Western & Orient Snipe Class Championship 2018, triunfo para Ernesto Rodriguez y Kathleen Tocke.

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It’s been a very even yet exciting Western & Orient Snipe Class Championship 2018, this morning in Buenos Aires, before the two last races were sailed, there were five teams that could mathematically win the event. An easterly breeze of about 7 knots was blowing on the racecourse at the time of the start of the first race, the 42 boats were eager to get on with the competition but probably the most eager of all were Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke (USA) that wanted to get at least one more race done in order to discard both the DNCs of the first day when they couldn’t race for some health issues. The race winners were Augusto Amato and Constanza Alvarez (ARG) but right behind them there were Rodrigues with Tocke.

Still, at the start of Race 10, the last one of the series, the games were still wide open. The wind was still in the range of 7 knots from east but the leaders were, once again in the week, different. Edgar Diminich and Andrea Quebedo from Ecuador won the race, followed by Rene Torrecillas Abreu & Lorena Fundora Rodriguez from Cuba and in third spot Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke.

It took a while and a little math on the Race Committee boat before being sure who the winners were, and by the time everyone was back ashore there were no doubts left: by only two points over the seconds, the 2018 Western Hemisphere and Orient Champions of the International Snipe Class were American Ernesto Rodriguez and Kathleen Tocke from Miami, FL.

“Nobody wants to start a Championship like this, my crew was sick and we couldn’t sail at all on the first day, after that we just sailed and kept doing our best and as we didn’t have nothing to loose we took a lot of chances, and after a bad second race yesterday we went on the water today thinking we still could make it. We had clear and fast starts and even though it was shifty day we sailed pretty well, and everything paid off. We are very happy to have won this Championship, there are team that sailed a fantastic week, like Juliana and Luciano, but sometimes in sport is just like this, we got lucky at the end and we won’t complain about it.”

Juliana Duque with crew Rafael Martins, her husband, are from Brazil and have been leading this week’s ranking for the first three days, and finished the Snipe Western Championship as runners up with great honor. Same for Luciano Pesci and Barbara Brotons (ARG), this morning’s provisional leaders, who finished third just one point behind the Brazilians, due to a bad last race.

Lights went off at Western & Orient Snipe Class Championship 2018 after the prize giving ceremony at Club Nautico Olivos that brilliantly organized the event.

“I am very satisfied with this Championship – said Snipe Class Commodore Pietro Fantoni – both from the sport and the organization points of view. It’s great that we had such a competitive fleet, on the first day there were at least ten teams that could have won it, and still having five possible winners this morning it’s a sign of great equilibrium in the fleet. I am also very happy to have the top six teams sporting a mixed crew, showing that with moderate to light wind the men/women teams are just as competitive and it makes me think it could be the right direction to take.”
And then the Commodore went on: “I am really pleased on how the event was managed, Club Nautico Olivos was very efficient and so nice and welcoming to both sailors and class officers, Teodoro Kundig, alias ‘Kiko’, with all of his Committee did a fantastic job, proving to be very experienced, no surprises as Kiko was PRO at the Olympic Games in Rio. Big thanks goes to the Argentinian Class for supporting all of this, to the class measurer and the jury, everybody did an amazing job in their position.”

This is the last big Championship for the International Snipe Class for the year, an intense 2018 with the European Championship, the Master Worlds, the Women’s Championship and the Western Hemisphere. 2019 won’t be also very busy, with both the Junior and Senior World Championship in Ilhabela in Brazil and the Pan-Am Games in Lima, Peru, but the class is already focusing on the 2020 Europeans in Split, Croatia, and the Western in the United States of America.

Full results:

Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires, día 2.

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Copyright Matias Capizzano

Copyright Matias Capizzano

Copyright Matias Capizzano

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French Nacra 15 duo win opening race at the Youth Olympic Games
For immediate release: 10/08/2018
Issued on behalf of: World Sailing

Titouan Petard and Kenza Coutard (FRA) struck the first win in the solitary Mixed Multihull (Nacra 15) race at the Youth Olympic Sailing Competition at Club Nautico San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A frustrating day epitomised by light winds meant that Girl’s and Boy’s Windsurfing (Techno 293+) could also only sail one race each, while Girl’s and Boy’s Kiteboarding (IKA Twin Tip) were able to sail two heats each.

