumpliera el programa establecido en el segundo día de regatas.
A la postre Estampa Delviento, en Soto 40; Aura de Óscar Ormeño en IRC e IRC Chile; Plan B de Jorge González, en J/105 y CapiTata de Alejandro Denham comandan la cuarta fecha del Nacional Santander Oceánico 2018-2019.
En Soto 40, corridas seis regatas, Estampa Delviento suma 17 puntos, escotado por Mitsubishi de Horacio Pavez, 20 y Pisco Black de Bernardo Matte, 27, respectivamente.
En IRC, Aura tuvo una jornada redonda y está al frente de su clase seguido por Chispezza de Andrés Hasbún y Caleuche de la Escuela Naval.
En J-105, Plan B, con 5 puntos lidera la clasificación, Tricalma de Jorge González, 8 y Scimitar de José Tomás Ugarte, 9, sus escoltas.
CapiTata de Alejandro Denham se quedó con los dos recorridos. Segundo, Scarpia de Bernado Emhart y Regina Maris de Andrés Palomer.
Mañana, a partir de mediodía, se disputará la jornada final en el Club de Yates Algarrobo.

Regata Santander-CYA, Mitsubishi lidera en Soto 40.

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Mitsubishi manda Regata Santander-CYA

Mitsubishi de Horacio Pavez se quedó con la jornada inaugural de la Regata Santander-CYA que se desarrolla en Algarrobo.

La competencia válida por la cuarta fecha del Campeonato Nacional Santander Oceánico 2018-2019. Fueron siete los Soto 40 que abrieron la fecha en la bahía algarrobina, disputando tres recorridos barlovento-sotavento con vientos entre 6 y 10 nudos.

En el acumulado Mitsubishi, suma 8 puntos (3-1-4), segundo, Estampa Delviento de Miguel González 10 (1-7-2), y tercero, BTG Pactual de Jorge Errázuriz, 11 (6-4-1). Más atrás se ubican Pisco Black de Bernardo Matte, 12 (7-2-3); Santander de Jorge Araneda, 13 (5-3-5); Apólonia de Jaime Charad, 14 (2-5-7), y Yali de René Vidal, 16 (4-6-6).

Mañana se incorporarán a la competencia las clases IRC, Crucero y J-105.