Racing began on time for all three events and initial wind conditions looked promising, but Kiteboarding was subsequently postponed, and the Nacra 15s’ second race was abandoned.

After initially returning to shore, the Techno 293+ and the Nacra 15s returned to the water for a second attempt, before Race 4 of the Boy’s Techno 293_ was abandoned. Racing was then called off for the day at approximately 16:30.

In the first ever Nacra 15 race at the Youth Olympic Games, the French team of Petard and Coutard managed the shifty conditions well to claim the first victory.

“After the first upwind we gained good speed, and used good tactics to finish first,” explained Coutard.

“We will take it match by match, but we are really happy to represent France at this incredible event.”

Home favourites Dante Cittadini & Teresa Romairone (ARG) finished second, with Spaniards Eloisa Santacreu & Adrian Surroca coming in third.
Kiteboarding also made its Youth Olympic Games debut today, completing the first part of race one in opening series.

Two heats were raced in the Girl’s and the Boy’s fleets; the top three ranked athletes in each heat progress to a six-strong Heat Final A, while the other six are put through to Heat Final B. The finishing positions in Final A and B will decide the result for the first race of the week.

Paula Herrmann (DOM) and Christian Tio (PHI) both finished second in their heats and will be racing in the Girl’s and Boy’s Final A.

“I enjoyed the first day of the competition and I’m really happy to reach Final A because I had a really hard heat,” said Herrmann.

“It’s everyone’s dream to be here and my aim is to get a really good result,” added Tio.

Also making up the Girl’s Final A are Sofia Tomasoni (ITA), Nina Font (ESP), Poema Newland (FRA), Ona Romani (ARG) and Oliwia Hlobuczek (POL).

Joining Tio in the Boy’s Final A will be Benoit Gomez (FRA), Cameron Maramenides (USA), Manoel Dos Santos Neto (BRA), Adeury Corniel (DOM) and Toni Vodisek (SLO).

The Girl’s and Boy’s Kiteboarders will follow heats-based system throughout the week, eventually determining which four athletes will progress to the final.

In the Windsurfing, Yana Reznikova (RUS) won today’s only race in the Girl’s fleet to seal second spot overall ahead of Manon Pianazza (FRA). Giorgia Speciale (ITA) finished third to stay top.

Nicolo Renna (ITA) claimed first in the single Boy’s race to leapfrog Haoze Chen (CHN) into second in the rankings after three races.

“It was a very good day to finish first in a very strong fleet; I hope for more wind tomorrow,” Renna commented.

Alexandros Kalpogiannakis (GRE) finished second to hold on to the overall lead.

Racing continues at 12:00 local time on Tuesday 9 October, starting with Girl’s Windsurfing, Girl’s Kiteboarding and the Mixed Nacra 15s.

By Liz Owen – World Sailing



Reporte de la FAY en español.

Pocas regatas pero buenos resultados para la Argentina en el segundo día

(San Isidro – lunes8 de octubre de 2018)

El segundo día de regatas de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018 tuvo varios cambios en la intensidad del viento, por lo cual finalmente se corrió una sola regata por clase. Pasadas las 11:30 bajaron al agua los Nacra 15, Techno293+ y el Kitesurf pero hubo postergaciones y vuelta a tierra para luego descender por la rampa nuevamente (menos Kite) e intentar completar más carreras (sin éxito) por la falta definitiva de aire.

En Kitesurf femenino OnaRomani ganó su hit (media regata o regata parcial) para pasar a la final A (clasifican los tres primeros) la cual por la caída del viento no se disputó hoy. En Nacra 15 Dante Cittadini y Teresa Romairone fueron segundos, detrás de los franceses TitouanPetard y KenzaCoutard, resultando terceros los españoles EloisaSantacreu y AdriánSurroca. Así está la clasificación general. En Kitesurf masculino Gerónimo Lutteral resultó quinto en su hit, mientras que en el windsurf Celina Saubidet descartó el puesto 12° de hoy (está décima en el puntaje acumulado) y Belisario Kopp no se presentó a correr su regata. En Techno mujeres y varones puntean, al igual que en la primera jornada, la italiana GiorgiaSpeciale y el griego KalpoKalpogiannakis.Mañana están programadas regatas en todas las clases.

La FAY le desea el mayor de los éxitos al Equipo Argentino Juvenil de Vela, auspiciado por Galicia Éminent, en los días de competencia de Buenos Aires 2018 y agradece el trabajo de todos los organizadores y voluntarios en estos #YOG2018, del Club Náutico San Isidro, del Yacht Club Argentino, del Club

Universitario de Buenos Aires y el apoyo de la Secretaria de Deportes de la Nación y el ENARD.

Ezequiel del Valle (Mediakit – prensa oficial de la FAY)

Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires, día 1. Reporte de la FAY.

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La Vela en los Juegos de la Juventud comenzó con el Windsurf

(San Isidro – domingo 7 de octubre de 2018)

El primer día de regatas de la disciplina Vela de los Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018 se hizo esperar dos horas, dado que el poco viento que soplaba sobre el Río de la Plata retrasó para las 14 las regatas de la clase Techno 293 + (Windsurf) previstas para las 12.

Una y media de la tarde en punto en el Club Náutico San Isidro se bajaron las dos banderas que indicaban la postergación de la primera competencia para la versión femenino y masculino de Windsurf y los 47 atletas (a último momento se bajó de la nómina de inscriptos la representante de China) descendieron al agua con sus tablas por la rampa que da sobre el rio Luján, bajo un estricto control de la organización, autoridades de regatas, voluntarios y personal de Prefectura Naval Argentina (por agua y por tierra) más la colaboración de los entrenadores y otros botes de apoyo.

Solamente se corrieron dos regatas por versión mujeres y hombres y la argentina Celina Saubidet finalizó la jornada en la ubicación 10 de la clasificación general, con 19 unidades, producto de los puestos 8° y 11°. La puntera es la italiana Giorgia Speciale, con dos primeros y misma cantidad de puntos en el total. Performance perfecta. Entre los varones, Belisario Kopp figura 10° de la general luego de ser 9° y 17°, acumulando un puntaje de 26. Puntero va el griego Kalpo Kalpogiannakis.

En el día de mañana a partir de las 12 continúan las regatas de Windsurf y hacen su debut los Kitesurf (modalidad TwinTip Racing o TT:R) con la

representación nacional de Ona Romani y Gerónimo Lutteral, y el Nacra 15 argentino, tripulado por Dante Cittadini y Teresa Romairone.

La FAY le desea el mayor de los éxitos al Equipo Argentino Juvenil de Vela, auspiciado por Galicia Éminent, en los días de competencia de Buenos Aires 2018 y agradece el trabajo de todos los organizadores y voluntarios de estos #YOG2018, del Club Náutico San Isidro, del Yacht Club Argentino, del Club Universitario de Buenos Aires y el apoyo de la Secretaria de Deportes de la Nación y el ENARD.

Ezequiel del Valle (Mediakit – prensa oficial de la FAY)

FOTOS: Matías Capizzano

Juegos Olímpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires, información de las cinco que compiten en Vela.

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Buenos Aires prepares to host 100 sailors at the Youth Olympic Games

For immediate release: 10/06/2018
Issued on behalf of: World Sailing

The third Youth Olympic Games, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 6-18 October 2018, will welcome 100 sailors from 44 different nations.

Five sailing events will take place at Club Náutico San Isidro in the Argentine capital, including debuts for two classes – Girl’s and Boy’s Kiteboarding (Twin Tip Racing) and the Mixed Multihull (Nacra 15). Elsewhere, Girl’s and Boy’s Windsurfing (Techno 293+) will return for its third consecutive Games.

The Nacra 15 will race in one fleet, with up to 12 opening series races and one final race.

In the Techno 293+, the first race of the opening series will be a fleet race. Following the first race, either a fleet or slalom single elimination series race will be held. All fleet races will race in one group and each slalom race will be divided into four heats with semi-finals and finals to decide who gets maximum points from that race. The final race will be a fleet race, featuring all the competitors.

The Twin Tip Racing Kiteboarding, however, will include up to 24 qualifying races, with a heats-based system eventually determining which four athletes will progress to the final. The racecourse will also contain several obstacles as an extra challenge for the kiteboarders.

A host of qualification regattas across all five events were held to help dictate which nations would compete at the Youth Olympic Games. Places were awarded to the highest performing nations in the World Championships of each class before a series of continental qualification regattas across six regions took place. Hosts Argentina were automatically awarded a spot in each fleet.

No fewer than eight medal-winning athletes from this year’s Youth Sailing World Championships, held in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, will be competing in the Youth Olympic Games, including three World Champions.

Nacra 15 sailors Teresa Romairone and Dante Cittadini stormed to gold in Corpus Christi by an astonishing 36 points, dominating the fleet with just one race finish outside the top five throughout the competition. The Argentine duo will be sailing on home waters at Buenos Aires, with Cittadini also selected as his country’s official flag-bearer at the Opening Ceremony.

Islay Watson (GBR) is the other 2018 Youth Worlds gold medallist participating at the Youth Olympic Games. In a competitive RS:X Girls fleet, the British windsurfer won three out of her last four races to claim the title by two points. In Buenos Aires she will be racing on the Techno 293+ and will be joined by some tough competitors.

Veerle ten Have (NZL) and Giorgia Speciale (ITA) shared the podium with Watson in Texas and they will both be aiming to claim the Girl’s Windsurfing fleet in Buenos Aires.

17-year-old Ten Have, who took the silver medal at the Youth Worlds, has had a busy few months – she also made an appearance at the Hempel Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, finishing 52nd overall out of 62 sailors.

Speciale, meanwhile, picked up bronze in Corpus Christi, finishing 23 points ahead of fourth-placed Palma Cargo (CRO), who will also race at the Games. The Italian heads to Argentina in good form, with a recent 2018 RS:X Youth European Championship title under her belt.

Her compatriot Nicolo Renna is the sole male RS:X Youth Worlds medal-winner to be making the trip to South America; he won silver in Corpus Christi, 12 points ahead of third place.

World Champion Geronimo Nores won’t be at the Youth Olympic Games but his younger brother Manuel (USA) is part of the Techno 293+ line-up in Buenos Aires. Similarly, the younger sister of Youth Worlds bronze medal-winner Fabien Pianazza, Manon, is amongst the Girl’s Windsurfing pack.

Concluding the 2018 Youth Worlds podium representatives are silver medal-winners Andrea Spagnolli and Giulia Fava (ITA), who will be taking on Romairone and Cittadini in the Nacra 15 fleet.

Elsewhere, some of the brightest young names in Kiteboarding will light up the water as the discipline makes its Youth Olympic Games debut.

The winners of the 2018 Kiteboarding TwinTip: Racing Youth Worlds completely dominated the regatta. Both Deury Corneil (DOM) and Nina Font Castells (ESP) ran riot to claim a winning total of just four points each, and they’ll be eager to recapture that form on the global Olympic stage.

And there were several teenage competitors at this year’s Kiteboarding TwinTip: Racing World Championships in Italy, with many of the Youth Olympic Games representatives tasting success.

Sofia Tomasoni (ITA) won her first senior championship, while the Pump Kite Trophy was won by Poland’s Oliwia Hlobuczek.

Tomasoni qualified for the Youth Olympic Games via the Africa and Europe Qualification tournament in Dakhla, Morocco, in February this year, where Toni Vodisek (SLO) also snatched a place in the Boy’s event after a tight battle with France’s Benoit Gomez.

Elsewhere, Jingle Che (CHN), who became Asia’s first Kiteboarding World Champion in 2017 at the age of 16, finished first in the Asia/Oceania Kiteboarding Qualifier regatta in March this year to seal her spot at the Games.

From the two previous Youth Olympic Games, held in Singapore in 2010 and China in 2014, a host of participants have gone on to compete in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Several medallists are continuing to perform at the highest level of sailing – six previous Youth Olympic Games medal winners were present at the Hempel Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, including Kieran Holmes-Martin (GBR), Techno 293+ bronze medallist in 2010, and Daphne van der Vaart (NED), Techno 293+ silver medallist in 2010.

Additionally, all 31 sports are also represented by Athlete Role Models, who will provide support in a mentoring capacity throughout the competition. Taking on the task for sailing are Rio 2016 Nacra 17 gold medallists and Argentine nationals Cecilia Carranza Saroli and Santiago Lange; Lange himself is from San Isidro, the very heart of this year’s Games.

Windsurfing racing begins at 12:00 local time (UTC-3) on Sunday 7 October, with the Kiteboarding and Nacra 15 events following suit at the same time on Monday 8 October.

Windsurfing will then finish one day earlier on Friday 12 October, before Kiteboarding and the Nacra 15 wrap up on Saturday 13 October.

By Liz Owen – World Sailing

Semana de Buenos Aires 2018, resultados finales.


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Final a todo color en la SBA2018

Hoy finalizó la vigésimo sexta edición de la Semana de Buenos Aires, evento organizado por el Yacht Club Argentino y auspiciado por Galicia Éminent.

Participaron un total de 642 embarcaciones repartidas en 19 clases. Hubo navegantes de diez países: Argentina, Brasil, Canadá, Chile, Ecuador, Mónaco, Perú, Paraguay, Sudáfrica y Uruguay.

Luego de un sábado sin regatas por las condiciones meteorológicas adversas, llegó un domingo con vientos ideales para completar varias regatas.

Las siete canchas de regata estuvieron en todo su esplendor y las diecinueve clases participantes pudieron finalizar las regatas programadas con vientos del ESE de entre 12 y 15 nudos.

Al regreso contamos con una presentación de la Banda de la Armada Argentina. Más tarde se realizó la entrega de premios en la carpa, con la presencia de las autoridades del Yacht Club Argentino donde se entregaron los siguientes galardones.

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Triángulo del Plata 2018, triunfos para Mercenario 4, Tata y Nico.

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Triángulo del Plata 2018

El sábado 7 de julio se largó una nueva edición del Triángulo del Plata, una de las regatas más exigentes del Río, para Tripulaciones en Dobles y Tripulación Reducida. Este evento fue organizado por el Yacht Club Argentino y auspiciado por Galicia Éminent.

El viernes en Dársena Norte se realizó la reunión de capitanes donde Jorge Jáuregui, Chairman del Campeonato, le dio la bienvenida a la Categoría Tripulación Reducida. Se comentaron las instrucciones de regata y se habló sobre las comunicaciones de la misma. Participó personal de la Prefectura que explicó el operativo de acompañamiento de los guardacostas. Luis “Chino” Hernández expuso el pronóstico para el fin de semana y más tarde se compartió un agasajo para todos los presentes.

El sábado las condiciones meteorológicas eran bastante adversas y luego de postergar finalmente se dio partida a las 16 horas. Los 15 barcos repartidos entre Tripulaciones en Dobles (11) y Tripulación Reducida (4) largaron con vientos del SSE que estaban entre los 12 y los 16 nudos.

El recorrido tuvo un total de 422 millas y muchas condiciones diferentes. Gracias a los posicionadores satelitales los fanáticos de la regata, familiares y amigos pudieron seguir el minuto a minuto (o “los diez minutos a los diez minutos” según cada cuanto transmitieran) desde sus computadoras o teléfonos móviles.

Hasta Oyarvide los barcos fueron de borde amurados a estribor con viento del SSE. Durante la noche del sábado el viento aumentó a 25 nudos con rachas de 30. Yendo a San Clemente, el viento venía del Sur con menor intensidad: 17 nudos.

El cruce hacia Punta del Este fue de borde con viento del SE manteniendo la intensidad. El Mercenario 4 fue el primer barco en virar la Isla Gorriti a las 6:15 de la madrugada del domingo.

La última pierna el viento del SE fue calmando paulatinamente, mientras rotaba al Este y más tarde al Noreste. Por la dirección del viento pudieron poner spinnaker.

En el transcurso de la regata abandonaron 5 barcos: Le Bleu, Bribón, Max Power, Cabernet y Tinto.

El Mercenario 4 fue el ganador de la cinta azul: arribó el martes 10 de julio a las 7:29:11 horas.
La mitad de su tripulación (Juan Nacarato y Nicolás Cámpora) ya había participado de esta regata y regresaban porque “siempre es un desafío”. La otra mitad (Juan Barrios y Juan Cruz Scarpellini) participaban por primera vez. Este último aseguró que las “expectativas fueron cumplidísimas. Un grupo excepcional que supo mantener el barco en todo momento con la camaradería bien en alto y buena onda. Esto hizo que esta regata que pintan como dura fuera un hermoso paseo”.

El Tata de Carlos Campolo y Cristian Pfisterer – grandes referentes de esta categoría, del Club Náutico Quilmes, se coronó campeón de la categoría Tripulaciones en Dobles.
El Nico de Marcelo Den Toom del YCA, se llevó el primer lugar en la nueva categoría de Tripulación Reducida.

Participaron: Mercenario 4, Tata, Santa María, Silhouette II, Nico, Don Antonio, Cocodrilo Daddy, Pura Vida, Garras, Pericles II, Le Bleu, Bribón, Max Power, Cabernet y Tinto.

¡Felicitaciones a todos!

Resultados finales click acá

Gran Prix del Litoral Córdoba. Exitoso campeonato con más de 250 barcos en el Lago San Roque, resultados finales.

Fuente info Gran Prix del Litoral.


Con el Lago San Roque de Villa Carlos Paz como imponente escenario, concluyó la 3° fecha del Gran Prix del Litoral, la 4° fecha del Ranking Nacional de Laser y la 4° fecha del Gran Prix Nacional de Snipe.
El viento Norte hizo su presencia y tomó protagonismo los días Viernes y Sábado con intensidades de 18 hasta 30 nudos en las rachas, poniendo a prueba las destrezas tanto físicas como mentales de los tripulantes. El día Domingo, solo para la clase snipe, no se corrieron regatas debido a la falta de viento y cuando comenzó a soplar ya era tarde para iniciar el procedimiento de largada.
El evento convocó a más de 250 embarcaciones provenientes de todo el país: En la clase internacional Optimist 159 embarcaciones corrieron 3 regatas, teniendo como ganador al representante del Club de Velas de rosario Donato Sabino. Los locales quedaron en las siguientes posiciones: Ferrero Chantal 17° en la general y 2°en femenino, 22° Dottori Benjamín general, 32° Dottori Felipe, 42° Perez Tutor Conrado, 43° Quinteros Máximo, 71° Quinteros Joaquín, 89° Ortiz Galleti Francisca, 100° Abelleira Jazmín, 101° Ramos Martín, 106° Ramos Santiago, 108° Arrambide Facundo, 139° Perotto Nicolino, Perotto Luciana y Perez Tutor Macarena 140.
La clase olímpica Laser con 72 inscriptos y 5 regatas corridas, tuvo como ganador en la categoría Standard a Heredia Andrés del Yacht Club Olivos, Fleiderman Gustavo del 400 Yacht Club Córdoba quedó 2°.
En la categoría Radial el ganador fué Alvaro Vogt del Yacht Club Rosario, Ramiro Suarez Fabbro del Club Náutico Córdoba se ubicó 5°.
La categoría 4.7 fué dominada por Manuela Rodriguez del Yacht Club Rosario y el representante del Club Náutico Córdoba, Nicolás Marco quedó en el 5° puesto. La clase internacional 29er con solo 4 embarcaciones inscriptas, pero en auge crecimiento, tuvo como ganador a la dupla conformada por Valentín Sabino del Club de Velas de Rosario y Doberssan Octavio del Club Náutico Paraná, después de tres regatas disputadas..
Por último los locales y representantes del Club Náutico Córdoba, Moyano Javier y Matheu Javier, se coronaron campeones de la 4° fecha del Gran Prix Nacional de Snipe.
Los clubes visitantes elogiaron la excelente organización del evento a cargo del Club Náutico Córdoba, que dió por terminado el encuentro y convocó a la 4° fecha del Gran Prix del Litoral en el Club de Velas de Rosario.
El GPL de Córdoba fue organizado con el auspicio de Green Hotel, Pekos Multiparque, Eleton Resort & Spa, RT Riviera Tower Suites, Villa Carlos Paz Turismo, Japonsa. Full Technology Almacén de Tecnología, Municipalidad de Mendoza, La Quinta Alfajores, Tregar, La Cabaña, Fernet 1882, y Kosovo Bierré Station.

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